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How to get a job in Finland if an education is got in other country?

Today many want to live and work in Finland, neighboring to Russia, and ask a question - whether their diploma on the new place of work will be quoted.

The certificate (diploma) on the education got in Russia is not the document confirming suitability for work in Finland yet. The applicant with the foreign diploma has to receive the solution of National administration of formation of the country of Suomi on recognition of the qualification.

Obtaining formal suitability for occupation of any position on the basis of foreign higher education became possible in Finland since the beginning of 1987 when the law (and the resolution) about suitability of the higher education got abroad was costituted. Earlier for occupation of a public position in Finland demanding the higher education only the diplomas and qualifications received in Finland were quoted.

Since 1994 to this day process of equating of qualifications was changed so that foreign higher education first of all is compared on education level, and with a certain qualification of the higher education - only in addition. The law is applied to citizens of all states, except citizens of EU / EEP, and belongs only to equating of qualifications or separate training courses and programs of the higher education. How it occurs?

Receiving the right of the holding the post on the basis of the diploma about education acquired abroad

decision-making Procedure, according to the law on foreign education, is called “comparison of documents on education“.

The basic principle of recognition of equivalence of professional qualification of the European Union is that received in other EU Member State / EEP (and even in Switzerland) qualification, as a rule, admits all other member countries. If the citizen of EU / EEP got an education outside the states of EU / EEP (for example, in Russia), the decision on suitability of its education for holding the post is made on the basis of the Law on foreign education.

National administration of education makes the decision within four months from the date of obtaining the statement with all necessary documents. Time of consideration of the applications averages two months.

The decision on formal suitability for holding the post or receiving the work demanding a certain education or training (the sphere of teaching, social protection of the population) and also the position demanding knowledge of acts of Finland can take place if duration of the corresponding training period, necessary for holding the post, received by the applicant education not less than one year well in Finland.

In the presence of an essential difference between Finnish and the education got by the applicant for recognition of formal suitability delivery of a qualification examination can be requested.

The statement will be rejected if the education got abroad on the level does not correspond to any option (the bachelor, the master, the degrees of the licensee or the doctor received in postgraduate study or doctoral studies) the higher education in Finland.

Compare not only the volume and complexity, but also contents of the training program. The decision can be made conditionally. Then additional courses - are ordered no more than 40 educational weeks. If additional training is provided, the applicant has to petition independently for receiving the right for study in the Finnish higher education institution. The statement will be rejected if there is no Finnish analog close to the foreign diploma of the applicant.

Practice such is that before decision-making the Head department of education usually requests a response or the conclusion from the Finnish university giving the corresponding education in Finland.

of the Prerequisite for recognition of suitability of education

the Education got abroad admits suitable Finland if:

the applicant in the initial country has similar pedagogical qualification;

the level of pedagogical education of the applicant corresponds to, at least, a level of the bachelor;

the applicant handed over the necessary volume of pedagogical disciplines and the taught objects;

the applicant got the education in that foreign language in which he is going to teach in Finland and which is a state language of the initial country.

The sample of the questionnaire and the instruction to its filling can be found on the website of National administration of education, to receive internally in the Center of the international mobility (CIMO) or in bureau on employment. The decision is issued in Finnish and is sent by cash on delivery to the address specified by the applicant in Finland or other state of EU / EEP. The cost of the decision makes 178 euros. A postage of 10 euros is in addition collected.

The solution of National administration of education concerns suitability for holding the posts and employment only in the public or municipal authorities. Private employers, except for the certain regulated fields of activity, are not obliged to be guided by formal criteria of suitability.

For a number of positions and types of works there are special acts according to which issues of recognition of foreign diplomas are resolved not by National administration of education, but other body.

For example, positions at universities and Academy of Finland on which the called institutions independently make decisions on suitability of foreign diplomas.