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How the appeal of “All You Need Is Love“ sounded for the whole world?

Are satellite communication now - a usual thing. And in 1967 carrying out the first international teleconference did to many rustle. The program was called by “Our World“ (“Our world“), and its essence was in sending live plots from 26 countries. As I already told

, outside there was 1967 therefore the question who will present Great Britain did not even stand - then in the field fate - music BEATLES undividedly dominated.

Complexity consisted in another: THE BEATLES had not to simply sing the new song on the air, but also make it during signing up in studios, giving the chance to millions of TV viewers to become direct witnesses of creative sacrament.

B. Epstayn:

“I not for a moment did not doubt that they will give something surprising. We agree about participation in the television program for several months. The appointed day came, and they so wrote nothing. And then, in three weeks prior to transfer, they began to compose the song“.

the Idea of a new hit just soared in air. Worldwide the long-haired youth swung “patsifika“ and the slogan “Make Love Not War“, and THE BEATLES did not begin to come off youth. About love “Beatles“ wrote much, but this time the song at Lennon appeared not about “sighs on a bench and trills of a nightingale“, and about that Love which lights and unites the whole world, shifts mountains and stops wars. About Love as the Attitude method. What can be still better for the international teleconference moreover and 1967? Here only music of “Beatles“ did not remind

for a long time that plain bit with which they began.

D. Lennon:

“We just wrote down this song. As I knew chords, I played clavichord. George played a violin because so we wanted, and Paule - a contrabass. Plainly they were not able to play these instruments therefore they just made the sounds pleasing hearing. In general it sounded as an orchestra, but actually musicians was only two: one played to a naskripka, another a contrabass. Then we also thought: “It is necessary to add our fancy little band and to turn it into the real orchestra“. But we did not imagine how the final version of a song will sound, rehearsals in that day did not begin yet. Till the last moment the song sounded somehow strange“.
the Dispersed “Beatles“ not only decided to have fun with

with an orchestra, but also mixed a heap of classical melodies with the song. “All You Need Is Love“ (“All you need is love“) preceded fighting sounds of “Marseillaise“, and inventors included fragments of jazz composition of “In the Mood“ and the medieval ballad “Greensleeves“ in final cacophony.

It became clear that to display all process of record on the air it is simply unreal. As a result decided that “the best impromptu - prepared“, wrote down a soundtrack, and alive to air there were only voices and podpevka (D. Martin claimed that also game of an orchestra was live). Podpevki, joyful shouts and festive mood the following officials had to provide: Eric Clapton from CREAM, Mick Jagger from ROLLING STONES from Marian Faithfull under the handle, Keith Mun from WHO and other.

This all speckled group also gathered in the well-known studio to Ebbi - the road on June 25, 1967. Even the relative McCartney who held the poster addressed to the theta which went to Australia in hand used services of global communication - something it seems “Return, Millie, I all will forgive …“.

Whether it is necessary to say that the holiday “globalizations“ was successful wonderfully well, and the words “Everything That It Is Necessary for You-it Is Lyubov“ remained forever the slogan of that era - eras of great hopes and still about lshy illusions.

D. Martin:

“The spirit of that time demanded to sing this song while all others showed plots about knitting (Canada) or about the Irish dance in wooden boots (Venezuela). We thought: “And we will sing “All You Need Is Love“, and it will be absolutely quite good PR action in support of God“.

P. McCartney: “We felt

as some kind of envoys of the world though we did not hold any official posts. “All You Need Is Love“ quite often called frivolous. But I so do not think. When on television showed thousands of Americans at a fencing of the White House singing these songs at me there was a feeling that we made something important“.

of All You Need Is Love

(“All you need is love“, S. Koznova Lane)

You will not be able to make what cannot be made.

You will not be able to sing what cannot be sung. Here you will tell nothing

, but you can learn to play by rules -

it easy.

You will not be able to create what cannot be created.

You will not be able to rescue the one who cannot be rescued.

Here there`s nothing to be done, but you can learn to appear in time -

it easy.

All you need is, is a love,

All you need is, is a love,

All you need is, is a love,

Love - all this that it is necessary for you.

You will not be able to learn what is unknown.

You will not be able to see what is not visible.

You will not be able to visit where you are not fated to visit, -

everything is simple.

All you need is, is a love.

(And now all together)