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Who is right - God or Darwin?

This subject was more than once touched on pages of many scientifically - popular editions, but all the same remains meek. Earlier everything was somehow simple: there was a Neanderthal man, he developed, developed and, eventually - time, and developed in the modern person. But then the modern mankind “suddenly“ opened for itself kromanyonets - the person of the modern type which arose as if from nowhere about 40000 years ago. And that is interesting: existing in parallel with the Neanderthal man and allowing it somehow to influence itself. It I about contents in a genome of modern Homo sapiens from 1 to 4 percent of Neanderthal genes. It did not find any explanations at all, and for this reason was simply suppressed by traditional science.

As it could turn out what significantly more developed person at first arose “from nowhere“ and “suddenly“, and then allowed the “underdeveloped“ distant relatives “to litter“ the genetic code, and now puzzles who is he and from where undertook? Reliable data - any, different sciences or are silent, or each other contradict and, as a result, too are silent, and personal researches of some researchers and scientists are simply ignored and not noticed. Questions, questions … answer

with Okhotnya of all them representatives of various religions: the pier, the person is a wreath of the God`s creation, and to us, mortal and sinful by definition, not to understand a true plan Dominical, it created in his own image. Perhaps, for some and it is exciting to block voluntarily analytical part of a brain this religious doctrine, but all - very much wants to be understood from where the person modern undertook and what influence of what we got used to call incognizable “Divine Providence“.

If fixedly to study some images and the first ancient written sources which reached our time, then inquisitive mind for itself will be able to answer some of these questions. It is worth beginning with attentive studying of the ancient rock paintings which remained up to now. What the traditional science told concerning some of them, but not to notice the represented people in space suits and other, obviously technical devices, very difficult. But not to trust own eyes of the bases, it seems, is not present any.

If to follow chronology, then in the second turn it is worth getting accustomed to some Ancient Egyptian symbols on which it is obvious (!) the helicopter, the plane and the airship is visible (or a submarine - here opinions can already disperse). The traditional science too any does not offer an explanation for it. And still she does not offer an unambiguous explanation for the finds made in Central America where ancient masters made the gold objects which are precisely copying the plane with almost ideal flight characteristics.

It is worth paying attention and to the pictural or pictographic letter of ancient shumer which was in use about 300 years B.C. There is a term DIN - the GIR consisting of two words and designating no other than “Gods“. Yes, in plural. A literal translation of the first syllable - “bright“, “pure“, “just“. What is important, the drawing designating this syllable - the exact image of the flying rocket in our modern understanding. The pictogram completely literally meant “just, from bright, light objects“.

Still it is worth looking, passing a prism of already mentioned religious doctrines, on some facts and events as some answers described by historians and chroniclers by itself begin to knock at the doors of not obscured reason.

For example, Bible, and most of all Old Testament. He is full of “angels“, “cherubs“, “God`s sons“, “the daughters who are coming back to Earth and taking in the wife human“, “the sparkling chariots condescending from the sky“ and so on. So actually authors of the Bible described? Notice, in their terms framework there were no such concepts as “UFO“, “interplanetary contact“, “rocket“, “lander“, “alien“, “alien expansion“ and other. They operated only with those categories, words and formulations which were obikhodna and are clear, had ability to transfer, could be displayed on some carrier and subsequently are adequately read by contemporaries.

Give in this foreshortening we will consider the story of the prophet Ezechiel about events of the beginning of the 6th century BC: “… I was among immigrants on Hovare`s river when heaven was opened and I saw the God`s phenomena... A great cloud and the curling fire, and shine around it. From the middle of fire similarity of four animals was visible - and their shape was, as at the person. And at everyone - four wings. And hands human were under their wings... And wings adjoined one to another and when wings stopped, covered bodies them …“. “… And on the earth near each being was on a wheel in a wheel and when beings rose in air, wheels rose together with them. Over their heads there was a similarity of the arch, and over the arch wings … stretched“. “… When flying Lord`s glory, noise of many waters, as if the Almighty`s voice, as if noise in a military camp and when it stopped was heard - wings fell and became silent …“ .

