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Whether “Harry Potter“ of the glory deserves? Part 2: shortcomings of

my undying interest in “Harry Potter“ (further - “GP“) lasted exactly to a release of the fifth book - “GP and the Award of the Phoenix“. Though bad tendencies began to be looked through already in “Fire Cup“.

We will begin with the fact that though the inspiration and “spends the night in the house“ Rowling, some mechanical thrift sometimes interferes in a plot.

the Writer from the book to the book with maniacal persistence aspired to that the outcome was as much as possible unexpected. Unexpected, despite of its artificiality or (that it is even worse) antinaturalness. In the first book the course “you will not guess for anything“ still it is quite new and shocks nobody. In the second - everything in general is remarkable. But already in the third absolutely harmless being, unpredictable not only for the reader becomes the villain, but, it is sure, and for Rowling. That is it was allocated with “malignancy“ “backdating“. Eh, the peaceful faithful rat from the first book would know what it will turn in “Azkaban`s Prisoner“ into.

But it were still “florets“. The outcome of the following book “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire“ in general leaves feeling of a full odurachennost and irritation at the reader. One of the brightest and nice characters appears the villain!

Not absolutely so, of course. But the fact that the villain only gives himself for this character corrects nothing. During almost all book the reader identifies it as positive (this not only my opinion). As a result - the “real“ character (all book lain in a chest) can cause only feeling of disappointment.

Is a pity also that Gryum`s character really gave food for “ambiguous“ acts (something he reminds Gleb Zheglov from well-known to / f “The meeting place cannot be changed“). But that so!

The impression is made that having written 2/3 draft options of “the Fiery Cup“, Rowling began on a habit to think: “With what it the people to surprise?“. Here also surprised, contrary to all internal logic of a plot. Of course, it is pleasant to feel like the demiurge and it is only known that books, as well as any creation, after “primary push“ have to develop under the natural laws. If occurs differently, the reader is expected by the “shake-up“ having nothing in common with a catharsis. The reader as if jumps out away of book fabric, “magic“ ceases to work, and he begins to look for the angry look of careless “demiurge“. Rowling justified herself subsequently that supposedly “did not expect“ such turn of a plot. In that is that and trouble that at first did not expect, and then sat down and THOUGHT UP. Here already smart Beautiful Mind, but not charms of art began.

Against similar mockery at characters also a little excessive female sentimentality of tone of the book, and small (but frequent) discrepancies grow dim. For example, such as existence in the world of the wizards splicing bones and treating the most dreadful diseases, short-sighted Harry (at most on what the magic is capable - to make glasses of its points water-repellent!). Perhaps it as in a saying: “I have opportunities, but I have no desire“?

Unconvincingly also the victory 12 - the summer boy in hand-to-hand looks (!) to fight with the huge Basilisk killing with one look. You will tell: same the fairy tale, can be all there. It can, of course, can … Here only in the subsequent books of Harry becomes again the ordinary boy as if losing all the acquired earlier “powerful“ qualities.

I in general noticed that Rowling not really are successful final “action - scenes“. All intrigue of the book and an adventure of heroes are interesting and original while business does not reach to … final fight. In 1 - y to Harry Potter`s book protects “love“ of his mother (I do not know how to whom, and it seems to me the most sentimental banality in the fairy tale), and then professor Dumbledore rescues. In 2 - y - the help and magic objects pour literally from above, and Harry stacks the Basilisk one in “powerful blow“. In 4 - y - even more comical scene (yes will forgive me to Rowling). The dislocated leg of the hero which prevented it to limp to a victorious Cup half an hour later does not prevent it to bolt from the whole rack of the most experienced sorcerers not capable to get in nimble small the deadly paternosters. Here where would not prevent to think and think over, but not to try to discover Harry`s “enemies“ among anyone!

