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To MEN: How to treat women?

Are quite good to be defined in the attitude towards women in general. One men idolize them. Others despise. The third hate. The fourth are afraid. Etc. And how it is correct?

Let`s argue logically and to call things by their proper names. The relations of the man and the woman are the relations of two beings with different anatomy, physiology, psychology and interests, but connected by sexual desire. At the same time woman vysokoprimativny being. It copes instincts, emotions is much stronger, than mind. Often her behavior is not logical, absurd. That is by man`s criteria it is imputed only partially .

Besides, the modern emancipated woman who is not carrying out reproductive function (giving birth to less than three children), is not a full-fledged female. It, actively operating on labor market, in business and other fields of human activity except a household, is the man`s competitor. Having two and less children, the woman has too much free time and forces psychologically to suppress the man. Besides, at modern matriarchy it has an opportunity, having robbed it, to live happily without its household support. Therefore such woman is potentially more dangerous than the woman who has three and more children. There was such term in Soviet period for designation of the relation with the countries of the civilized world: “the potential opponent“. That is for the present not the enemy, but the subject from whom it is possible to expect hostile actions at any time. At the time of manifestation of hostile actions he becomes the enemy for now it is possible to interact with it on a mutually beneficial basis. For example, as with the partner. But not as with the friend. In the same way, if the emancipated woman combats for depriving of the rights and resources at the man, then in this case she is already the man`s enemy. Also it is not necessary to hesitate of this word. Enemy.

Therefore your task - forming of system > of financial and emotional safety at interaction with the potential opponent. Simply, be on the alert and be not substituted. First of all, you remember that we live at matriarchy and consequently, the legislation - anti-man`s. And moreover, every year it becomes more and more anti-man`s. And when you register marriage, you stack this mad matriarchal state the third wheel in your bed. Think whether it is necessary for you it is the anti-man`s matriarchal legislation in your own bedroom.

The woman who really loves and respects the man will not insist on that she before it had a legal advantage. She does not plan it to blackmail or to plunder therefore this advantage is not necessary for it. The woman who plans similar succession of events, on the contrary, will insist also on marriage registration, and on operations with your real estate, accounts, property. If the woman began to mention regularly marriage, your money and the apartment - think whether it is necessary to you and consult with the lawyer the man. Well and always you remember that about 30% of husbands by naivety provide the children who do not have any genetic relation to them.

By the way, about emotional safety. It is very important. Somehow the diary entry of one lady about the former rich man got to me. She was indignant, here a pier, the oligarch is lousy, punched her on the channels, learned that she on holiday has a rest with other man, and broke off the relations. Rascal, pier … I even now not that it meanly arrived, twisting along with several men. I - about that, did it how right thing, without trusting blindly the woman, and having checked her, having checked her behavior. Without having released control over a situation from the hands. He took care of the emotional safety. If he trusted, became attached, fell in love, then such woman of the bitch system surely betrayed and would set up him. Would hurt it. Would bring out of a working condition. And on stability of an emotional condition of the boss wellbeing of its firm keeps. Destinies of all his workers and their families depend on it. It is huge responsibility to them.

Emotional safety is a safety of private life. Safety of health. Financial safety. Safety of people for whom we bear responsibility, business partners and workers, the family. All this is directly connected with reliability and adequacy of our sexual partner. And than above game level under the name “life“ that more we are obliged to treat the sexual partner as to part of business. To count money, to count and control a situation. It is a question of responsibility and self-esteem.

Since then, by the way, the word “rascal“ means for me the highest compliment to the man. It designates the man capable to live own interests.

Also do not listen to female manipulative fables of type: “Who sees women through, that loses a lot of things“ Really, it loses much. Disappointments, for example … Loses an opportunity to be thrown, got in on a bubble scheme, unfortunate and sexually unsatisfied … It loses chains too … Loses an opportunity to get on unrequited love of the dinamovo system … It is a lot of losses … But here just - that is not a pity for any loss for some reason. There is a truth, one loss to which some cling … An opportunity to live in the irresponsible illusory world. “To lose the head“. So the addict clings to the syringe, the drunk for funfyrik cologne, the idler and the loser - to the TV. Be not afraid to live in the real world. It is real - cool, abruptly and cool as tells youth. It is much more interesting to play by the rules, than on strangers. And the prize is more. Well and, besides, despite knowledge, instinctive ability “to lose the head“ nevertheless remains. There is only an additional ability - to find the lost head in case of danger. Quickly and without serious consequences. It is checked. The man having knowledge of the intersexual relations is similar to the businessman who knows economy, management and law. Such businessman freely is guided and makes great progress and wealth. The man who does not have knowledge of the intersexual relations is similar to the illiterate janitor who decided to be engaged in business. To such mountain the businessman is almost doomed to bankruptcy. He will make incorrect decisions, him is deceived swindlers, workers will rob and partners will substitute.

