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How to look fashionably and stylishly? Art to combine

Colour in a season spring - the summer of 2011 is not an accomplice, but the main hero of fashionable show. To combine in one dress at once several flowers - the whole art, but, using these simple hints, you will easily master the main tendency of summer.

For creation of harmonious tsvetosochetaniye it is convenient to use a color circle. Below you will see some of the most fashionable ways of a combination of flowers by means of a color circle:

1. The next colors - those which lie on both sides from some certain color.

Council of the stylist :

the Nyuansny combination - the simplest: choose primary color and pick up to it close shades.

Add one thing couple tones more dark or is lighter than all set - the necessary accent will appear.

2. The supplementing colors - those which settle down directly opposite to each other in a color circle. Combination of such flowers always bright and effective.

Council of the stylist :

you bring Opposite color in a set in the small portions - let it will be some detail.

3. Contrast colors - between what there are three others.

Council of the stylist :

Bright, motley drawings on fabric - typically summer tendency, be more courageous - and you will not remain unnoticed!

4. Next colors + monochrome (white, gray, black).

Council of the stylist :

White, gray and black have no color saturation therefore you can safely add any of them to a bright set.

5. The supplementing (opposite) colors + monochrome.

Council of the stylist :

Black and gray colors do a bright combination quieter, and white emphasizes it even more.

what earlier we scornfully called “puts on as the traffic light“, today - fashionable peep! Inconceivable combinations violet and crimson, orange and turquoise, and all this with golden accessories - the fashion of summer of 2011 does not suffer a dullness!

Remember five principles of selection of color of clothes :

your addiction to color does not say that this color to you goes. Each girl has an intuition on “the“ colors. But sometimes the intuition is killed by psychological need for a certain color. Then close eyes more often to the fact that color does not go.

Colour approaches a shade of skin, a hair, an eye. Use a framework and the principles of the choice of flowers of your tsvetotip of appearance, and you will be irresistible.

Trying on clothes of the color which was pleasant to you, you look at the person. Yes, color can be amazing, breed - smart, sits - as poured, but … Your person has to change! It should not be pale, dark or cold. It has to be fine. For contrast try on other things of other flowers. If you doubt - it is not your color.

Harmony is evident more, than a bright dress. What there is a harmony? This presence of one style at clothes and color compatibility. Tone of skin dictates a shade of hair, color of freckles, a flush on cheeks, the suntan shade - all this together creates a certain type of appearance which a certain color gamut approaches.

Grey color will approach to counterbalance any experiment with color which you decided to carry out. It perfectly allows to weaken bright colors and, in principle, will approach practically any color scale.

Anyway, you remember: existence of certain rules of a combination of flowers in clothes does not exclude a possibility of experiments at all, they allow us to create an own, unique image and style. And if the science of the correct combination of flowers in clothes is given you hardly, it is difficult to you to pick up clothes for color, adopt women`s magazines - there many photos, find the color type and you watch in what clothes designers dress people, similar to you.