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How to prepare for holiday and to forget nothing?

Collecting in holiday - business responsible. If to forget something - it will turn back either inconveniences, or additional expenditure and things not necessary then, and in the resort all usually much more expensive. If to take superfluous - or there will not be enough place, or you will damn then everything on light, moving heavy suitcases. And it is so bad, and so it is not good.

Best of all in this plan disciplines a campaign with a backpack. One week of pedestrian transitions on the mountains from 23 kg behind shoulders quickly treats for improvidence, then already hundred times think what to take and what to leave. Couple of such campaigns and the subsequent frequent trips forced me to develop one useful method. we Write

the list

For a week to date of departure (so that in a stock there were days off for a visit of shop) I make the What to Take list. I take seat more conveniently and I imagine situations which can occur on a trip, I write out everything that can be necessary, so to speak, “I play in association“.

of “Neobkhodimka“ on a trip

At first needs to reach by

the place, suppose, by train. For an example we will consider this situation in more detail, and think over the others. In the train there are four requirements: to eat, have a good time, to have a sleep and keep purity. Therefore, it is necessary to take:

1. I go - something not too perishable, not crumbling and tasty (for example, vegetables / fruit, small bakery products), water or glasses and coffee / tea, napkins, a bag under garbage. And spoons / forks can be taken from the conductor.

2. A player, the book, the laptop with movies or the book, cards or crossword puzzles.

3. Convenient clothes for a dream and a slipper.

4. Toothbrush and paste or chewing gum, wet towel wipes, toilet paper.

5. Tickets and documents!

Here, watch how many positions need already be not to forgotten!

of the Situation

the Following situation - actually rest. It consists of separate situations: “Morning“ (mylno - shaving, cosmetic production and towels, clothes, a hairbrush), “Beach“ (different beach accessories - laying, mattresses, bathing suits, hats, points, creams), “Excursion“ (convenient sports shoes), “Evening“ (warmer and more elegant clothes and footwear), “A swagger - a major“ (drugs, repellents, creams for burns, umbrellas etc.) “Night“ (a shirt - a pajamas), “universal“ (money, documents, a manicure set). Perhaps, in your case still some situations will be added.

Simple rules

should pay Special attention to clothes. As a rule, women are inclined to overestimate need for clothes, especially elegant. At first the whole suitcase nagrebatsya, and then at the sea carry two - three really convenient things. Make the detailed list of clothes and think what can be deleted. But do not forget something easy with a long sleeve - initially not to burn down, and a sviterok - under the law of meanness if not to take it, it is just required.

Notice from a trip to a trip that it was useful and what is not present. You can get the separate constant list of things which need to be taken surely (shablonchik), and the list of things which you forgot (napominalochka) already once. For reliability it is possible to arrange brainstorming or to give the list on check to the husband and other participants of a trip. Perhaps they will remember something else or will suggest to delete something.

Further work with the list

After drawing up the What to Take list we reflect on “What to Buy“. For this purpose it is enough to get a separate column in the first list and to put there ticks. We take the list, we go to shop and we note what is already bought. Also we enter the column “What to Wash“, we erase and we note.

On the eve of departure we put before ourselves the list, we collect suitcases by the principle “from above what is required to the first“, we lead round a circle the laid things and we write in what bag they are. We stop a neuchtenka and podsovyvaniye of things in bags without coordination with you. Reliably we clasp all pockets and offices, we put the most necessary in a ladies` handbag or a man purse, we hide money and documents from thieves, we check tickets. It is ready!

We do not throw out the list , and we take with ourselves and we put to the available place not to worry “forgot - did not forget“ and it is easy to find any thing. Everything, it is precisely possible to relax and derive pleasure now!