How to treat the specific woman in a concrete situation. Everything depends on a concrete situation. How far domination of the woman came. As far as it is rigid. Whether the pain threshold of the man is exceeded. In one cases it is better to divorce and look for more suitable companion. In others - it is possible to bargain and, having stocked up with patience, to gradually change the relations. In - the third (for example, it is a pity to throw children), it is possible to change the relation to the relations with the woman. To cease to belong and expect too seriously to them from the dominating woman of impossible - friendship, support, kindness, reliability and other mythological attributes, to cease “to take a steam bath and be loaded“. To begin to treat the woman as to the house being having a little general with the man what they also are actually has nobody. For example, if we get a dog, we know that from her wool, began to smell that she needs to be fed, walked and trained. Also we do not expect from it that with it can be drunk beer and to discuss a football match and the more so we do not worry about it. “The woman is the woman that from her to take“ - our grandfathers said and were deeply right.

Whether it is necessary to respect the woman? First of all, we will be defined that such respect. If absolutely precisely, then the respect is no other than instinctive recognition of the status. Positions, provisions of the individual in group hierarchy. For example, if we in relation to the chief feel emotion “respect“, then it means that our hierarchical instinct recognizes its right to operate us, considers the decisions made by it correct. Respecting, we put the chief either above ourselves, or flush with ourselves in hierarchy. At vysokoprimativny human individuals in the conditions of pyramidal public hierarchy is present only congenital criteria of respect: “is afraid, means respects“. They respect only force, conflict stability of vysokorangovy. However in various types of hierarchies education the respect for other elements of hierarchy takes root. To the law, court, police, the official, etc. That is at the individual recognition of concrete hierarchical structure is formed. So in liberal society the respect for the person in general is cultivated. In structure of vysokotekhnolochichny production the respect of the chief to highly skilled therefore valuable to production, to the subordinate can be cultivated. In partriarkhalny society the man having a family is held in respect. In matriarchal society the respect for the woman per se and disrespect for the man in general is in every possible way cultivated.

Here in it, the respect imparted by matriarchy there is a serious dirty trick. We read at Freud: “… love manifestations of the man in our modern cultural society in general carry typical symptoms of mental impotence …; the man almost always feels constrained in manifestations of the sex life thanks to feeling of respect for the woman and shows the full potentiality only when deals with low sexual object“ . In what here business? Why the respect for the woman does the man by the impotent man? Let`s understand.

Recognizing the woman main, above itself in hierarchy, the man thereby positions himself as a nizkorangovy male. And the reproduction nizkorangovy is not provided in the nature. The genetic line of weak should not be continued. Therefore the reproduction nizkorangovy is blocked in all possible ways. And the woman of nizkorangovy does not want, dynamite. And itself nizkorangovy it is sexually not successful, its potentiality is lowered. And the dominating woman - is sexually unattractive for the man. Several mechanisms reducing probability of pairing are involved at once. Therefore many Europeans and Russians prefer to go to Third World countries and to copulate there with men who despise them . And their compatriots who are brought up in the spirit of respect for the woman remain alone with this respect or in turn go to Thailand to copulate with not dear them women.

Generally, your business, but from my point of view is much more preferable to want and love women, than to respect . But also here it is necessary to understand that the love happens different. The same word are called absolutely different emotional states. There is a love to the woman as to the highest being. Love - service - worship - respect. It is love nizkorangovy. So-called Platonic love - from the same group of emotions. Such love kills with a libido. And there is a love to the woman as to the lowest being. It is love - guardianship - care - management - manual. Love of the leader. It on the contrary - strengthens a libido. One my girlfriend with model appearance complained that decent men admit to it respect much more often, than love. Also are afraid to approach, show to it an initiative in the relations, to begin to look after. Well or love from far away, sighing and not daring to come nearer. If she shows an initiative, such men are frightened and run away. And only drunk morons, impudent and inconsiderate show an initiative. Very much it was offensive for it.

It is possible to recognize the place of the woman in man`s hierarchy (to respect the emancipated woman) only in case she takes this place by man`s criteria of the right . That is on real professional or business merits, but not because gathered the husband at divorce , makes eyes at the chief, sleeps with the boss or holds a position on the legislative quota which is pressed through by feminists.

To recognize the place of the woman in female hierarchy (to respect the woman who is giving birth to children and providing to the man the back) - easily, there are no problems. But besides, if she fully copes with the duties. That is, if the house and children as it should be, and her man is happy. This type of respect, respect for the woman - mother and the keeper of a home is widespread and is cultivated in the balanced societies of the planet. It is possible to respect only for something. It is only loved illogically and despite real merits. However from this does not follow at all that women need to be rude or humiliate them unjustly. On the contrary, it is necessary to be polite and reserved. And into place to put only if necessary if the woman the first crosses the border of legal. Besides, nobody cancelled love for the neighbor, that is altruistic highest instincts. Therefore you love women as females and as members of the society. And respect only if is for what if it is the cool professional or good mother . Respect the wife for the fact that she well raises children and cooks excellent borsch. For the fact that she completely suits you in a bed. But it is wrong to respect the woman per se. And it is valid for what to respect the glamourous little fool dreaming to sell expensively the dosed access to the carcass painted and seasoned with perfumery? Absurdity!

Oleg Novoselov “Woman. The textbook for men“