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The partner program - the SEO tool?

euphoria from a subject on partnerka Ceased at me. The fact that it is favorable to those who open them - it is unconditional, but not because through partners it is possible to sell much more than than without them - so was at that time when these partnerka only appeared - now, it became much more difficult to sell someone`s goods on others partnerka. In what the reason? I think that the main reason in not absolutely transparent mechanism of action of the most partner program. Yes, it can monitor clicks, transitions, displays, the drawn-up accounts. But here information on the taken place sale entirely is in management of the owner of the partner program. And here to you as to his partner, it is necessary only to hope for his decency and adequacy. For example, kukisa of a vsgd can be an incontestable excuse of the fact that the client who visited at your link - not your client. You will not be able to prove in any way that it did not clear the kukisa before the following calling in which he also made purchase.

Why, despite such holes, the mechanism of partner programs continues to work? Because the main plus of partner programs not on direct sales through the attracted partners. All the matter is that partner programs are excellent SEO - the tool on advance of own website. Due to universal placement of affiliate links the reference weight which begins to bring the website of the owner of a partnerka to the first places in the searcher increases. Respectively, the owner of a partnerka will do all main sales itself, and sales of his partners are only an additional source of the income (besides easily adjusted).

It can be checked easily. Gather in Yandex “kibersant“, “a kibersant the blogger“, any other product with this word and on the first place you will see firm “Info - dvd“ - the owner of this product. Well and from whom you want to get then this product, from the owner or his partner? And how many there are SEO - services in removal of the website on the first positions in the searcher? I think that “Info - dvd“ paid nobody for it and especially on this subject did not bother. They were brought to the first position by their partners with the references to this firm during the advertizing and sale of its product. To whom point their references at placement on Direkta or Adsens? And it is already not so important, someone will visit at these links or not. They already played a role in advance of the website of the owner of a partnerka. Also will play for a long time. And that, let will be, disturb nobody, do not ask to eat and if carries, then it is possible to cut down also a money.