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Glenn Miller. A secret of death is revealed?

Sometimes, that planes vanish without trace. Even in a peace time, not to mention the military. Some cases remained in memory not only military historians. So, two planes mysteriously disappeared in the sky in 1944. The pilot and the remarkable writer Antoine Saint - Ekzyuperi, the author of “Little Prince“ was a pilot of one of them. In the second flew through La - Mansh is the American musician Glenn Miller.

70 - to the anniversary of the movie it is devoted .

I heard this melody again quite recently when there were transfers devoted to Mikhail Kozakov`s memory. In its movie - the well-known “Pokrovsk gate“ - there is a scene of acquaintance of the main character to the beautiful stranger on a skating rink. That stranger rode very good level under music from “The serenade of the Solar valley“.

This scene directly sends the viewer to old American movie. There too the real figure skater, the three-time Olympic champion - Sonia Henny acted. The Norwegian figure skater for the first time put on a short short skirt performance, she the first used choreography in figure skating (that is unsurprising: she studied at the Russian ballerina). Henny acted in Hollywood, the most famous movie with its participation much - “The serenade of the Solar valley“ of 1941. The 20th century - an era of many contradictions, the same Henny accepted the American nationality though she was personally familiar with Hitler.

the Serenade of the Solar valley “ - it is still black - white cinema, the lovely romantic musical melodrama with comedy elements. The plot is predictable: some situational surprises, love and there is a lot of remarkable music.

Music in the movie belongs to two authors. But also the, and others melodies the jazz American musician and the head executed the jazz - a band Glenn Miller. He as well acted in this movie. “The serenade of the Solar valley“ got to the USSR even in the years of war. Despite the hardest time, the Soviet audience it fell in love at once - with comedies and melodramas are necessary both in military, and in post-war time, are even necessary. The reminiscence of carelessness is necessary, derivation for the endured horrors and burdens is necessary. So in the USSR learned a name of Miller.

Olton Glenn Miller

At first sight, is not quite clear that such especially interesting jazz musician in destiny. But it is necessary to understand that the jazz - highly professional art of very talented people (some time ago at all was considered that the white person will not be able to play the jazz as it is necessary). In - the second, Glenn Miller on own initiative achieved transfer to the front. At last, his death very long remained a riddle, acquiring improbable conjectures. For example, long was considered that he, being at illegal work in France, died in a brothel. And I will not decide to provide the version which I found in the Russian Wikipedia at all - so it is exotic.

But everything was simpler and more tragic. Not only in Russia secrets are revealed many decades later...

Glenn Miller was born on March 1, 1904 in the State of Iowa. Since the childhood as parents remember, reached for jazz music, itself joked that he began “to swing“ in infancy.

The family was rather poor, it was necessary to earn additionally. The first employer - the owner of a butcher shop, presented to the teenager a trombone. More Miller did not leave trombones.

Some time it worked in various orchestras, comprehended arrangement art. To the middle 30 - x years the dream came true: own orchestra which won wide popularity in the USA soon was slowly created. The most demanded and highest paid jazz orchestra in the world which of repertoire were born including dances. For example, a jive - one of dances of the competitive program of any dancing competitions (the Latin American program). “The train to Chattanooga“ became one of such melodies.

Chattanooga Chu - chu

Sounds almost magically. This song from the movie “Serenade of the Solar Valley“ has the museum, quite peculiar too. It is specifically at station Chattanooga of the city of Chattanooga of the American state of Tennessee. By the way, the Russian Nizhny Tagil - the twin-city of Chattanooga. The name goes from language of the American Indians, perhaps, - Cherokee. “Chu - chu“ - heavy sighs of the engine.

The building of the station was redeemed by businessmen, made hotel and exposed the old locomotive which and is called: Chattanooga Chu - chu, in honor of a song. But also it is not all. Influence of Chattanooga of Chu - chu was so big that in 1984 in the USA the movie with the name of the same name was shot, and the play was delivered to the USSR And. Vasilyeva “The road to Chattanooga“, according to the play the television movie “Adult Daughter of the Young Man“ is shot (1990) subsequently. About Glenn Miller several movies are shot too, one of them received the Oscar.

Secret of death

In 1941, on dive of glory, Glenn Miller registers in the American army. The volunteer - as was above military age (Miller even resorted to small “military cunning“ at submission of documents). He dismissed the orchestra, said goodbye to the wife and two adopted children and recovered to London. There he organized a military orchestra which acted on military bases. And also acted according to Bee - bi - SI.

It is not necessary to underestimate music roles as promotion. I will remind that at that time (and not only to that) on radio there was the tiny musical war. Germans drove military marches, Americans - the jazz which in the nazi of Germany was forbidden. It seems a real trifle, however reaction to music from the USSR is widely known.

The part of its (note) was transported by planes ways round through Asia to the USA, there was executed with great success. The most striking example - history with 7 - y Shostakovich`s symphony (“Leningrad“). It was executed that day to which Hitler appointed a banquet in “Astoria“ in honor of capture of Leningrad, musicians were taken away from entrenchments, a concert was broadcast from the blockade city at the same time on the German positions. It became the real shock for the troops of Wehrmacht which surrounded the city. It became and is familiar for allies.

These two personalities it is impossible to compare, of course. But Glenn Miller who was already in the major`s rank did the work, that too that loved and was able to do. In 1944 Paris was freed, and Miller should take off for performances there. The single-motor plane by which the jazz musician departed disappeared completely over La - Mansh. Planes of Luftwaffe in air were not.

As it was already specified, versions about disappearance of the plane in which Glenn Miller flew, there were much, some - from the category of a fantasy. But a few years ago the former British pilots recognized that their actions became a cause of death of the gone plane with the passenger onboard. It was accident, more precisely - a mismatch of actions of allies (Miller did military service the USA, bombers were British, came back from Belgium, not otbombivshis, and bombs by rules needed to be dropped).

Anyway, British did not know that for samoletik flies so low, and weather was on December 15, 1944 awful. There was what happened. The big tragedy when the incidentally kill the. At the moment this version - the main, it is read on the American website devoted to Glenn Miller.

“For me Glenn Miller`s music - not today and not yesterday - it out of any time, as fire in the center. And also heats“ . (B. Grebenshchikov)

Grebenshchikov not only who with heat speaks of melodies and Glenn Miller`s arrangements. “The serenade of the Solar valley“ is remembered in spite of the fact that the movie is 70 years old. What becomes with talent and love is fated usually long life.

In comments it is possible to remember Chattanooga and other melodies from “The serenade of the Solar valley“ .