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Value of literature


and - the beginning new anything an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


pv Literature - fight with unworthy and instilling fine. and it is more important to

to write about what - than as. z the Person begins to write

books then - when cannot, will not share very important, scraping it to liking thoughts. z If the person something having learned

, will passionately wish that all learned about it - he turns into the artist, the poet, the writer …

and Thoughts and feelings overflowing the person, force it to create that through the creativity will share them with people.

z If occupied, not vain, the person not for the sake of profit decided to become the writer - means, he very much loves people and is eager to help them valuable thoughts which, he is sure, they do not own and which can help them to construct the happiness.

pz Reading without judgment, the analysis, dispute, the addition, application read in life - is empty.

and If the person is capable to write the book - it guarantees it though someone`s interest in its reading.

and For any writer will be the readers - a question only in that what their share in society.

and to The one who does not like to read - all writers are bad.

pz Written without passion - cannot carry away.

to the Mortal enemy of literature - lie.

and Readers teach the writer how to write books.

p Any line in the book has to be precisely cry from the heart.

z Poets and writers - hospital attendants of spirituality. They learn, are sung -

howl, wake up in us noble feelings, force -

to matsya to the back about bad acts, direct to a true way. yu When the person is afraid to tell

- he writes.

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and the Reader turns into the advertizing agent - the writer working for popularity or a poritsatel - sowing to it infamy. and That I see - that I write


and As far as literature would win if the mixed form of poetry and prose was widely used. Not all thoughts squeeze into a poetic form, and at the prose writer sometimes, nearly magnificent verses are born in prose.

z Public statements against wealth in advantage spiritually -

of a sta distract the poor from infringement of property of the rich,

than stabilize the situation in society.

p Fast reading - does not allow to understand deeply an essence written, slow - breaks link of the narration and prevents to coordinate information.


d the Writer - the teacher.

and the Writer - the tutor.

and the Writer - the critic and the adviser.

and the Writer - the theorist of the human relations and acts.

and is peculiar to the Writer a prophecy.

d Influence of the writer on society will be always - is not dependent on time, a political system, an information transfer form.

z The one who is fated to be a writer - cannot but be it.

and Prose unlike poetry - is closer to terrestrial.

and Prose relies on thought, poetry stronger - on language.

and Aphoristic prose - is poetical.

and speak Of recognized writers with delight - read interesting and necessary.

pz the Writer cannot worry, see, experience everything - here not to do without imagination, observation, logical thinking and sharpness.

p the Writer should not register - coming off by nature and people.

and the Writer will describe the mother - will stay without turning a hair.

z Creativity aspires to the truth - even if this truth is directed against the creator and his relatives.

p the writer`s Size in many respects depends on understanding and extent of communication with the nature, life, people. pv the Writer has to feel

accurately - what it is not necessary to write about.

and the Main censorship is in the writer`s heart. d the Writer - makes active

and develops thinking of people,

enriches their knowledge. p If the writer thinks of

perfectly from readers - his creativity is directed in anywhere.

p the Writer has to display only facts of life - all other empty occupation.

of stars Poets and writers are capable to cause in people disgust to plo -

hy and aspiration to good that promotes growth of spirits -

Nosta, to morality and formation of positive outlook.

and the Writer - the person who is should write.

and Identity of the writer not from lack of loan,

and that nobody can repeat it. p the Writer first of all has to write

about what is clear to

to it and unclear to people.

p the Main thing for the writer - to force the reader to think, but not to read.

and For the real writer popularity no more than an assessment a tvor -

of a chestvo.

z the Writers and people close to such occupation as the right -

lo, are public figures.

yu Aforist is a writer who very economically treats paper.

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and the Writer has to improve to people sight.

and the Writer has to write only that unwritten not yes -

et to it rest.

and the Writer even if does not wish, writes in defined me -

re about itself. d Great writers create

not only for the time.

and the Writer - the preacher in the world. z the Modern equipment and laws are capable to make by

the writer unfairly known.

p Is very important for the writer to achieve such expressiveness that everything was read so - as it is written.

p the Real writer only the one who in the works informs of very high, necessary, important, useful thoughts readers.

d the Writer - the good observer and the story-teller.

and the Writer cannot think for the reader - it only throws to it information.

and Dots at the reader increases attentiveness, zastavlya -

et to think, involves in creative process, accustoms to samosto -

of a yatelnost, “I“ increase own. The writer has an otnima -

et the authority.


in Poetry love everything - but very few people concerns that at poets for lunch.

p the Real poetry it not only beautiful words, but also the standing thoughts. pv the Main goal of the poet - not to charm

, and to enrich with thoughts.

p If the poet not with the people - it is not able to take place.

z Poets always were on the party of the people, so, the poor.

and the Poet, rhyming verses it is forced to express thought unusually - that only decorates them.

z the Lion`s share of original expressions in poetry is born incidentally in fight for a rhyme.

and Poetry and painting are very close.

p At poetry - has to be present vital prose, at prose - poetry.

and Poetry not only in verses - it everywhere. d the Poetry does to

life of people - more colourful and sublime.

to Poetry - the musical speech.

z Written by the poet - is the eternal address to all mankind.

z the Poet never leaves the childhood.

p the Heartless person - cannot be the poet.

to Poetry - the daughter of feelings and mind. and Reading to

verses - the person himself in soul becomes a poet.

and Poetry - cry from the heart. and the poet can not have

legs - but it cannot do without wings.

to Poets - cleaners and adjusters of human souls.

and Poetry is got from humdrum of life.

z the Poet at first is necessary will be born, and only then they can become.

and Poetry adds to the words jammed to holes novelty and gloss. p the Poet has to tell

the language, but not language of gods. p the Poetry has to do

people better.

and Poetry unlike other information - every time is perceived more on a miscellaneous.

yu Poetry is that to a wedding the rest - humdrum of life.

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