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Tulip: in what legends and legends it is sung?

On a table are costed by a bouquet of tulips. After despondency of a hospital situation it especially is pleasing to the eye both vivacity and brightness of flowers, and graceful lines. And besides at a view of them the history sated both with events and the facts, and numerous legends is remembered. Here about them the speech will also go.

In fairy tales “Thousands and One Night“ beautiful Shekherezada narrates that the ancient tulip grew from dragon blood, and his bright coloring as if speaks to a cup of old wine: “I intoxicate, without touching lips!“, and to the flaring center: “I burn, but I do not burn down!“. Poetically, truth?

In other ancient legend it is said that in a bud of a golden tulip once magic powers hid happiness which nobody could reach as that did not reveal in any way.

But once all this is happened: on a meadow where the flower grew, there was a woman with the small child. The kid, having seen a golden miracle, ran up to it, carefree rejoicing and laughing loudly. Here then - that the tulip as if having woken up from ringing children`s laughter also revealed, and happiness went for a walk all over the world, giving itself to all passers.

In Persia (and not only) considered that emergence of a fine flower is connected with a tragic story of love of Farkhad and Width. This feeling was unprecedentedly strong that caused envy in bad people, and they floated a rumor that the beauty is killed. Having learned mournful news, Farkhad was distraught with grief, jumped on a horse, rushed on rocks and broke to death. And where its blood got on the earth, grew brightly - red tulips. Since then they began to symbolize passionate love, and in language of flowers - to designate a declaration of love.

In the Devonshire fairy tale tulips were cradles for little elves and other and other magic crumbs, for example, of gnomes and multi-colored drakonchik. Fairies stacked them in flowers on night, and wind sang lullabies, slightly shaking. In one garden of the baby were found by the hostess of the house, the aunt Mary who very much loved flowers and somehow time left to them late evening with a lamp in hands.

Delighted with what was seen, it began to plant more and more tulips so eventually they were enough for accommodation of the babies who were under supervision of all neighboring fairies. The kind woman for hours admired them, and magicians, having convinced, she is not going to accept their ward the evils, and on the contrary, treats with love, in gratitude gave to flowers the brightest coloring and even awarded with aroma, as at roses. Besides they blessed the house of the aunt Mary to her death.

However her relative differing in fair avarice inherited economy. The greedy successor considered that tulips are unprofitable to be grown up and arranged on their place beds with vegetables. It is easy to guess that it caused strong anger of fairies, and they began to dance on vegetable beds at night, pulling out roots and breaking off leaves. But the grave of the former hostess was covered with a strange green carpet from a grass, and the growing tulips in itself in a headboard blossomed till late fall.

However even more rough and stale person to whom the concept of beauty was inaccessible became the following owner of the house and a garden. It cut down all neighboring woods and even trampled a grave of the late relative. And then fairies left this district, and tulips lost the unusual qualities. Of course, sad story.

But there is not less sad. In tyuringsky mountains, in vicinities to Allendorfa, there was once a modest monastery which was destroyed once, and since then the beautiful girl in a white attire wanders about its ruins. And where it will pass, white tulips blossom. These flowers cannot be picked at all not to predict on themselves misfortune.

Tell that one shepherd, having seen such flower and not knowing about a ban, put him in the cap, expecting to present to the bride upon return home. But here, as ill luck would have it, from a pasture the stallion ran away, and, having thrown a cap, the shepherd pursued it and when returned, on the former place there was neither cap, nor a tulip. Moreover, when came back home, unexpectedly ached with an unknown illness with which the local doctor and any another, could not cope. Unfortunate withered every day as the picked flower, and soon died.

But there is a wish to finish the story on an optimistical note. In one Uzbek legend it is told about a blue tulip: the one who will find it all life will be accompanied by good luck. I wish you good luck!