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the open letter to nardepuka about heattariffs and gangster codes of


(About illiterate tariffs for heat and gangster codes)

Sirs of a nardepuka!

So already happened that in youth I was considered as the average Ukrainian student. Then average engineer and young scientist. Then, introducing the developments, I was wound on all Union and stopped being average. At the moment I am an average pensioner with average pension. That is, as before I am those people, according to the Constitution which is the higher authority of Ukraine.

Here also I address you not as specific Vladimir Vasilyevich Sirotenko (Verbitsky), and as those people which elected you and which are peeled now by you!

Came summer. You will get away in holiday to Canary Islands soon, or still where far away from us. But before it you will adopt the next rascally housing code which, by an example of Russia, will allow to throw out people from their houses for mythical debts. You will adopt the pension legislation which will doom millions of grandmothers what the tigipnuty tax code left without work to starvation, and this pension legislation will remove receiving time for the term sufficient for starvation.

At the moment yours a prime task became acceptance of roguish tariffs for utilities, first of all on heat. Doctors of science in the government and parliament obediently to us pull the wool over the eyes and claim that this requirement of the IMF without which we will not be given the credit on duty.

But even the first grader understands that this requirement not of the IMF, and his selling officials bribed by our owners of those of Teployenergo, elektroyenergo and regional gases. And the credits for which our descendants will pay you will plunder!

I it is not necessary to justify itself the fact that Yulya who it is proud called herself a top - the manager, and there was a chatter - the manager, predicting that oil will only become cheaper, accepted a formula of a kagebist of Putin. But let, she even knew that this formula will not reduce the price, and will raise the price of gas which is delivered by Russia to Ukraine. But what business by it and me, the average Ukrainian to that gas. Unless it goes on the enterprises of the State of Ukraine? It goes on plants of oligarchs which are for a long time semi-Russian and as Firtash and Akhmetov`s enterprises receive gas absolutely on another, the price favorable by it!

for some reason have to pay For this Russian gas we, the people of Ukraine. Here and at the moment Zion wise men from the government and parliament demand the uniform, of course raised, tariff for heat. Speak, on heating of water there is a gas, and it rose in price. But and here hot water in our pipes to the price of energy carriers. It energy carriers are really spent for water which we warm up in our coppers at individual heating which so propagandizes our wise government.

Get the Kalashnikov, come into a planning department of your Teployenergo and at a gunpoint force officials to dismiss you prime cost of heating of that water that flows in your batteries. You will find how many the electric power was spent for pumping by pumps of hot water on heating systems. How many it was spent for repair of thermal insulation and heating systems how many it was spent for boiler rooms. And here how many it was spent energy carriers for heating of this water - no.

Because in all our teployenergo not hot water is the purpose, and the electric power. Hot water is what they have to cool. If you are at combined heat and power plant, then will always see gradirn_ - huge conical towers in which water is cooled. That is hot water is electricity generation withdrawal for which advance in price we already paid.

A let`s look at that advance in price now on electricity which is connected with a gas rise in price. The last government already issued the unclear order on transfer of all combined heat and power plants on fuel oil and coal. That, the Burshtinsky combined heat and power plant or Dorbrotvorsky TGETs which are located out of big cities can return to coal. But how it can be made in big cities, such as our Lviv where both teployenergo are in city boundaries? What ecological committee it will allow?

Coal and fuel oil are optimum for those combined heat and power plants, outside big cities and in villages where for years they were used - on the same sucrosewaters which boiler rooms warmed hundreds of years surrounding settlements. Yes, it is possible to pass to coal there. But our wise men and it use for increase of tariffs. Prime cost of our coal is ten times higher prime cost of the same coal in Germany, or even in the neighboring Poland. As money which was allocated for modernization of mines settled in pockets of their heads. And ask any head of the coal industry that he knows about logistics news in the branches? To stare at you, like a deer in the headlights! Therefore they also steal Public funds that do not know as differently to dispose of them! Here also lobbied the requirement of the government to transfer combined heat and power plant to coal which is necessary to nobody for a long time because it except high price has also high content of dead rock …

But we will return to those combined heat and power plants teployenergo. Still with 80 - x years we according to plan spend huge amounts of money for modernization of the existing boiler rooms. We spend these means that to. the item of of coppers raised to 93%. Look in present reports. There it to. the item of somewhere within 0,76! Government officials drew an unfavourable conclusion. Old coppers cannot be modernized and it is necessary to buy expensive German in which that to. item of 0,94! Of course, on it billions which want to receive for the account of increase of tariffs are necessary. It is clear, that will choose coppers not of those firms in which they most reliable also have the highest to. the item d, and those which will give the greatest kickback by that who resolves an issue of purchase of coppers. whether

needs So to throw out our old, reliable coppers and to put very expensive German which demand also water without salts, and power supply without hesitation? I in the 90th years was on sucrosewaters from Lithuania to Chukotka. Also saw tens of acting Shukhov`s coppers - Berl_na, put still in 30 - years. Few times changed in them pipes and fire chambers and they will work even century!

