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How to get rid of aggression?

the Set of family quarrels occur not from at all - for discontent of spouses with each other, and from - for external the reasons. Upset at work, crushed a leg in public transport, got nasty in shop and so on - and here, the ready reason for quarrel. Occasions, however, are chosen already in a family: the lunch is not made and if it is prepared, then not those dishes what it would be desirable, or are not so prepared, children play pranks, loudly shout during games or received the two at school, the wife spent too much money for “rags“, and the husband did not repair the dangling electrosocket … And so on, there would be a desire, and the occasion will be.

In spite of the fact that actually in a family everything is all right, similar quarrels undermine the relations as the dripping water. Of course, quarreled out of the blue - right there reconciled, but … Same as in the known joke: “Haim, why you do not invite Abramovichey on a visit? “ - “Yes when they last time were at our place, the silver spoon …“ - “What horror was gone! Abramovich steal silver spoons!“ - “Well, the spoon was then.“ - “Then why?“ - “The spoon - that was, and the deposit remained“. And here in case of family quarrels too - reconciliation took place, and the deposit remained, and offensive words which were told during quarrel did not leave completely, left though small, but a tsarapinka on the relations.

Of course, quarrels in a family happen. And not always - from - for external the reasons. For this reason it is better not to allow superfluous “tsarapinok“, it is quite enough also of those which are inevitable in joint life. But then at once there is a question: where to put that aggression with which supplied in the outside world (at work, in public transport, in shop and so on)?

In the east there was a remarkable custom: monuments were put not only to successful statesmen, but also dull. And everyone could throw rotten tomato, rotten egg into a monument of the hated leader, that is - to express the attitude towards this personality, and at the same time to get rid of aggression. The similar method not bad reduced the level of revolutionary moods. It can use and now. Naturally, with the corresponding modifications.

For example, psychologists recommend “tigerish growl“. You came from work, and your mood is far from festive, nerves are tense, here - here will explode aggression which the whole working day carefully was necessary to constrain (it is not accepted to shout at the administration). Do not wait when any of family members gives you a cause for explosion. Approach a mirror, look in eyes to the reflection and … you growl. Loudly. With expression. Pour out in roar all rage, anger, offense. As the real tiger tearing production. By the way, vibrations which are inevitable during such growl well affect an organism - by the same principle as stroking of the purring cat.

But growl suits not all. Some people hesitate, and someone is not able to squeeze out from himself at all not that tigerish roar, but even cat`s miaow. In these cases aggression can be transferred to inanimate objects. Here in accuracy, as with ancient monuments.

It is enough to lay down on a bed and minutes 5 - 10 with a force to bang heels on a mattress - such exercise not only removes internal psychological stress, but also not bad trains muscles of legs and an abdominal tension.

Also the beating of pillows helps. And if for pillow execution to use also a usual vybivalka, then at the same time you will relieve upholstered furniture of dust. Especially as any super - the modern vacuum cleaner is not capable to clean so reliably the dust collecting in chairs and sofas as the most usual, “old regime“ vybivalka.

Recently there was one more method of disposal of the introduced aggression: online - games. Those, which of the series “kill the monster“, “rescue the planet“ and so on. Couple of drawn corpses of monsters - and aggression level significantly decrease. However, in online - games there is other danger - it is possible to play even to dependence.

So you growl, beat pillows and mattresses, kill the drawn monsters - all this better, than to merge aggression in a family. Do not forget that it is much simpler to find a silver spoon, than to get rid of a deposit.