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How to save on the Parisian excursions?

Paris … It is the city in which, I think, everyone would like to visit. In a well-known introduction “To see Paris and to die“, perhaps, and there is some grain of truth except that to die after that just and it is not necessary. At least because, having seen Paris, there is a wish to return once again there...

As I am a supporter of independent travel and reductions at the same time of the accompanying expenses, I want to give to you advice as it is possible to save on Russian-language excursion in Paris.

And if with the concept “sightseeing tour across Paris“ more and more - it is less clear (it is just necessary to use the city excursion bus and earphones in which the Russian-speaking guide), then a question of excursion across France, i.e., for example, excursion to Versailles sounds or excursion in Fontainebleau, decides in a different way.

Every day at 9 - 10 o`clock in the morning about an entrance to the building of the Parisian Opera tourists gather on excursion. The matter is that the tourists arriving to Paris according to tours are settled on different hotels. And not to select them for these gifts at excursion which are included in the permit price tourists are told that they need to gather for excursion before the building the Grandee the Opera where they will be already waited by guides and buses.

And everything is farther already very simply. You approach there, learn from them what excursion and where they should go. Then you approach the guide and unostentatiously you report that you not from his group, but too want to go there. As this money goes to the guide to a pocket he, as a rule, does not object.

You determine the sum (its size depends on your abilities to agree), you pay and quietly you get on a bus together with organized group. Anyway, it will cost cheaper, than excursion cost in tourist`s bureau. I usually agreed about the price of the excursion equal to cost for one person, but on two. That`s all. You watch any excursions in Paris and visit everything that to you will want.

In return I can recommend to you to organize in the same way excursion from Paris to Normandy. It is the province of France. Your route will pass from Paris to the coast of the passage of La - Mansh and back.

I will not speak about beauty of Normandy, believe, they are worth it that to see them. Besides, you will visit the place of death of famous Joan of Arc and stop in the homeland of the well-known drink a Calvados (apple brandy).

But we will return to Paris. Time we already speak about it, I will give one more advice, proceeding from the bitter experience - children, hold pockets! Pickpockets in Paris great variety, and tourists - their favourite object. In spite of the fact that I not once read about it, some bright young Arab around the same Parisian Opera pulled out at me a purse. However, for absolutely unclear reasons in 5 minutes also returned it to me. I was so surprised with it that instead of nakostylyat to the pilferer on a neck, also thanked his five euros. Here such to unclear history.

But, unfortunately, mostly purses do not return therefore you do not keep all hard cash in a wallet. And especially you do not hold credit cards there.

Successful travel and pleasant impressions!