Very strongly break logic of a plot dangerous to any fantastic writer “games over time“ on which the outcome 3 - it sticks to the book. There heroes by means of the magic device - “vremyavorot“ - move to the past and solve thus all problems up to that they rescue themselves. With movement in time it is necessary to approach plots in general carefully (if it is only not the allegorical or comic story). And in the book applying for creation of the special world moreover with continuation - especially. Otherwise right there are elementary questions: why, possessing it “vremyavoroty“, Dumbledore does not solve more global problems (for example, does not use him against Voldemort), but easily allows to use it to three pupils for the solution of the problems (it without saying any more that before it Hermione freely drags this powerful artifact only to be present at several lessons at the same time)? Notice, I do not even concern a question of consequences of similar intervention in the course of events. Fall such “time machine“ into Voldemort`s hands, it would be more terrible than Alice Seleznyova`s miyelofon. Whom as, and such crudity “breaks“ me. If art and deception, then it is not noticeable.

It is possible to carry to shortcomings of the fairy tale and the fact that some characters are brought at Rowling is too exaggerated and grotesque. First of all, a family Durslya - angry “stepmother“ of Harry. Cruelty and roughness in relation to “orphan“ sometimes reach to the point of absurdity. Harry is constantly locked, starved (“The aunt Petuniya … threw on a saucer two pieces of bread and the remains of cheese …“), and on birthday give Harry … worn socks! Then that Durslya - not just stupid petty bourgeoises (as it was conceived), and even not rude fellows, but dangerous and mentally sick people (that in a root undermines initially conceived image). Similar “schematical“ masks look quite primitively against other bright and ambiguous characters (the same Snape, Sirius Black and even the father of Harry Potter).

Together with shortcomings also the volume of each of the subsequent books began to grow. It should be noted that by the time of an exit of “Fire Cup“ popularity of “GP“ reached began to be followed by the world mass hysteria. And the fact that the following book appeared frankly weak - not accident.

Earlier bright, prompt, dynamic fairy tales began to remind scripts of “soap“ series now. The reason is clear - if before little-known Rowling the long razmusolivaniye was to anything (even the first manuscript of “Potter“ was rejected at first for its “length“), then now it had an army of the fans who are interested in any details and wishing that “the high lasted longer“.

Well, and Roling rained on the parade of me, and the part of the dialogues milling the wind one and too had to be read watchfully. Watchfully I and “read an action - scenes“ which did not work well for Roling from the very beginning. All these fights were reminded by the Hollywood fighters where that fired in that, that evaded, somersaulted, and the third... And so pages ten from what fights of courageous teenagers - magicians with the forces of evil instead of exciting, made sleepy. And superfluous and often unclear subject branches also tired.

After the weakest book about “An award of a phoenix“ which can easily be cut by half Roling improved a little. “The prince - the Half-blooded“ was more interesting, but the final part and “an action - a nudism“ did not get rid of diseases of “serialnost“.

Rowling was quite often accused that she professes the western liberal values. On what I spoke - and that she, in your opinion, has to profess? Communistic values? Orthodox Christians? And what, specifically, bad in its values? And here the dispersed Rowling after an exit 7 - y books declares that one of the main positive characters of the fairy tale - the wizard Dumbledore... it appears, the gay. Here and nicely. Do not clear it it in interview, we so also remained in the “gomofobsky“ ignorance. My God, well, what for? Well it is possible though the children`s fairy tale to relieve of starry-eyed gays? It is good that Voldemort was not a Stalinist...

Generally, somewhere in the middle the fantastic epic broke for me in half, and I read up the latest three books more by inertia. Practically the same happened also to screen versions which after two first excellent movies began to become melancholy and be blown off gradually...

It, as they say, my personal opinion. But, despite the aforesaid, I continue to claim that a story about Harry Potter was quite deservedly included into “gold fund“ of children`s literature. Besides, it became small revolution, stimulirovav the interest in the printing fairy tale which died away in the world long ago. For what to it separate thanks!

The era of one remarkable fairy tale ended. Can somewhere following is already written?.