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Education in 2013.

Good afternoon dear readers, Dunn article touches to a tak to an aktualn in my opinion upon a subject as education. How you know, plans for education constantly change and not always we know what waits for us tomorrow and what waits for our children?

Quite recently in Omsk Legal Institute there took place conference on the subject “Problems of the Russian Education“, within this conference there was a set of performances from teachers of various schools, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, colleges with reports on a problem of USE and preparation for them as it appeared, with such form of examination are dissatisfied not only pupils and abituryenta, but also teachers, some teachers tried to proreshivat tests in the subject, and suffered fiasco. On the question “who thought up USE?“ one participant from board of attendants of Oleg Smolin declared: “If now to try to find out who in general thought up to enter idea of USE in Russia, then there is nobody will not be, I would like to meet this person to tell it everything that I think of it...“ Thus even authorized people from the Ministry of Education are in the deadlock. Then one of students of this institute asked them very kompromentiruyushchy question: “Why don`t you renew the program of the secretary general of TsKKPSS K. U. Chernenko who developed exclusively profile system obuchenya since schools Russian, literature, physical culture, and the others at choice trained would be the main objects?“, on what the answer followed:“ Know I is not familiar with its works... “ the answer in the form of a joke followed further, perhaps they are really unfamiliar with its works, and it speaks about the level of education of these people, or they just hold back it as all adherents of this idea were repressed and dispersed, and Konstantin Ustinovich died one year prior to adoption of the program. But from the hall of listeners the answer from the elderly teacher followed, she told the following:“ In 2013 will enter such system, but it will be paid, the main objects will be paid with the state, and the others which will be necessary to pupils, they will have to buy them.“ Not the best prospect, but what to do such Russia. The further the worse. As if Russia did not try, but to rise to the western level in the field of education, it will not be able though during conference spoke about that, as the western system will be entered. Here such okroshka from different forms of education waits for new younger generation, and yes God will help them to have this time as time of changes the most heartrending experience for young people.