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Medicine. A way in anywhere?

I Suggest to consider modern development of medicine not from the point of view of the specific person seeing doctors for the help, and from the point of view of survival of mankind.

At once I will make a reservation that below-mentioned reasonings do not concern surgery, the traumatologic or burn medicine urged to help the people who got to this or that accident and the rescuing injured people who appeared simply not in that place and not at that time.

What occurs in habitat, the wild nature, perhaps? And there is a natural selection described by many scientists and observers there. At once I will tell that I ask the reader to refrain from value judgment through personal “well“ and personal it is “bad“, and to try to look at the matter it is abstracted.

So, natural selection. Except the standard representation that it is a certain process of a survival of the strongest at which strong guzzles weak, it also set of the biological processes providing differential reproduction of genotypes in populations.

That is there is a continuous selection of the healthiest and genetically steady individuals. At the same time individuals with genetic defects do not survive and, respectively, do not bring forth offspring. In other words, the rejected genes do not duplicate. At the same time nobody perceives death of genetically rejected individuals as a certain evil as all understand that the weak individual with the diseases which are in advance programmed by genes is capable to reproduce only same, and most likely weaker posterity, than she.

All this so when the person argues theoretically on the certain processes happening in the nature. And all absolutely not so, so far as concerns the person.

With enviable stubbornness the world science and medicine continue to move in the direction allowing to survive to people unhealthy, sick, dependent on a number of medicamentous factors and, as a result, capable to reproduce even more sick children. They, in turn, will have same and even big problems, and they will bring forth even more impractical offspring. And so on. Where this way conducts - I think, obviously.

As an example it is possible to tell that now more than two thirds of women of Caucasian race are physiologically not capable to give rise without medical participation. Already now about a third of the born babies are not viable without special medical and hardware measures. What it can end years through hundred with, it is not difficult to present.

And in a modern drugstore at the person thinking perspective categories in eyes the horror has to just stiffen - really all this is necessary for life and survival of the modern person? Separately It is necessary to tell that at negroid and Mongoloid races not everything is so bad, and from it they are more viable.

On this basis it is logical to assume that after a while the white person will just cease to exist as race, and his healthiest remains will just be dissolved in yellow and black races.

I it provided that on the planet will not happen a little - malsk of serious cataclysm as a result of which the pharmacological industry and medicine will be rejected back. In that case the Caucasian race can simply - naprosto die out.

So where the modern medicine conducts? More precisely, not so: scientists, officials from medicine and representatives farm - and the medical industries understand the happening processes?

And that at many the impression can be made that all this becomes deliberately.