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Person: how to make attractive


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


pzvl Appeal not the cosmetics - does to the person and kind thoughts.

and At one person - only forward part of the head, at others - interesting, live, bright, peculiar distinctive shape.

and Wrinkles - the died dreams.

p We often lose face, giving in to bad mood.

p Evil thoughts give to the face unpleasant expression.

and the Person reflects behavior of the person.

p Smiling - does not mean good.

z the Person is the mirror displaying happiness, health and spirits -

of Nov a condition of the person.

z the Human face - a mirror of his life. If skillfully and attentively to look narrowly, it is possible to guess as he lived, and especially in

lately. On the person it is possible to judge the person as about the personality, about his character.

and the Acute person is capable to estimate people on the person.

z Wisdom, coming, does a human face more attractive - that it could share it with others. to

p Kind acts, leaving a print on a face, do the person more attractive.

p the Angry person - is ugly the person.

and What life - it and the person.

and Good life - a beautiful face. z Difficult and idle life does

people by unattractive

a print of torments and emptiness on a face.

The Main thing of people can see EYES

of l - only heart.

and the Person sees only that - that understands.

p Eyes are mistaken less often, than ears.

and Eyes are capable will connect to soul. z If eyes to connect

to soul - them it is possible to speak. p it is good to eyes to see

the reason has to help.

pz to see good sight insufficiently - is necessary also mind.

p to The one who learned to see mind - loss of sight is not so terrible.

z the Reason, the imagination, imagination, desires to some extent distort what the person sees, hears, feels.

z can determine true age of the person By gloss of eyes. to

and Eyes beauty is always far.

z Beautiful eyes cause feeling of a dostoynost.

and Eyes to see the truth, ears - to listen to lie. z Eyes, a mimicry, a voice, gestures - give

and express feelings of the person.

and Eyes - the most beautiful and expressive part of a body of the person.

p an Eye is more reliable than ears.

p Only the increasing intelligence can improve appeal of eyes on the present.

and Clever and kind eyes - decoration of the person.

and the Serious look stops frivolous laughter.

and Far-sightedness at old men because they often peer into a distance, in hope to see the children hurrying to them.

about Sight reduces haste.

and the Blind wise man sees better than the able to see fool.

p Sight can be improved wisdom.

and is much more Blind people and deafs if to consider that uncomprehending also concern to them.

to Generous - better sees.

but Not everything can be seen or heard - a lot of things can only be felt.

yu Money - the person blind.

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