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Whether the corkscrew is necessary to the tourist? We prepare for foreign rest of

to me sometimes the nightmare dreams: it appear suddenly in the foreign resort and with horror I realize that left at home something necessary - the camera, swimming trunks or some documents... Fortunately, by the morning everything comes to an end well: I wake up, documents with swimming trunks appear on the place, and night alarms replace day cares.

That such nightmares did not become reality, especially at the first trip, it is worth spending a little time for preparation that will favorably affect your pastime in the resort. Even if it will not bring notable monetary economy, you will always feel comfort from such preparation.

So … We know trip time, structure of travelers, the name of the resort, the name and a class of hotel. That is decided on rest also torment of the hard choice in the past. Now, if it did not turn out earlier, it is worth getting acquainted with the comments left in the Network on your hotel. We are interested not in the simple description on the tourist website, and concrete responses of the specific people who had a rest in it to you. As a rule, they will help to learn more the nuances which are not described in advertizing, to get acquainted with pleasant surprises, and also fully equipped to meet shortcomings and defects. One of such informative websites on this matter - otzyv. ru.

Not superfluous will be to carry out reconnaissance of the district by means of a satellite map of Google Maps and to look at the place of the forthcoming rest from height of bird`s flight. Here ways of approach and an assessment of distances to a coast edge, width and extent of the beach, existence of bays and piers, probability of maneuvers towards the parks found nearby, railway stations, large streets, the areas and other strategic objects are defined. It is possible that it also not especially is useful on vacation, but in case of search of necessary reference points will be able fine to help.

As a rule, at the majority of hotels there is a Wi network - Fi which can be both paid, and free. In this case it is worth attending to search of the equipment supporting such function. On the found “device“ in the form of the laptop, the tablet computer or other small-sized device it is possible to install the program for implementation of communication through the Internet, for example, of Skype. It is not simple to establish, and to be registered in it, to write down necessary contacts and to learn to use - it will save time and money at communication with relatives and friends. And into the phone bill it is quite good to put the additional amount: you never know what situation will arise - and roaming from - for low balance will be inaccessible.

Will not prevent to glance in Wikipedia or other more detailed encyclopedia for the purpose of knowledge acquisition about sights, customs, national dishes and drinks, holidays, traditions and features of life in this district. In this case surrounding it will be possible to look at all with a few other eyes, than eyes of the tourist lulled by a monotonous voice of the guide. And if to find forces and to print out couple of pages of the phrasebook including the main phrases of communication, then it is possible to be genuine surprising and admiration of the local population or service personnel which are not spoiled by such “advancement“ of vacationers.

If you are going to use the leased car for independent trips along the chosen route, then it is worth attending to action in this district of the Russian driver`s license. Otherwise - to acquire “rights“ of the international sample in registration division of traffic police. In the presence of own GPS - the navigator there is opportunity in advance to find and establish the map of roads of the chosen country. Even purchase of such map in Russia will cost much cheaper hire of the navigator offered at lease of the car.

Money. In what look to take them and how many, depends on the country and alleged shopping. Turkey and Egypt - it is worth taking dollars, it is better in small notes. Europe - respectively, cash euros, traveler`s checks and, it is desirable, part of means on the cash card of the international sample.

That at the coast of the warm sea the hot sun did not take you unawares, it is quite good and to be prepared for it: for some time to a trip to get out to the nature and to train skin an ultraviolet, to sunbathe. If you also are fated to burn later, then process will take place much easier, than with virgin pallor of epidermis.

At the choice of baggage you follow own preferences and advice which on open spaces of worldwide network great variety. There is a wish only to recommend not to use high-volume bags and suitcases since the weight of one place on the plane is limited, and movements with it and search something there, inside, is complicated. Quickly to find the things, paste an adhesive tape on the handle a bright color sticker, and it will be evident on a tape of the conveyor or in a luggage compartment at once.

Unpaid penalties of traffic police, the unpaid credits, the alimony and other debts to the state can become an unexpected obstacle for crossing of border. Try to remember whether were overlooked where - or unpaid receipts because it is possible to get under such action of bailiffs easily now.

What to take with itself from personal belongings, of course, you define. I will dare only to recommend to take a mask with a tube as I consider that to float in the sea and not to have an opportunity to behold underwater beauty defectively. And fans of fishing can take the small-sized developing rod - when still it happens to fish in the sea even if and from a pier.

Yes, and about a corkscrew - if you go to the countries with rich wine-making history: France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, that is there where there is a lot of tasty inexpensive wine - do not forget to take it with yourself, it surely is useful to you.