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How not to lose the baggage on travel?

Occur opinion that that whose baggage was lost at least once, always travels only with hand luggage, well or tries to do it. Really, a situation not from pleasant, especially if you fly to holiday. And at flight from cold gray winter in warm summer there is no wish to appear on the seashore in winter boots and a warm sheepskin coat even more.

So how to avoid loss of baggage or to minimize all unpleasant consequences if all this is occurred?

In - the first, try to take for the rule before flying away to photograph your baggage at least on a chamber in phone, especially if you fly connection flights by one airline - they, as a rule, transport baggage, but do not give to the traveler, and, alas, at connection flights most often there is a loss of baggage. In the presence of the photo at emergence of incident it will be simpler to explain how your suitcases look, especially if there are language difficulties.

At some airports announcements with a request hang to remove foreign luggage labels from the suitcases. It is not waste of time and not a whim of employees of the airport. Do not regret five minutes to tear off from a sticker suitcase, reminding of trips how it was a pity for them. Yes, in the suitcase which completely is pasted over with names of the countries and cities something is, but it very strongly increases probability that your baggage will leave in some of the countries specified on the sticker which remained from the previous travel. Loaders can simply mix - the human factor, alas, often plays not the last role.

Try not to put when planning changes short periods between flights. Throw hour or two and, whenever possible, reserve tickets for flight which differs from time of an arrival of the first hour on 3 - 4, it is not less. Your first flight can elementary be delayed, do not forget about it. You hurry - also the airline hurries, and in haste and vanity something good can hardly turn out.

Try to pack a suitcase into a special film at the airport and not to fill it to the full, otherwise it can just open or burst that will deliver you many unpleasant moments. You remember how throw suitcases on a tape, and think whether you want to collect its contents which are so carefully packed at home between other suitcases?

Also mark the suitcase that he was easy to be learned on a rack of delivery of baggage and that nobody mixed it with the. Keep in mind that most of passengers mark baggage in the classical way, namely - hang up a color ribbon on the suitcase handle. Thus, on a tape at the airport of arrival it is possible to see about ten black same suitcases with a red ribbon on the handle. Be though are a little original, and then it is not necessary to verify luggage labels on a suitcase and a boarding pass.

If such nightmare of the traveler as loss of baggage, all - happened, do not panic. Address on a rack of search of baggage, and, most likely, in next few days you receive the suitcases. Cases when the lost things did not come back, are extremely rare.