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Pyramids of China - when secret will become obvious?

of the Pyramid - how many about them it was already told, written in books, articles how many it was removed documentary and feature films how many minds tried to solve secret of grandiose constructions. It would seem what else can be added?

The most known pyramids are, of course, Egyptian, located in Giza. There are pyramids and in Mexico, Italy. But whether you heard that pyramids are in China?

Yes, exactly, in China! They are in the Province of Shaanxi - total about 100. The biggest of them about 300 meters high that is almost twice more than pyramid of Cheops in Egypt!

Fred Schroder and Oscar Meman were one of the first who told to the world of the Chinese pyramids. They visited at pyramids in 1912. Then all civilized world viewed this news with skepticism, Schroder and Meman were even not scientists, but only sales agents.

Later pyramids had different people, and all of them confirmed correctness of words of Schroder and Meman. The science and equipment does not stand still. The place of words was taken by purely scientific facts - photos from the satellite. These photos at desire can be found in the World wide web.

So. Pyramids exist in China. But, in too time absolutely little is known of them and not everyone heard about them. It is strange, isn`t it?

Not so long ago on television there passed sensational news - by means of the satellites surveying the earth from an orbit under thickness of sand pyramids are found in Egypt! Of course, it the sphinx will have not such giants as pyramids, but nevertheless! Stop. And why not to tell publicly about pyramids of China? They do not need to be dug out, they big and available to excavation. There is an impression that information on the Chinese pyramids is hidden intentionally from inhabitants.

And still in a global century of the Internet all secret becomes obvious. Perhaps, from us want to hide something like that that will turn our outlook in relation to history of mankind and god knows to what?

Official China behaves, directly - we will tell, mysteriously if it is strange not to tell. Instead of being proud of pyramids and to earn money for them as it is done in Egypt, Chinese do not recognize existence in the territory of the country of pyramids! Besides, China does everything to limit access to them to scientific community and inhabitants. Try to approach closely pyramids and you will come across a double number of a barbed wire on perimeter and the warning plates: “The entrance is forbidden!“.

Also Chinese I do everything that pyramids were evident less. For example, to hide outlines of pyramids - plant from above (pyramids are covered with an earth layer) fast-growing bushes and trees. The first saplings were planted in 70 - x years. But all attempts are vain - to hide such bulk and an obvious form of a pyramid to them it was not possible.

Well and what all - Chinese tell about pyramids, to be exact, “about big hills“, overgrown with trees and a bush?

If to address ancient Chinese records, then pyramids everything is were and is. They were constructed by the “children of the sky“ who arrived from space on iron dragons. Frankly speaking, a logical explanation if to consider the sizes of pyramids. By the way, on the same legend, Chinese are lineal descendants of the same “children of the sky“.

Official China expresses in such form: “Say, it is not pyramids at all, and tombs of emperors and military leaders from a clay peskaa“. Yes, it is obviously low-successful, but all - the official version, so, only “true“. Only why to plant bushes and trees on tombs? And if to consider that the specified dynasties governed, to put it mildly, not yesterday, then leaves, clay and sand - excellent construction material. Here of what we need to build buildings which will stay centuries! And if without humour, then it is obvious that the version of authorities of China does not maintain any criticism.

All right, there are no pyramids in China and therefore isteriya, noise, tourists and, of course, excavation are not necessary. To dig out - and there is nothing what to dig-? Tombs? Here China also does not allow to investigate and dig to anybody and itself, of course, digs. Or not?

If, being in China to approach a barbed wire, to decide to overcome (at own risk) it, then after some wandering between trees and bushes you will find - voila - excavation! Chinese, still dig as dig, but do it thievishly and furtively. As the man who is digging out a chest with gold at night secretly from neighbors.

But you, readers, do not forget that it is a big Chinese secret therefore - tsss!

Well for now Chinese potter about at feet of pyramids, the Russian expedition with the consent of the Chinese side (as it is strange!) Fushnang Hou plunged into the Provinces of Yunnan on a lake bottom. At a depth of 50 meters one more pyramid was found! Its height is 40 meters, approximate age from 5 to 12 thousand years!

Finally. There is a strong wish to hope that the find of our scientists will talk some sense the Chinese authorities, and pyramids of China will become open for the whole world.