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“Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“: what they, strange coast?

In spite of the fact that, leaving a session of the third part four years ago, I felt disappointment from what was seen, for so long term as it often happens, a negative spirit were reduced, and hopes were increased. Yes, the third movie of “the piracy saga“ abounded, on the one hand, with subject mistakes and stretches, and with another - put fat end under adventures of the main characters, having actually put the end to development of a plot.

And though many admirers of the trilogy also said unanimously that they supposedly the handsome man of an elfin exterior Blum and cachectic Knightley strained the romantic nonsense, on these characters all story was under construction. The ending of third “Pirates“ was logical, saturated and self-sufficient, without causing in a camp of the audience of shouts “How long!“ and without demanding continuation.

However continuation of a banquet was demanded by studio. To leave milliard collecting simply because the couple of the main heroes found the destiny and beautifully left on a decline? As if not so. There is Jack Sparrow! Forgive, the captain Jack Sparrow. The key to success of all franchize, Johnny Depp, fluctuated not for long. 35 million dollars of the fee will break anyone, and especially Johnny to whom, seemingly, on a sort is written to grow old together with the character. Having cleaned excess floridities, having added charisma of the Irish and Spanish origin, authors in the person of the producer Jerry Bruckheimer and the director Rob Marchal went to dangerous travel again, intending if not to strike, then definitely not to fall face down in dirt.

… Events overtake the viewer on that moment when the Spanish and English crowns suddenly learn about existence of a certain source of youth thanks to which anyone can prolong the sufferings in a frail world. The unknown impostor in London makes team behind a mask of all of famous Jack Sparrow while the captain also does not know about inevitably coming adventure. How Jack Sparrow appeared on Foggy Albion? Where “The black pearl“ lovely to his heart got to? And why the hell, now the one-legged captain Barbossa was closed up by a privateer on service of the English king? There is a lot of questions, answers ahead.

To reach a source and to experience inflow of youth, it is necessary to make a simple ceremony. For these only the slezka of the mermaid, couple of silver mugs yes Divine Providence because the road is long and dangerous is necessary. On the one hand Spaniards, with another - Barbossa with his royal manners, and in the middle of this violence of paints and graceful suits is Jack Sparrow who met the old fighting girlfriend Anjelica. The last, contrary to old-fashioned conjectures that the woman by the ship superfluous, dashingly pirates with the papashka which the captain the Black Beard appears gloomy and uncomprehending humour.

What it is necessary to all of them in a far-away country? Barbossa alcht to settle accounts with the Beard for a wooden artificial limb, Anjelica wants to rescue the father from a prophecy of inevitable death, Spaniards take not the speed, but quantity, and the missionary who got lost among pirates wishes all to make happy with the God`s kingdom and to become the martyr of belief. As always only Jack Sparrow to whom all these hristiansko - pagan features to a bulb has no accurate purpose of stay in a shot. To it just for kicks such life where words of love are followed by well-aimed blow a saber, and promises of subjects also are remarkable that are valid only until their owner … is living

the Question here in what: why there is no rough delight? There are no basic innovations simply. The same affected way of communication and movements (Jack Sparrow), sarcastic rough humour (Barbossa), cardboard film villain with rich charisma (the Black Beard) and imperceptible thought process a lump of misadventures, artifacts, jumps in a chasm and sailors with bad teeth.

Any prelude and appeals to action. Heroes start straight away, carrying out mission stages on the run, resembling, diligently without trying to comprehend problems of the travel not to lose a fuse. Delay of death is similar, and the end justifies the means. “And how people, captain?“ “What people, starpy? I hear only shouts of the grown insolent seagulls! And you?“. Thus, the captain Barbossa once again proves to people around that the kind word always needs to be supported with the loaded musket, otherwise conversation is not glued and mermaids are not caught.

By the way about mermaids. Only rather new element of history of a svayala obviously inattentively. In general all this romantic line about love of the servant Bozhyego to the toothy predator is dragged obviously in or for what they attract there. There is an impression that on each tape in Hollywood a certain charge of pathos is put in the estimate. Like, you want - you do not want, and a speech in rescue of souls guilty should be delivered. Or zvezdno - striped in a shot to wave. Seconds thirty that in eyes zaryabit. Here also the young priest tries to turn all into true belief. Strainedly so, false tries, but the plan for morals does not suffer vanity.

There is nothing bad in what for the sake of money (big, by the way) is removed large-scale, but forcibly - entertaining cinema. You should not forget that “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“ is, first of all, an attraction. Loud, expensive, slow, acquired traditions and conventions. You realize? Yes, the imagination of authors weakened, the feeling of novelty of the events on the screen was gone, but Jack Sparrow still the nice fellow? And unless Penelope Crous not the beauty? Differently looks more kindly, than flat on life and pale Keira Knightley in a shot. Whether Tom Cruise is whipping the cat, having exchanged burning Penelope for Cathie with a literary surname of Holmes?

There is no delight because we already saw all this. And, not somewhere there long ago and a lie, and here, in this, separately taken, the franchize. And, unfortunately, creators made inadequate castlings. Zombie sailors looked in “A damnation of the Black pearl“ much more brightly, one pass of skeletal army of Barbossa on a bottom of the sea of what cost. For some reason cleaned from the story of two fine types - Pintela and Ragetti performed by Li Arenberg and Mackenzie Kruk (the fact that with a glass eye), having replaced them with deranged Skram who flashed only in an episode with mermaids. And here still sewn it is dazzling white threads Gibbs who drearily loafs all movie without the visible reasons in the status “go here, get out“. Or daddy of Jack Sparrow whose image was embodied again on the screen by Keith Richards. Noticed how it effectively left from - for a corner at the most necessary moment? I noticed too, only by what this hide-and-seek is caused? Attempt to stop up a hole in the scenario?

The picture strongly sags in the first half consisting generally of empty talk and movements in space. Many are also jarred on by the fact that fourth “Pirates“ somehow imperceptibly moved to the land. Any sea battle for all movie. Here to you, friends, both boarding, and bottle to rum.

Verdict: watchably, but disposable. I with pleasure reconsidered the first two parts of the movie, and here about two last tapes of the franchize I have some fears. I do not think that the director Rob Marshall who never happened to adjoin earlier to projects of such genre and scale is guilty of it. There is an opinion that each product has a life term. And the term of life of “Pirates“ gradually comes to naught.

Authors, of course, will not agree with us. Studios are already budgeted expenses on the fifth (2013) and the sixth (2014) parts. But personally me, to the viewer exhausted with a popcorn smell on a session it seemed that the last five minutes of a picture urged to entice me future adventures of heroes were brighter also nasyshchenny, than all tape, 4 years these adventures promising.