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How to secure itself against room thieves?

Unfortunately, a criminogenic situation in Russia continue to remain intense. In the cities splash in burglaries is observed every summer. Therefore owners in own house have to be protected not only from bad weather, but also from penetration of malicious persons. How to be protected from room thieves and what for this purpose there are ways and technical means?

According to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, 67% of burglaries in the capital are made in the first half of day. For burglars time from 9 to 12 o`clock the most convenient - adult population at work, school students on occupations, pensioners in shops. At the same time the police notes noticeable increase in number of the burglaries made by group of criminals for whom this occupation became the main source of the income. If earlier thieves dragged from apartments everything that could be carried away, up to refrigerators and carpets, then now they are interested only those valuable things with which it is convenient to disappear quickly from a crime scene. Therefore those who could not be protected from room thieves risk to lose money, jewelry, laptops, cell phones, government awards and antiques.

Ways of commission of burglaries remained the same. Most often thieves get into apartments, trying keys to locks of an entrance door. Continue to get also through a window, a balcony or into a window leaf. There are room thieves who prefer to beat out or break entrance doors. How to be protected from room thieves if the burglar, using professional tools, is capable to deceive, in the presence of time, even simple security system? Here therefore experts advise to take complex measures of protection from burglaries.

We will begin with entrance door . It is important that it could sustain an impact of malefactors as long as possible. In this plan, steel doors are considered as the most reliable. It is desirable to get a similar design from the known European and domestic producers. They offer the wide range of various metal doors. Keep in mind that the design for 5 - 7 thousand rubles welded in garage will hardly conform to quality standards. The reliable steel door of a domestic production will manage, together with measurements and installation, it is not less than 18 - 20 thousand rubles in any way. The European models begin from 40 thousand rubles.

As we already noted, most often room thieves get to the house, forcing locks. Therefore on an entrance metal door it is necessary to put not less than two safe locks. From within it is good to have a manual bolt and a chain.

Windows, balconies and window leaves attract thieves too. And, strangely enough, it is easier for malefactor to cope with a double-glazed window , than with a wooden frame. It appears if to pull out sealing rubber in a plastic window, then glass is easily squeezed out. How to be protected from the room thief climbing in a window?

Experts advise to put plastic windows triplex. With them such focus will not take place. It is also possible to order burglar retardant accessories which have several points of locking. For balcony doors there are steel hooks and fungoid pins protecting them from breaking. There are also window handles which are locked. Such protection against burglaries can be established on already existing windows.

Effective protection against penetration of room thieves through windows is booking of glasses . It consists in gluing on glass from the inside of a window of a special film then it is not possible to break such window. Such service will not be cheap - 1 sq.m of booking will cost approximately 1 thousand rubles.

Inhabitants of apartments on the first floors, an atakzha those whose windows are located near fire-escapes, peaks and other structures, put on them lattices. Lattices at windows - good means from burglars. They are usual welded and shod. The last are more esthetic by the form, but also is more expensive than welded. If for welded you have to lay out from 1,5 thousand rubles for sq.m, then for shod lattices - 2,7 - 3 thousand rubles moreover for installation about 10 - 20% of a total cost of products.

Stationary lattices from a metal rod cannot be broken or sawn a hacksaw. Pins on which all design fastens are immured in a wall. However at the fire such lattice - a deaf obstacle for evacuation therefore there are options with the shutters which are moving apart an accordion or opening. Locks at them are hidden in metal boxes. Such opening from within a lattice on concede on durability to usual.

One of effective ways of protection against room thieves are of the alarm system . Here it is important that installation of such system, its service and protection of the apartment were carried out by one organization. It will significantly increase reliability of its work and efficiency of response to possible calls.

Usually the firms which are engaged in security systems offer three types of the alarm system: on a radio channel, by phone line and GSM - the alarm system. Until recently telephone channel was the only way of transfer of a disturbing signal from the apartment to the panel of the central supervision. However such method has an essential shortcoming - the room thief can get into the house unnoticed, having cut a telephone wire. The most modern security system is GSM - the alarm system. Information on it, in case of unauthorized penetration into the apartment, comes in the form of the SMS - messages.

How to secure itself against room thieves? For increase of the general safety, together with the security alarm system installation of system of video surveillance behind space before an entrance door is possible. It will relieve owners of need to look in muddy “peephole“ and to open a door for strangers.

Connection to the panel of private security will cost approximately 17 thousand rubles. It is necessary to pay for maintenance of the alarm system monthly about 200 rubles. Well and payment of security guards of the private firms which are on duty on the central panel - 300 more rub/month. In general, the cost of such services will depend on the equipment complete set chosen by you, and also additional options.

We hope that this information will be useful to many owners of city apartments.