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How to get rid of the man? Love it!

are Much written how to achieve the man how to return the man to the life. But sometimes happens that from it, absolutely on the contrary, it is necessary to get rid. And if it seems to you that it is easy, so you do not know men at all. To get rid of the man is, by the way, a hard work. Very heavy!

The first rule which you have to remember says: “If you decided to get rid of the man, do not send him where far away at all!“ And let the Highest forces store you if this rule is violated. In this case everything is almost hopeless. Because as soon as you send it, it will stick to you as a bur. It will tear off your phone, to shower with flowers, gifts and lovely SMS - Kami. He will shout that loves and cannot live without you. In critical cases it is capable even of the offer of a hand and heart. Therefore if decided to get rid of it, then do not send at all.

Strangely enough sounds, but to get rid of the man, it it is necessary... to love . Yes, to love, you did not mishear. As a last resort - to pretend. And here all arsenal of tricks can be necessary for you.

You call him, write. Never forget to wish in the evening good night, and to take an interest in the morning as it was fallen down. Surely during calls try to give a maximum of information on how your turtle and what silly woman your employee from department of marketing feels.

Do not forget, the way to disposal of the man lies through his stomach. Learn to prepare its favourite dish and you feed it with it three times a day. If there is no opportunity to feed his houses, collect everything in sudochka and you carry to it for work.

An important role is played by sex. Be always ready. Where he neither wanted and as if him nor there was a wish. And when he does not want, stick.

For a change sometimes arrange hysterics in “I So Love You, and You Do Not Remember Me at All“ style. Cry, complain that you miss and you want that it was always near.

Remember, all in inverse proportion:

- the more passed you will leave on its phone, the less time will leave on disposal of it;

- the more often you will repeat “I love you“, rather it will disappear from your life forever.

Usually they run quickly enough, but hardy sometimes meet.

And the last. If you, at last, achieved that he decided to leave, an upasa you God though somehow to give the pleasure. Do not follow the tastes of the vanity and do not try to turn everything so as if you it threw it. You risk to start up it`s a waste all your efforts.

Surely burst into tears, and arrange a hysterics better. Promise that you will always like and to wait for it. To consolidate result, for several weeks after that periodically send it snotty SMS with recognitions.

Few times call drunk in tears in the middle of the night and beg to return.

Whenever possible try to oversleep once more with it, and after sex long sob on his shoulder and you say that you cannot live without it.

Month through two - three make “a control shot in the head“: call and tell that agree to everything, if only it was near.

Believe, any more you will never see it.

Well, that`s all. You successfully got rid of the next unnecessary man.

If you made all this, and it does not leave, so the case is hopeless. You should reconcile only. Because if the man really wants to be near the woman, then he will be. Despite everything. And here already his any love you will not frighten, and any hysterics you will not banish.