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What is on May 9?

Hello dear readers as you know recently the holiday sank on May 9 into last week. Let`s return to it, so to speak we will wind off a film. There are I on a balcony and observe the crowds of the people which are moving ahead to the embankment to see festive fireworks. These 12th summer boys who are smoking and washing down alcohol as if maternal milk, these juvenile girls the singing songs from intoxication falling to the ground which have adult men as if delirium tremens from hard drinking began, shouting at full blast the phrase “Tagil“ though we live in Omsk. What do they celebrate? May 9? Yes not here - that was. They rejoice to the next day off. They drink and have fun. Before meat becomes tasty, it has to begin to rot a little. Well so about what I? All Russia in the person of its multinational people celebrates day on May 9. But what it on May 9? Day off? Holiday? birthday of Russia? No!!! It is the end soldiers! And what it was for the soldier? The soldier is a senseless fight for ambitions of silly governors and the put on airs ordinary upstarts and liars that was got a false idea themselves better than others! This bloodshed of fools. We prazdut, and have to grieve and to declare this day, a day of mourning. The ninth of May is a day when War was recognized by achievement of the solution of problems. It is day when the peak of all nonsense human came. All celebrate that millions of human lives were ruined.

All these fighters, as if combative dogs,

With trunks at a temple, followed those who lay

they as moths, flew on light and

Millions came across bayonets . Millions of people left lives for nonsense of one, for nonsense that wanted territories. It needed the earth. And we felt sorry for her. It needed world supremacy, and to us world dissociation.

So who on the present is sillier. The fool, or that who follows the fool? We always condemn Nemtsov for the fact that they forced the Russian women, killed children, but Russians did most too. Who will dare to object?

Two of these nations are famous for the cruelty in World War II. Even it is impossible to call World War I peak of human nonsense as it was World War I a rake, but we managed to step on the second. And the death of millions of people was a consequence from blow of this “rake“.

I do not deny that fascists and that the people could overthrow such governor were initiators, but we came for provocation too. Undoubtedly, veterans deserve to rejoice to the fact that they survived, but in fact they one these days grieve, zp the lost friends, relatives, companions, and we generation Today, rejoice and have fun perceiving all this as the day off deserved for us with mass festivities.

The patriot open eyes, and you will understand that you in captivity at nonsense. You are silly the patriot. You do not recognize violence in society, but once the piece of paper leaves with the press, and murder is justified. According to our legislation, contracts can be signed on toilet paper and even on a matchbox. So that if tomorrow on toilet paper there is permission to twine not friendly to us the nation, take the weapon and knock out brains? It will be justified?

But do not celebrate grief. Griefs not for the ruined souls, and for the. Grieve that you still can rescue yourself, but it is too silly that to make it. Griefs...

Sproshedshim of all traurom9 May when this day was recognized in the official afternoon of violence and murder as solutions of problems.