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Fidelity to signs. How not to be mistaken with a gift?

to Trust or not to trust signs? This question, perhaps, is set as often how “who is guilty?“ and “what to do?“. As all signs were thought up by people, to people and to solve, to depend on them or not, to consider them as coincidence or ill fate.

But here banal “and suddenly“ all the same haunts, over and over again forcing to avoid black cats, not to come back behind the forgotten things, to spit out three times through the left shoulder and not to give signs not approved gifts. We will also talk about them.

Personally I in a row give already several years to friends and relatives exclusively useful gifts. It is quite simple not to be mistaken with their choice if to be interested in desires of the birthday man. The surprise a surprise, but even if the person foreknows that he will receive for a holiday, a gift from it bad will not become, he waits for it. And still there is a secret list of the forbidden gifts to which, anyway, many well-wishers try to follow.

Are included in a black list of gifts:

Hours . On one legend, the word “hours“ in Chinese is conformable with the word “burial“ therefore bears in itself a negative charge. Chinese will never present each other hours, including it one of the most terrible signs. According to other version, the course of hours determines the term of life or term of the relations with the person as soon as shooters stop - people will disperse. For this reason my many acquaintances and I what to hide, did not begin to give hours to favourite people. Oh it “and suddenly“!

Slippers . White slippers, I think, to give nobody will guess, and here house - quite for a good gift will descend. Signs indicate the opposite. Allegedly the one to whom slippers were presented will shortly leave (the house, a family etc.) . Interestingly, in one slippers at way - the road will gather?

Handkerchiefs also did not please superstitious citizens. This sign came to us from the same China. According to superstitious Chinese, scarfs symbolize a grief therefore bring them to the house as “gift“ only on sad actions.

The mysticism surrounded with porcelain dolls handwork. Especially it is not recommended to give them to children. On a legend, the master making a doll gives it part of the soul and can “enclose“ in it both kind, and evil thoughts.

Knives - to separations and quarrels. Practically as gifts are negative to all pricking and cutting objects. In Japan, for example, knives are considered as symbols of traditional ritual of a hara-kiri therefore are under a public taboo.

The mirror bears in itself a certain secret, not without reason it is used in magic rituals. Signs say that the mirror dooms to quarrel or separation therefore as the gift is not too appreciated.

Many other objects which, in principle, are absolutely harmless belong to undesirable gifts also of a candle , and of a towel , and. Only those who trust national signs, can see in them double sense.

Choosing a gift, listen to desires of the one who as a result will get it. Perhaps, the birthday man collects knives, he likes porcelain dolls, he wanted a new wall clock, and house-shoes long ago - a subject of his dreams. He will be glad to any of these gifts.

And signs? Signs let and will remain fictional and unrealizable!