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How to the Russian tourist to pass egipetsko - the Israeli border? Under a sight of fine maiden eyes

In the first part of our narration about features of passing egipetsko - the Israeli border in a border check-point of Taba I told about how not easy and it is absolutely not so iridescent as guides at sale of round to Jerusalem assured, will pass the above-named frontier post for the Russian tourist.

What this procedure will demand firmness and courage not only the physical, but also psychological plan. I tried to show also, how hard similar trip is transferred by children and elderly people.

We, at men, “in a cushion“ had a cognac bottle, and we in Russian, handing over it, like a baton, were put to a neck. All of us waited and waited for the turn. Swore, became silent, again burned. Cognac gave us energy, and we - stood.

On the last turn of a labyrinth from protections we saw a rack where just those pretty little girls - frontier guards checked passports. Young young ladies already about half an hour interrogated the Arab`s family that drove on the territory of Israel. Half an hour on one person and his family! And behind the crowd of tourists from three buses presses that arrived after us. I involuntarily was surprised firmness of little girls - frontier guards. They work here nearly an every day. And any day never-ending flow of people! It is necessary to find out from everyone, for what purpose the citizen crosses border that is intended to be done in Israel, it is necessary to verify the validity and authenticity of the passport, to estimate intentions of the person and other.

Young pogranichnitsa - Israelis so were pleasant to me that I decided to photograph them. It was indoors quite dim, and I specified flash use in settings of my tsifrovik. Like Prometheus, I raised hands with the camera up, the lens directed to Israelis behind a rack of verification of documents and pressed the lock button. Bright light of flash lit the gloomy room. It was similar to a ray of light in a dark kingdom. Many fell a cropper - as it appeared, I made a big mistake: lovely pogranichnitsa instantly turned in furious furies! It appears, categorically is forbidden to shoot on a photo and video of employees of border control in Israel! It nearly a crime, privacy and safety of employees is staked.

I acquired to myself many problems the prometeevsky attack. Pogranichnitsa right there demanded to erase a picture from memory of my camera. I did not wish to give the property into strange hands, kobenitsya, and then little girls called already the frontier guard - the man. That had at itself(himself) the weapon. The argument is serious.

I had to transfer tsifrovik to the girl, and she samolichno erased the last photo. Then accurately demanded that I “so did not do any more“. I breathed at it cognac and nodded. Here not before the choice. I did not wish to remain to one in the desert on border when all group went to Jerusalem, at all. So I advise tourists not to remove employees of border control at all. They are as if nice were.

At last, I approached a rack, and on me pair of attentive maiden eyes directed. I already “messed up“, roughly speaking, with photography of officials, and therefore to me the relation could be prejudiced. But I was mistaken. The girl - the frontier guard quite kindly asked me whether I talk in English. I could not answer any more “no“ as I communicated with the frontier guard - the man concerning a picture in English. Miraculously here that: those from tourists who answered a question of knowledge of language negatively, as a rule, passed a rack quickly. I had to be late.

The girl - the frontier guard took an interest what purpose of my arrival to Israel. I became puzzled a little and answered that I would like to taste local Jerusalem beer.

The following question struck me even more: she asked me and where, actually, I am going to try required beer? Here I began to low vaguely, grunted the dried-up throat that not bad to come into cafe. Or small restaurant. Yes though in shop to buy the real Israeli beer.

The third question forced me to shake the head in full “neponyatka“. I was asked whether I tried the Israeli beer before? Here I finally got confused. Turned to our tourists behind me and asked to allow to drink up the remains a konyachka as brains from hours-long turn and long moving refused to function at all.

The pretty employee of border control strictly demanded “not to drink alcohol here, and it is better to answer the question posed“. I muttered that it happened to me to try the Israeli beer only once. I do not remember the name, long ago business was. To me some more questions, and obviously innocent and not connected directly with the purposes of my visit were set! And why they me there, at a rack, detained so much? There is an answer!

Only then I learned that those tiny girls - pogranichnitsa are trained by experienced Israeli psychologists! Young ladies ask questions on different subjects and about the movement of eyes, about set of a mimicry, due to knowledge of a sign language, rules of the general behavior, a timbre of a voice and other signs define, the person is excited excessively or it is quiet. Tells the truth or dissembles. It is dangerous or not. So find potential terrorists and criminals.

I passed a test for questions, but there was much more simply a destiny of those who reported at once that he does not speak any language. Except Russian. And that is abusive. Therefore, perhaps, you should not expatiate when passing egipetsko - the Israeli border on knowledge of any foreign languages. Well, unless you can easily confess to knowledge of the Nanaian language. Not very much who widely owns it, however. Thus you pass border quicker and more quietly.

But difficult tests nevertheless once yes come to an end. When we set foot, at last, on Land promised, Israeli, were terribly exhausted and were ready to drop in chairs of the meeting bus. Children continuously cried, from overfatigue we seemed gloomy and sick. People are more senior swallowed of validol both other soothing and cardiacs. Everything turned out far not so simply as we were spoken by the guide who sold permits to Israel.

Generally, be ready to stay standing on border of Egypt with Israel to 8 - mi hours. On holidays, speak, this term increases to 10 - ti hours! Stock up with provisions in advance. It is better not to take children in a trip. Stir on border in English less. You should not photograph or film nothing here. Do not expect to pass border quicker or to creep without turn. It is useless.

And last, main issue: and whether it is worth suffering so many inconveniences and burdens for the sake of hail visit Jerusalem? Someone will tell then that “game did not cost candles“.

But I am firmly convinced that let we are tourists - and were ready to drop after passing procedure egipetsko - the Israeli border, but it is necessary to see personally the city where the Lord`s Coffin where the Temple mountain where there is a Wailing Wall with its millions of notes - requests to God from different people rises is stored.