It makes sense to pay still attention not only to religious literature, but also to stories of historians in which it is full of the mentions which are accurately indicating a certain technogenic presence too. Homer in “Illiada“, narrating about large-scale war between Greeks and Trojans at the beginning of the seventh century B.C., tells about intervention in military operations of a certain third force. During fight “… the goddess Athena in the form of the bright star sent by Zeus rushed among the battling regiments, having brought soldiers into bewilderment and having set them thinking: to whom this surprising sign … promises a victory“ .

It is echoed by Plutarch, the famous ancient Roman historian. It describes how in the first century B.C. in Phrygia for decisive battle troops of the Roman commander Lukull and the Spanish rebellious general Sertoriya met. Fighting ranks of two armies approached, but “… the sky yawned and there was a big, blazing fire body which rushed down in a narrow strip between two armies; it flew by over the earth, and then sharply soared up up and again disappeared in heaven …“. “… It was as a keg from the melted silver …“ , - Plutarch claims. Frightened and puzzled with not explained sign, opponents dispersed without fight. So there was also what was described by the ancient historian?

But similar supervision by a joint Ayr did not end. Lev Diakon, the famous Byzantine historian, in the tenth book of “History“ writes that in 989 “... in the West the bright star which was not taking constant place in the sky began to appear. Extending beams, bright, visible at far distance, it often moved, being shown to the north, to the south, and sometimes during the same ascension changed the situation in the sky, making the sudden fast movements. People were surprised, feared and believed that its strange movements will not lead to good“ . It is possible to assume of course that it describes a meteorite or a comet, but as it is known, these celestial bodies cannot and are not able to change the direction of the movement suddenly.

Europe did not become an exception too: Benvenuto Cellini, the Italian artist and the sculptor of Renaissance, describes how once they with the friend left from Florence to Rome. Already almost darkened when they rose on the way to the mountains surrounding the city with a certain ring. Having turned back, both of them at the same time cried from a fright and surprise: “… My God heavenly what it hangs over Florence? It as if the enormous fiery log which sparkles and radiates bright light!.“

In this sense is caused by huge interest and the Veliky Ustyug chronicle. She reports: “… On January 25, 1677 there was in Velikiy Ustyug a terrible fire from which all downtown disappeared in a flame. And suddenly among fire over the Saint church Barbarians the certain huge subject similar to the Moon appeared. Also it hung low over the flaring city of the whole two hours. And then quickly rose and disappeared in the sky …“ . Actually such mentions and descriptions great variety, and everything from them it is resolutely impossible to list within article, and however, the purpose such even was not set.

And all aforesaid was listed to bring closer the reader to the obvious and lying on a surface conclusion : at the beginning of development the mankind densely contacted to a certain advanced machine civilization which even after some time did not ignore it the attention. And, most likely, this development became result of this contact.

I do not undertake to argue on a subject now that it was (or is) for a civilization from what planet from what measurement or time - within this article it is not important, and the fact is important: contact was .

But we will return to a starting question - article message: who is he, the modern person and from where undertook? For the answer to this question it makes sense to address already mentioned Bible, namely the Old Testament, the Genesis, a chapter 6: “… Then God`s sons saw daughters human that they are beautiful, and took them to themselves in the wife who what chose. God`s sons began to enter to daughters human, and they began to give rise of. These are strong, since ancient times nice people …“ .

At literal reading this text accurately indicates direct intersexual connections arrived from where - that “Bozhiy sons“ with the people who are already living at that time on the planet. So, maybe, it is also the answer? And that, everything very harmoniously and logically turns out: by dense contact of the newcomers who are at rather high step of development and people rather wild at that time the person modern was born.

It explains also contents in a genome of Neanderthal impurity, and the fact that at the same time in parallel there was both kromanyonets, and the Neanderthal man, and that the reasonable person “suddenly“ appeared, and that there are no fossil confirmations of a transitional stage from the Neanderthal man to kromanyonets, and many other things. Also it gives the answer to a question as the ancient mankind managed to create objects which at the modern level of science and equipment it is not able to repeat.

Here it here unexpectedly we come to “divine“ emergence of the person.