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What to occupy the child in the absence of the father with?

to the Child 1 year 9 months. The kid does all only with the father: goes to bed with the father, plays with the father, goes where - nibud it is exclusive with the father etc. of

If the father at work, and with the child mother, then “Mother fish, the father where?“ - and so to a hysterics. In the afternoon before going to bed hysterics “Where father?“, in half an hour of a hysterics fills up (as is tired of crying), goes to bed only with the father, most often in an embrace in the evening!

When the father of the house, does not care about mother and when there is no father, too. As well as than to distract the child in the absence of the father?

(A question to the psychologist)

U you not absolutely usual system of the relations developed. It is possible to resolve your situation, moving in two directions: in - the first “to make friends“ the child with you, in - the second, to think up many ways of switching of attention of the child on neutral subjects at that time, yet there is no father the house. As the main question concerns switching of attention, and we will begin with it.

1. Take a photo album, suggest to look for the father there, to talk about that as who is represented in photos.

2. Suggest the child to draw the father, or something for the father.

3. Put the child on a window sill and show from what party the father will go, describe everything that you see in a window.

4. In the morning at the father and the child structure day: the father will come after we descend in shop, we will make a dinner and we will bathe.

5. During a hysterics it is possible to light a candle (fire bewitches the child), to suggest to look through fire or to pozaduvat. Similar function can be carried out sand or a water-clock. But use of these objects will demand additional efforts on drawing attention of the child to them, their emergence is not so effective how the burning naked flame.

6. Make something unusual: loudly cry, a zatopayta legs, clap the hands, start singing the song - the child will be surprised and will stop a hysterics.

7. Turn on loudly the music and begin to dance together with the child: if this unusual pastime, then it switches attention of the child.

8. What it is usually done with the child by the father? Try to be engaged with the same child. Previously observe interaction of the father and child, maybe, you will need father`s consultation.

9. Shower the child with soft toys.

10. Spread out a leaf of a Whatman paper on a floor and begin to draw hands and legs, dipping them in paint.

11. Strain the imagination and think up still something.

12. Use that time which the child spends with the father for good rest (there is nothing best of all and more useful to the child, than vigorous, fresh mother). How you have usually a rest, you have favourite recipes?

13. Do not spend this time for fears that will be when the father leaves for work... Your alarm is transferred to the kid, he starts anew to brawl from the fact that to it it is uncomfortable near you, and then the occasion is remembered: yes, and to everything the father left for work! - also continues to brawl already concerning the father.

Now let`s think how it is possible to make friends the kid with you. If to speak about friendship in general, then to be on friendly terms is know interests of the person, attractive to itself and to divide them. Therefore it is possible to try to divide interests of the child, with enthusiasm having played with it its favourite games as he wants. It is important that these actions took place on a regular basis that in process your mood was good, and the events pleased you.

Other option is an involvement of the child to those affairs which are interesting and are pleasant to you. And again your mood is of great importance. It is important that participation of the child in your affairs - that which you for this purpose allocated - was to you in pleasure.

The irritation which inopportunely arose at such moment can separate you with the child even more. Therefore it is better to begin with something short when the father of the house also can participate in process together with you and the child too.

Then the child does something interesting at first with the father and you, and then only with you.