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Free programs for the computer: “there is nothing to put on“?

you bought the computer for the house, included... - and at once there was a wish to exclaim, as in the fairy tale: “And the king - that (that is the computer) - naked!“

In sense - almost any programs in is mute is not present, except an operating system, the MS Windows XP or Windows Vista/7 type. Everything is correct - commercial user programs cost money, and considerable. Therefore they need to be doustanavlivat. It similar to the fact that in the new apartment - one walls, and there is no furniture.

Further at users the computer two lawful ways. One of them - it is honest to buy expensive licenses for programs (the option with installations of “piracy“ copies of programs is not considered). But there is other way, such idle time that it seems improbable, - to install lawfully free of charge distributed programs! About it the speech in article will also go.

Office software package

the Speech - about the Microsoft Office package including a text editor of Word, the spreadsheets Excel, etc.

the Author was convinced in practice: many believe that these programs are a part of the MS Windows system. It`s not true. Office package can be installed only at additional expense - about 300 US dollars on each computer (the price of the license can vary in the wide range).

However to it there is a good alternative - freely extended office OpenOffice package. org containing free programs: OO Writer word-processor (analog of Word), spreadsheets OO Calc (analog of Excel), etc. The package at the distribution kit carrier price for installation - three dollars is on sale, and it can be put lawfully on any number of computers!

the Program - the archiver

files are usually transferred by

On the Internet in the packed look - for saving of time of downloading, in particular. For their unpacking many use the Russian WinRAR archiver. This program costs about 800 rubles on each computer.

The excellent alternative - freely extended archiver 7Zip according to the free license is it too.

the Anti-virus program

For protection of the computer against malicious applications from the Internet many use the Russian antivirus of Kaspersky or the DrWeb program. These are good programs, but... paid. The license for them costs about 1000 rubles a year.

Whether there are free antiviruses? Is! For example, the German Avira AntiVir Personal program - Free Antivirus. It is an antivirus with a possibility of daily updating of the database and monitoring of files online.

the Browser and the editor of images

a compact - disks with photos is usually put by

B the program for their viewing ACDSee. The paid, by the way, program - for several tens dollars pulls.

However and it there is a free alternative of house use - the XnView program. Except viewing of photos, it allows to edit images: for example, to change the size, to reduce volume etc. of

the Graphic editor

When the speech comes about editing graphics, many remember about the Photoshop - a powerful Adobe Photoshop package. Some recommend it even for simple change of the size of the picture. However this good editor and the price has licenses good - about 900 dollars on each computer.

Fortunately dlyanashy purses, to it there is a worthy free alternative too - the free graphic GIMP editor. It can be used also for professional work with images.

the Operating system

So, for the main user programs is free alternatives. Well, and for the commercial MS Windows system - whether is what in exchange? It costs not less than 100 dollars on each computer. Some will be surprised, but the answer also positive - is!

Good alternative of the home computer is the Linux operating system - its freely distributed versions.

For example, the Russian option - free Alt Linux. French Mandriva Linux. Or German (since recent time - American) assembly of SuSe Linux. I think, it will be pleasant to you to learn that tens of user free programs including mentioned above are included in the adjusting package of the Linux system. And it is possible to download distribution kits for the Linux installation freely and legally from the websites of developers.

I understand that not all will cope independently with installation of the listed free programs. However now you will know about such opportunity and will not pay for what can be had for nothing.

So the situation with free programs is similar to that when a full case of clothes, and eyes run up - what to put on?

The choice for you!