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Each of us in the life - the person No. 1

of     of     of     of     this article, began to remember I where for the first time heard words about the person No. 1. The searcher of memory was started turning, twirled and got up. It was necessary to start it several times. Also it appeared: for the first time I did not hear these words, and read on some website, in memoirs of the famous sculptor Ernst Neizvestny.

    of     of     of     will be easily found in the Internet and by the information about the sculptor, and there are enough materials about the exhibition of 1962 dated for the thirtieth anniversary of the Moscow office of the Union of artists of the USSR. And in brief history such is Khrushchev who did not understand art was very skillfully prepared by party functionaries and functionaries from CX. They managed to inspire in Nikita Sergeyevich: informal art, abstractionism is a sneer and mockery at the Soviet people, the Soviet ideals and so on. Surnames objectionable were called with whom these functionaries thought to finish Khrushchev`s hands, including - and a surname of Neizvestny. In a brain of the first person of the state took roots: Neizvestny`s sculptures (which Khrushchev still did not even see) are degenerate art.

    of     of     of     of strange irony, soon after this rating, in one of halls, Khrushchev saw Neizvestny. Asked who such. Obligingly prompted to it. Also began! But Ernst Neizvestny respected himself enough to listen to swearing of the First secretary of the Central Committee of CPSU, the Chairman of the board of ministers and the Chairman of the Supreme Council (the main positions of Khrushchev). Having used a pause, he told:

of     of     of     of    - Nikita Sergeyevich, in the state of people number one - you. And in the creativity of people number one - I. Also I will speak about the creativity only near the works.

Were fraught with     of     of     of     of the word bo - olshy troubles. Neizvestny could be expelled easily from the Union of artists, select a workshop and deprive of orders. And all this gave a formal reason to apply to it so convenient for punishment with objectionable the article about parasitism (quite so dealt in 1965 - m with Iosif Brodsky). But the sculptor who got used to respect himself and the creativity could not on - holuysk to incline the head, to mutter words of gratitude for valuable instructions and to promise to improve.

    of     of     of     art Khrushchev did not understand, but was not offended by native wit and ability to distinguish people. And when, surrounded with functionaries, behind-the-scenes fighters and owners of a floating position, he saw the person basic, most likely, felt respect for the sculptor, not afraid to pronounce such words.

    of     of     of     the meeting was the first and only. When in 1971 Khrushchev died, the family ordered a monument for its grave to Ernst Neizvestny. And this monument strikingly differs from monuments on graves of the Soviet party elite.

* * *

of     of     of     of     what was that time, can admire a civic courage of Ernst Neizvestny only. However, if to ponder, he repeated an axiom . Each of us in the life - the person No. 1. It is the same evidence as for birds to fly, fishes - to float, and trees - to reach for the sky. This our natural, born right, as each person shtuchen (unlike conveyor products). It is unique, unique. Another thing is that not all know about it. Unfortunately, at very many doors to the magic world are densely bequeathed canvases with the painted pictures of conformist welfare. And, like the father Carlo, them heat too, only not the centers, but prospects of life in which it is necessary to be as all. Not to lean out, know the perch, to hold a head low the list of this wisdom can be continued.

    of     of     of     of carriers of domosedny wisdom two main arguments. The first: you at first become someone, and then call yourself the person No. 1. In other words: rise by a certain step of social hierarchy, receive the corresponding regalia and attributes, then we will believe. I will add here the phrase which heard too often and from many: You it deserve.

The argument equalizes     of     of     of     realizing himself the person No. 1 with any cool boys, owners and mi lives. With such who for the crushed pad of a favourite doggie or the scratched wing of Mercedes can shoot down easily. No, dear misters and companions. So behave only inflated six. And six is a condition of consciousness. An archetype if to remember different scientific terms.

    of     of     of     one more argument - a label: only the inveterate egoist can call himself the person No. 1.

    of     of     of    , a terrible picture appears. Quite good pugalka for kids which from young nails accustom to hold a head low and to stand well with the administration. But domosedny wisdom suffices! The person No. 1 at all does not correspond to the templates mentioned by .

    of     of     of     of the person No. 1 is to realize the originality , the uniqueness in the Universe. BUT big, fat BUT at the same time - to realize and recognize uniqueness of any other person . If not shown, then potential . I am a star, and all of you are schnooks is just the slogan and philosophy shesterok.

    of     of     of     of the person No. 1 - means to understand: your life depends, first of all, on you . Why? Because for anybody it is not important as it is important for you . The person No. 1 will not begin to spend time for fruitless dreams of the wise president, the kind governor and incorruptible officials of regional administration. The person No. 1 will not begin to spend forces for a senseless shaking of air (whether it be on a bench at an entrance or at a forum on the Internet), abusing crisis, the government, officials, oligarchs, chiefs of all ranks and so on.

    of     of     of     of the person No. 1 - means to live here and now . Not to sigh for the fine past where the grass was more green, the sky is more blue, and people - is incomparable more kindly. Not to dream of the foggy future (especially in a subjunctive mood).

    of     of     of    , describing how to become the person No. 1, no. There are different seminars and trainings where for your money you will be told what you also know. But before you direct there, think a little. In - the first, cannot become the person No. 1 at least because each of you already that is . And in - the second, - even the most convincing words will be an empty phrase if they are not followed by your actions . At seminars (for money) you will be told the same that I speak (free of charge) here: it is necessary to begin with practical steps.

    of     of what     of    ? For example, gradually to disaccustom themselves thoughtlessly to swallow ready opinions with which we are fed by mass media. Not to consider the word of some three times venerable film director or three times the winner of any there award as truth in the last (or penultimate) instances. The person No. 1 always thinks the head, compares opinions. Contents is more important than for it , but not that, or other opinion is voiced by someone (I do not take out this official verb!) .

    of     of     of     that I am not original in the offers, however on the planet Earth is not present others yet. You will begin to act - the result will appear . The result will be yielded by own experience , and it - will lead to new results . For absolutely shy - absolutely simple experience: stop to take leaflets and newspapers which diligent impose to you near shops or at the subway. It is so simple to say: Sorry, it does not interest me . And only! Do not deceive yourself the fact that, taking a leaflet of jewelry store unnecessary you, you help to earn to some boy or the girl. This boy or the girl will safely throw out not distributed leaflets in the secluded town and all the same will receive the day earnings.