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It is good to whom to live? In Russia

we Will remember the classic. He listed all to whom he in Russia is cheerfully and happily: landowners, officials, bottoms, kupchina tolstopuzy, velmozhny boyars, ministers monarchic and the tsar. Since then there passed one and a half centuries. There are no landowners any more, the tsar - too (though, perhaps, I am mistaken), all others remained. The last twenty years their welfare steadily grows. Their deputies from the United Russia say that next year all of them will live even better. And it is correct.

On the other hand, nothing disappears completely and arises from nothing. Respectively, if somewhere arrived, so at someone decreased. It is possible to try to go by contradiction and to call those to whom in Russia is difficult.

For example, doctors. According to official figures in 2010 the average salary of the Russian doctors made 18 thousand rubles a month. Yes many guest workers earn much more! In today`s Russia the profession of the doctor enters the TOP - 10 most low-paid professions. Worse only to nurses and janitors.

Or here journalists. In Moscow of their about 20 thousand, about a third without permanent job. And how to find work if in federal mass media it is necessary to write about Putin and Medvedev, how about dead men: or it is good, or nothing.

And still there are teachers, pensioners, the unemployed... You will not list all.

Personally I always thought that it is better for Russian people to live in Russia, to Greeks - in Greece, and to Chinese in China. I do not know how the situation in Greece and China, but in today`s Russia is to live cheerfully and happily, it is not enough to be Russian: it is necessary to be the Petersburg security officer, at the worst - the United Russia party member. Then everything will be good.

Is, happy citizens are found in the country. For example, our internal minister citizen Nurgaliyev. Recently he told deputies of the State Duma that he with surprise learned about the thievish generals protecting everything that is only possible. It turns out, he learned it after many years of service to the Fatherland as the Minister of Internal Affairs. Mister minister, and what you were engaged all for many years on the post in? However, this question rhetorical. It is known that earlier the minister Nurgaliyev made orders about eradication of corruption in bodies in a month. Such mister, certainly, is a lucky even if it is a clinical case.

Likely, well is to those who cut down and continue to cut down the Khimki wood. You judge: money pays for each cut-down hundred part, the Khimki law enforcement officers protect cutters from defenders of the wood, work at cutters there is a lot of - for the years ahead, the route to St. Petersburg long, the woods loads; what else is necessary quietly to come to an old age?! It is not important that at the chosen turn radiuses the high-speed route through felled trees will not turn out?! We cut, and money go.

A the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov who is an author remarkable (together with odious Petrik) inventions and considers that parliament - not the place for discussions ? With such views and abilities it is just impossible to be unfortunate. Well, if only revolution happens and guard will be tired to wait... But it hardly.

And the president Dmitry Medvedev there is a happy person too. He ordered to call militiamen police officers, is engaged in modernization and innovations in one separately taken Skolkovo, is fond of Twitter ( of Twitter, i.e. Shchebetatel ) and in general, enjoined to go Russia forward. It the person cannot be presented sad and hapless, to express interests of an upper bourgeoisie is always great happiness. The institute of presidency thanks to this person is completely discredited. So what? Yes, there is a locum tenens of a position of the president; yes, there is a person who guards a chair for Putin. What, as a matter of fact, here surprising?! There is female laying (any there tampaxes, etc.), and happens Putin.

We have a father of the nation! In its forces all or almost everything. It can pacify Chechnya hands of Chechens; is able to hunt whales; on a charity concert can sing the song “What the Homeland Begins with“; during wildfires it is capable to soar in clouds with a watering can by special plane; can demand doubling of GDP to enter the five of the countries - leaders in industrial output (generally, for this purpose it is necessary to press Germany - primas. A. G.) . Even the world prices for oil are subject to it: during two terms of its presidency they remained at the high level, favorable to the country. Russia needs the high prices of oil and gas? Then Putin has to be in the Kremlin. It will be happy. The friends and associates surrounding it too.

Well, there is Putin who left to return; there is Medvedev who guards an imperial throne; there is a power which already which year cannot prevent acts of terrorism in Russia which is not able to arrange industrial and agricultural production, it is not capable to organize qualitative health care, not in forces to extinguish wildfires. At the same time our imperious elite lives cheerfully and happily. That that of role plays velmozhny persons are not policy, and remind puppet theater?! Our leaders are irreplaceable and eternal, to them is not present and there cannot be an alternative.

Of course if the citizen though something thinks, then he sees that “the father of the nation“ plays marked political maps and holds the power by means of shulersky receptions. Sees. And what from that?.

Ladies and gentlemen, changes will not be! Our national leader will give a steering wheel to nobody. Well, if only the doomsday comes in the near future. Well, then there is a little vodka, it is sensitive snack, and the Last Judgement will be farther let.