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For what the psychogymnastics is necessary?

“So happened that our favourite teacher abandons us. Children just adore it. What will be now, I do not represent since replacement frankly does not suit either parents, or children. How to help the child to endure this situation? I am afraid that there will be a problem: “Mothers, let`s not go to a garden today“. And here results of the first days with the new teacher - daily wet trousers.

Of course, it happened earlier, but is more often at night (began somewhere from last August). In July the little sister was born, we spent on the street much time, such situation gave us a set of an inconvenience.

Yesterday for the first time took away from a garden in such look - in wet trousers.

Today after my conversation with the teacher with a request to pay it attention and before the street of the child to reduce in a toilet, home came dry, but wrote already at home, standing near me... How to help the child how to support how to increase resistance to stress?“ Question to the psychologist.

Of course to get to the good tutor to whom the child will go with pleasure - big luck. Now this tutor leaves - all are upset. Parents substantially … Therefore the first that needs to be made, it to calm down to mother to have a resource for support of the daughter. Think how it is great that the daughter could adapt to a garden with fine, nice to her the teacher, now the girl is more senior, it is easier for it to endure vicissitudes of life in the form of change of the tutor, it has a positive experience on which it can rely. At home the girl can be helped if to note the positive moments of the events now. For example, to ask on new games which are held by the tutor, about the most interesting on occupation. To feel grounded in these questions, mother needs to study a group corner.

The similar problem arose right after the sister`s birth therefore it is worth thinking of what can be made for prevention of jealousy.

If there are failures in the mode, to try to liquidate them. To spend with the oldest daughter more time in general and to allocate her in personal possession (when you are only with it and for it) a little your time. Perhaps, “wet trousers“ is a reaction of the girl in a situation, stressful for it. And sister`s birth, as well as change of the tutor, certainly, stressful situations, though inadequate.

Ability to operate the feelings and emotions is the cornerstone of resistance to stress. Therefore it is possible to increase resistance to stress of the child, going in with him for psychogymnastics. The easiest way to begin occupations - to study Margarita Chistyakova`s book “Psikhogimnastik“ where available and clear language stated an original technique of development and complex correction of various parties of mentality of children of preschool and younger school age.

The psychogymnastics is a course of special occupations (etudes, exercises and games) aimed at the development and correction of various parties of mentality of the child (as its informative, and emotionally - the personal sphere).

On occupations by psychogymnastics children are trained in the alphabet of expression of emotions - the expressive movements.

A main objective - overcoming of barriers in communication, development of the best understanding of and others, removal of mental tension, creation of opportunities for self-expression.

To go in for psychogymnastics means to perform with the child tasks, exercises approximately of this kind:

Etudes on expression of anger

the Angry Hyena. the Hyena costs at a lonely palm tree (specially put chair). In leaves of a palm tree the monkey hides. The hyena waits when the monkey weakens for hunger and thirst and will jump off on the earth. Then she will eat it. The hyena flies into a rage if somebody approaches a palm tree, wishing to help the monkey.

I am a terrible Hyena,

Ya an angry Hyena,

For anger on my lips

Always boils foam.

Expressive movements. The strengthened gesticulation. Mimicry. The shifted eyebrows, the wrinkled nose, the bulged lips.

Furious she-bear. On a forest clearing the boy saw a little bear cub. The bear cub ran up to the boy and it began to grab legs with forepaws, as if inviting to play with it. The bear cub was ridiculous and cheerful. Why with such fluffy silly little chap and not to play? Suddenly some loud rumbling was heard, and the boy saw that on it, having risen by hinder legs, there is a she-bear. The boy ran up to a big tree and quickly got on it. She-bear did not get on a tree for the boy, and began to scratch furiously a trunk mines, to growl, spitefully looking at the boy. Suddenly somewhere the bear cub far began to whimper. She-bear left a tree and ran to help a bear cub now out of the real trouble. The boy sat on a tree a little more, then went down and ran home.

Expressive movements. Rage: the shifted eyebrows, the bulged lips, the wrinkled nose, growl, a body shivers, the strengthened gesticulation.

The psychogymnastics teaches the child to cope with vital difficulties. The child has to realize that between thoughts, communication exists feelings and behavior and that emotional problems are caused not only situations, but also their incorrect perception.