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Rest and composure of


and - the beginning new nothing in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Rest composure is necessary to achieve an inconspicuous aphorism

depends brings allows to preserve to keep promotes to live the advantage brings a pacification breaks deprives takes away to find will calm down

to find vital warm to provide generates the reasons

pv the Best help for vital rest is education

in itself love to the nature and people, kindness, tolerance, understanding, ability to forgive. In the absence of these qualities there is a leaving from stressful situations by self-isolation.

pvl the Direct road to rest - a clear conscience.

pv Rest provides observance of morals.

pv Rest brings philanthrophy.

zd the Person the rage deprives of rest.

zd Rest takes away envy.

zd Rest takes away hatred.

zd Rest of the person is deprived by offense.

p Loving people does not envy, does not take offense, does not become embittered, and on the contrary quietly everything forgives.

pzd Rest reigns in the positive environment, but not negative - where passions storm, change, lie, mistrust, jealousy, uncertainty, rebelliousness, nonsense reign...

zpd gives to the Person rest goodwill.

pv Rest deprives lie.

p Rest depends on consumer moderation.

p the Wealth acquired for rest - is unprofitable.

zd rest gives Wellbeing, poverty and wealth - take away. pv it is better for

to have only necessary - staying at rest, than superfluous - in concern.

and Rest God-given - is constant, reliable, neskonchay.

p Warm rest in many respects depends on optimism.

in Rest are deprived by badly raised children.

pz Periodically rest just as loneliness is necessary for soul, long - can do much harm.

and Youth, having found rest - sours.

and the Old age, not doomed rest - is tragic.

p Leisure of mind can be intruded upon by the fact that the person considers himself irreplaceable, very important. That without its participation everything will collapse.

p can result understanding that everything depends not on you, and God In rest of mind and heart.

p At the person is more than rest if it gives - than expects something from others.

z External rest cannot come - so far it will not set in in the person.

and Youth should not strives for rest - not posuyetivshis.

p Striving for rest, it is necessary in time will stop - not to come to absolute rest without occupations, passions, entertainments …

and Strangely enough, but results not lying on a sofa in rest - and walking.

pv Rest is reached by the skillful organization of life.

and It is necessary to avoid first of all loss of internal rest.

Than is weaker mentality of the person - rest to it is more necessary for those.

p Rest is more important than money.

p Rest in a family provide not money - and honesty and trust.

and In the first part of the life to us rest are created by parents, in the second -

ourselves, in the third - our children and grandsons.

p Only knowing can find vital rest.

pz Rest depends not so much on a vital situation,

how many from his internal state of the person.

pz The more clarity less negative information - the is more than rest.

p Let life will be not such sweet - but if only there was a rest.

p Only the one who is able to afford not to break laws on the present can live in rest.

d Rest - the guard of health.

z to Begin to look for rest it is necessary in itself. there is no

to If tranquility inside - that and rest to anything.

zd Rest depends on a condition of nervous system.

and One do not look for rest, being in a sheer hell - to others it is not enough in a paradise situation.

zd Rest to the person almost in any situation is provided by steady mentality.

z Mentality and rest - support each other.

zd mentality destroys Nervousness, rest - strengthens.

from Rest, having strengthened mentality at the expense of it then also keeps.

p People with weak mentality should not be let in too rough stream of life.

pzd Rest is in many respects obliged to observance in all moderation.

p Rest is in many respects obliged to a victory over flesh.

d Rest - prolongs life.

p Rest is provided with lack of the postponed affairs.

p Cost nothing the pleasures which are taking away rest.

p takes away Rest from addictions.

zd Rest are taken away by fear and alarm.

zd Rest revolt passions.

zd Rest the friend - thinking. there is no

zd Without rest - happiness.

and Absolute rest - it is boring. it is necessary to

and Rest studies.

and Rest can bring not loneliness, but communication.

zd Rest can deprive of thought.

p the Silly head haunts a body.

z Rest in old age is necessary - in youth can do much harm.

d Rest disposes to reflections and memoirs.

p the Old age at rest if children and grandsons are kind, healthy and are not poor.

d Rest - a self-control sign.

pd Rest is inherent in people reserved.

p Rest - the road to longevity.

z Rest provides clarity of mind.

and Many confuse rest to inaction.

and Rest - the worst enemy of love.

and Lyubov and rest - are incompatible.

z Rest for love is pernicious - give it alarm and doubt.

and If in love deprived of rest, it is possible to return it - that

leaves love.

and Concerned about absence of love - in vain hopes to find in it rest.

z the Person when loves - suffers and kowtows when it allows to love itself - stays at rest and dominates. And still people aspire to first

d the Person can deprive of rest a stress.

d can intrude upon Leisure overfatigue.

d the sleep debt can Deprive of rest.

d Rest is provided with lack of nervousness.

p is easier to keep rest to they be who is able to adapt to any situation.

p Rest - help of memory.

and Leisure are intruded upon by superstition.

p Without secrets is more quietly.

d Leisure is intruded upon by emotions.

intrude upon Leisure even positive emotions.

d Leisure is intruded upon by problems.

p provides Rest - a healthy sleep.

d Leisure is intruded upon by changes.

p is A lot of friends, affairs, hobbies of the person spray, tear to parts, deprive of rest, full-fledged, happy life.

z In rest is resulted by truth.

and Rest brings wisdom.

and Leisure is intruded upon not by renalny or unrealizable dream. d Rest the hope gives


d can bring Rest a privacy.

pd to Rest a support - foresight.

and Leisure is intruded upon by separation.

p Rest - the soil for abstention.

z Rest delegates the power from heart to mind.

and The is more unusual and more important the forthcoming affairs - the less rest.

and Rest and steadiness friends of attentiveness, vanity and haste - enemies.

and Rest and steadiness to the analysis help, vanity and haste - a hindrance.

and Rest and steadiness graze care.

and Than is wiser than people, those easier to it manage to enter people around into composure.

and In vain look for rest - in power.

p Not the best form of rest - confidence.

z a low potentiality normalizes Rest, and on the contrary extinguishes sexual concern.

d Rest - orders thoughts.

p Leisure is intruded upon by money-making.

and Rest is most of all necessary in old age.

zd Leisure can be intruded upon by excessive enthusiasm.

dp Rest provides a step.

yu the Worst enemy of rest - phone.

yu Leisure is intruded upon by spring.

yu Rest depends on money more - than silences.

yu Cannot find rest - next the heart. yu the Person looks for

rest - before so far it will not come.

yu About rest is necessary worries.

yu so results Nothing in rest - as death.

yu Rest at that - to whom has nothing worries.

yu Keeping rest - the person is nervous.

yu Leisure is intruded upon by bribes.

yu Nonsense to rest - not the girlfriend.

yu Leisure is intruded upon by beautiful women.

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