Ya is familiar with Alexander Ekimovskikh, the CEO of the International center of introduction of the new technologies “The Heatcenter - Academy“. Nearly ten years he tries to modernize our boiler rooms the catalytic nozzles on gas torches. There are these nozzles of kopek. A little more means need to be spent for the screen version of walls of a copper because to heating convection adds beam heating and a thermolysis of gas increases not less, than by 50%. I was present at tests and at the boiler city hall, and at boiler DSK. Saw figures which wrote down the commissions. I ask Sasha why these figures are not published? Answers - and officials Lviv teployenergo showed in the reports absolutely other figures! You can find all this on its website yekimovskikh. com /

That is a half of term of Independence there is a person who can provide gas independence of our combined heat and power plants of Russia, and officials do not give it to make.

to us the government pulls the wool over the eyes, speaking, schto we have enough gas only on use in the rooms by citizens of Ukraine. At the same time propagandizes increase in expenses of gas due to transition to individual heating and does not pay attention to developments which allow to reduce expenses of that gas half. You know to have an idea of a condition of power system it is necessary to know and how many at us is the gas and oil. At institute when we learned the subject “Distribution of Natural Resources“, I knew that annually our gas the well is given up to 21 billion cubes of gas. Then there came Independence. The first that was liquidated, was a lump. part_ya be also what control. Instead of inventory of everything that Ukraine had, carried out an alyarmovy prikhvatization. Now nobody knows how many at us those gas and oil wells and to whom, but not the State, they belong! The private property - is sacred! And though the earth and the woods still State, there a private trader will not let you as the latest Lozinskiye do not let simple people on the lands! Say to us that the neftodobycha and gas production decreased. So why owners of those illegal wells became millionaires? Why to 30 - 40% petro - gas production at us in a shadow? There are also questions -

1. Why still did not carry out full inventories of all gas and oil wells and did not determine the actual size gazo-and oil production?

2. Why nobody can tell how many actually to gas use all these heatpower and other municipal enterprises?

3. From us money for modernization of boiler combined heat and power plants collects not one year though during this time any copper was not modernized. Who specifically is responsible for this program?

4. The combined heat and power plant in the cities cannot be returned on use of liquid or solid fuel from - for ecology, but why nearly a decade hesitate with installation of nozzles on gas torches which cost kopeks, and save thousands?

5. Why in our state, that is public, the woods millions of cubes of the wood dumped by windbreaks decay and are destroyed, and to use them to the peasant for heating of the house - it is considered a crime?

6. Zhytomyr rempishchemash and one hundred more enterprises of Ukraine produce universal heating coppers for individual heating. Why we for individual heating are forced to buy only gas coppers of certain foreign firms?

7. Who specifically is responsible for prohibition to install in own apartments heating batteries with the regulator of heat and to choose counters of gas and heat at discretion, but not according to instructions of officials?

8. Who specifically legalized situation by which for heat, we pay the electric power, water not to those who provides them, and to ZhEK which except the VAT to these services has nothing!

Sirs of a nardepuka!

We those people which elected you in order that you adopted laws and the government exercised control of processes which would increase welfare of the people. Now, when you wake up, you think what else dirty trick to you will be thought up today by this Supreme Zrada and this Hazaria khaganate. Also you look narrowly at people around whether there was no already new Svyatoslav who will dump your yoke!

Ya I will not provide Shevchenko`s word: “To Skhamenitsya, be to Luda, bo lykho to you awaking!“!. You are not able to read, can only consider the profits, and your owners But not long already it remained to you. Those thousand crowds of wolf cubs who scoffed in Lviv at veterans of war on May 9, it not the person of sekhanuty and sfar_onenny “Freedom“. This person of criminal revolution. Same, as and Libya, Syria, Egypt! Thanks to the Internet your home addresses and coordinates of your manors are known to everyone … for

to me already 70, I had only past. Here in order that did not take away their future from my children, I, as well as millions of age-mates, will go to your selling power. Yes, we already time were mistaken with the Maidan and Maydanutymi Teper we will not be mistaken! Let`s destroy all swine who profits on our grief.

Serednestatichesky pensioner of Ukraine.

the Great-grandson of the author of the words “Shche not Vmerla of Ukraine“, the first translator “Ash Polska did not zginet“ the stolbovy nobleman of the Russian Empire Nikolay Andreevich Verbitsky - Ant_okh.

the Grandson of the first translator of “International“, the author “For Ukraine, for its share“ the son of the serf, Nikolay Kondratovich Vorony

the Son of the major Vasily Sirotenko who in 1945 rescued Carel Wojtyla from Siberia and for discrepancy of the thesis to canons of Marxism - a kret_nizm personally Suslovy in 1956 was sent to Perm from where returned to Ukraine in 1976 world-wide - the known med_ev_st, but for participation in creation together with the hero of socialist work, the rector of the Dnipropetrovsk university Vladimir Prisnyakovim in December, 1995 of left “Batkivshchyna“ was thrown out in 1996 on 70 - hryvnia pension and died the honourable citizen of Armavir, the colonel of the Russian Army (the rank was given personally by the commander-in-chief of the Russian Army Putin, on representations of front years.

I have 15 copyright certificates on the invention of the USSR, 5 published books and more than 1000 publications. I write Ukrainian, I publish the Russian.