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What is not loved by men at acquaintance to the girl?

of 13 certain ways to frighten off the man of the dream

1. Melancholy in eyes.

Look:“ More widely than the Universe my grief“ - will not attract to you the man. Quiet expression of pleasure and the shining brightly eyes - here that it is necessary for you! Smile! Life is fine!

You like sad, without mood people?

2. Smell.

There are two extremes: smell of sweat and strong smell of perfumery. About the first option, I think, it is not necessary to say much, the smell of sweat does not give appeal. Perfumery use

moderately, reserve only an easy loop, and, of course, it is better not to use the most cheap perfume.

You are attracted by a good smell of men`s cologne?

3. Behavior.

It is often possible to see how the woman behaves too provocatively (hiding actually the uncertainty) or, even worse, vulgarly. Such behavior you will attract only the similar man, or a disposable meeting.

The second party of this medal - super shyness. The same result, as in the first case.

are pleasant to Men sure women!

What you actually want to show the behavior?

4. Clothes.

Find the style, what goes personally to you. Feminity and easy sexuality. Not necessarily it have to be expensive branded things. Select clothes that things were as much as possible combined with each other.

You agree that it is possible to be dressed in branded things, but to look slovenly?

5. Talk.

Talk on subjects:“ there is no money “, “ my diseases “,“ my complaints “,“ mine discontent “,“ life is awful “,“ men“ etc. will not lead all trestle to desirable result. Ask

questions, sincerely be interested in the interlocutor.

You interesting interlocutor?

6. Inaction.

I want the prince on a white horse (or white “Mercedes“), I sit and I want.

needs to take some actions! Think where the man of your dream “lives“? Where he has a rest, than is interested what friends at it. Appear in these parts, there you will precisely find it!

Be defined - that you really want?

7. Uncertainty in, low self-assessment, complexes, fears.

From where the low self-assessment undertakes? These are your beliefs - “me nobody will fall in love“,“ at me with the ugly person, (a body, the figure, etc. options)“,“ I is unworthy such man whom I want“,

“to wealthy men I am not couple“, “I am not sexual“ etc.

your option?

8. Ignorance - what I want.

What it, your man? Appearance, age, character, than he is busy what hobbies at it, a hobby, education, the vital principles.

What is pleasant to you in it? Write to

all this on a sheet of paper - it will be the beginning of visualization of your man.

“You become what you most of all think of. And you attract what most of all you think of. It works with

always and for everyone! You trust in it or not“.

(Movie “Secret“) of

9. Discrepancy.

After you make the description of the man, look as far as you correspond to this image.

For example, he plays sports, and at you excess 20 - 30 kg and the gym for you meanwhile something impracticable, you smoke, and he leads a healthy lifestyle, he loves the movement, travel - you like to lie down on a sofa, he counts the finance and expenditure - you spend money impulsively.

Your option?

10. Opinion of people around.

“This man not for you“, “Why such is necessary to you?“ “It already had a marriage, and this will not be the last“, “It has no higher education“, “It unsociable, with it it will be boring for you“ etc.

Pay attention only to the comfort in communication with this man whether it is pleasant to you, but not your friends and relatives.

It is your relations and a draw others!

11. To tell about the last partners and communications.

You can “kill“ with it your relations already right at the beginning! What former passed. The man - the owner if he is in love, do not destroy this feeling by the hands!

There are many subjects for another stories!

12. To ask money, to complain.

All know that money does not happen much. Often the woman, meeting the wealthy man for some reason considers that it has to shower with her diamonds, apartments and cars at once.

Be by itself, develop the relations, all the rest will come!

You like people who all the time for something complain or ask money?

13. “To show off“.

Yourself does not need “to bid up“, the man already sees that you are actually.

Be by itself, your uniqueness will attract naturally it. Your best qualities are already visible, develop them!

When you see that someone behaves unnaturally, it is pleasant to you?