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How many go to banks

It would be desirable to begin this reasoning with the fact that, for certain, many of you were eat or want to become the client of any bank. Someone from you already took the credit or is only going to receive it. The credit can be a miscellaneous. Or it is goods on credit, or monetary personally for itself or for the business. The credit is necessary to someone to close old debts to banks or to give those from whom took money. And this below written can be useful and necessary for you.

From history. I worked long time in private business, took its essence literally from within. Further began to work in the financial sphere, namely in bank. Certainly, here does not make a reservation in what banks I worked. Alas, but there did not pass a term more under the agreement on nondisclosure of a trade secret and names and names cannot use.

Working in bank, tried to study thoroughly all legal and legislative aspects of activity both financial sector, and civil. Many at work twisted a finger at the temple supposedly why it is necessary to me. So to say, it was interesting. And, as it appeared, not in vain. Well and it is fine, keep to the point.

For certain many of you already obtained the credits. Someone from you paid them, someone continues to pay, and someone once made delay or cannot pay now. Also, some of you, as they say, conscientious and law-abiding citizens of the country, wants to obtain the credit soon or already addressed to bank. Money - universal goods. And it is possible to buy these goods only in shop under the name “bank“. There are, of course, also other structures which for a while will sell you money. But not about them now the speech. And so, the essence is lower and farther (in sense in the text).

Banks have the basic law, namely “The law on banks and bank activity“ (No. 395 - 1 Federal Law from 02. 12. 1990 with a heap of changes and additions). Yes, by the way, 2 - go December - day of the bank worker. Also, work of any bank is regulated by a bigger a lot of different instructions, laws and instructions. Which of you works in bank, will agree with it, damning reading the next instruction. Together with it the bank has to observe the civil code of the Russian Federation and some more other acts.

I ask to suffer, readers. Further will be, I hope, more interestingly.

1. You came to shop to buy goods necessary to you, and there is not enough money? Well, banks will help you with it! You are defined that you want to buy, go to tables where girls of pleasant exteriors and attractive circles sit. She from your words fills in the questionnaire in the computer, photographs you and tells “Bank approved to you the credit“ or “The bank refused to you“. If the credit “passed“, she prints out the questionnaire, the contract with appendices plus the contract of insurance. You sign all papers and run behind goods. And now stop and on - to an order. In - the first. And you answer questions of the girl? Who will prove? And what it in the computer brings? You do not know this. So here - on pure trust. Further - the photo. To you it was unpacked? It you? Only the agent of bank knows. Further. Besides, according to the agent of bank, you learn, refused to you the credit or is not present. Still further. All of you read the printed-out contract? I read it and more than once at work in bank. For. For interest. It is good if the person with legal and/or economic education (and it is better with two at once) still can understand it. The hard worker or the elderly person well if reads the biographical particulars and will agree. Further. Insurance. If you, fie - fie - fie, die or will become the disabled person of the first or second group of disability, then yes, the bank can remove from you a debt. But insured events happen quite seldom. And it is necessary to pay for an insurance. Secret: insurance companies pay banks for the issued insurance. Pay yours in money. And, at last - you sign the contract. Once again stop!!! You that put the signature, i.e. “subscribed for conditions“! And bank? Nea! In the contract the agent of bank puts a code of authorization and the signature! And she, by the way, is unauthorized to sign such contract, there is no such function in its duties. I.e. actually the bank formally signed with you the contract. That he accepted validity, has to sign it the authorized officer of bank and set the seal on the contract. Oppa!!!! You subscribed, and other party is not present the transaction! And happens and so that instead of the contract issue you the application for issuance of credit. Which then the bank shows as the contract. To ask one business in the application, to hit another matter on hands, having signed the contract.

Still secret. Agents of bank the plan for “sales“ is put, i.e. the more it will issue the credits, the she will get more awards. So it is favorable to it to make out the credits to the right and on the left.

And still. It is not in the banking legislation - to make out the credit in shop. In the bank it is OBLIGATORY to obtain the credit in the form of money - please. And to replace money with other thing - nizzya! (See. Civil Code of the Russian Federation). What you took, have to return. Took phone on credit, return it through time in bank. And better I advise to take linen or clothes. Especially to women. Wore a season, sewed an excess fastener on the evil to men on a bra or to steam of buttons on a dress in the form of percent and returned to bank. What was taken, we give. With percent!!!! Yes, and still. There is such service. Is called “money on credit without references and guarantors“. And so, this service very simply works. You make out goods on credit on yourself, under high percent, the goods take away yours blagodetelel, and give you slightly more than a half from the goods price. He will resell then these goods again. You need 5 thousand, make out on 10, then pay bank everything 12. I.e. from 5 thousand you gave from above 7 more.

2. You want to take money on credit, i.e. a debt.? Yes please!!! Only do not forget that there was time when to all of us hardly was. 2008 - y, 2009 - y and 2010 - y years. Many lost work, had no income. Everything that was managed to be earned, gave to a family, on products, on children, on payment of housing and communal services, on treatment etc. Everywhere money demands. And at many just it was impossible to pay part of a debt and percent in time. And it is not your fault. I will tell one. Itself saw when to me also women and men came to an office and asked to grant them a delay. Something was thought out in such cases. Of course, it had an adverse effect on my salary. But not to take away the last from people!

And so. At many thus delays were formed. Who has a month at whom more. Then, as there was money, paid and closed the debts. But now, when money is necessary and, having believed billboards along roads, there are you to bank. Hoping that, time paid, now you can receive again. Aha!!! Shchaz!!!! There is such concept as NBCH (national bureau of credit histories). And your delays, all of them there, darling! And, time you “are already lit“ there and to obtain to you the credit - to figva (it is such Indian national log hut). The computer program under the name “scoring“ makes request in NBKI and automatically puts to you “to Refuse“! So-called. “creditnik“ too, “will hardly “pass“ you. Against the program there is no reception. Also run you from bank in bank, the result will be one everywhere. Though is not present. It is possible to agree through intermediaries that you for the positive decision will unfasten at least 10 percent from the credit sum to so-called “bezopasnik“ in bank. Then he will also try to help you. By the way, too your den will not prevent it. And that to it is not enough its salary. And, unfortunately, will refuse to you for a long time and almost everywhere. Alas. From there is conclusion. Main in bank - the creditnik, everything depends on it, it turns out. It gives not the! And takes away as a gift already the. The difference is? And to it all the same that client good and honest. Did not give, so a fig from a tree to that client! But it belongs to rather small sums and only to natural persons more.

You asked for the help of so-called loan brokers? For certain and. What did they promise you? That everything will be normal that the credit will be given. But, at the same time, to them it is absolute on - to a drum your credit history and whether you have a criminal past or not. Often, they just instruct as as it is necessary to tell also all. Some send your biographical particulars to bank and wait for the preliminary answer. Passed, so they worked and received from you... Percent so 15 - 20 awards. They worked!!!!

3. So-called bezopasnik. Here who in bank most important!!!!! Even the head of office or the branch of the bank is afraid of it! The bezopasnik, in the past often the police officer, has such power inside that begins to realize that he is a god and the tsar there. He watches all. Who where left, who to whom talks, who in a toilet a quiet step, but not run went also which of a toilet not absolutely happy left. Can put mobile phones of employees on wiretap. And it is called internal security. And at the same time it is very rare who has the higher or legal or economic education. Why they to it??? It eyes, ears and a nose in collective! It - a thunder-storm, it - the power!!!! Well, he got used to such work already in bodies. And here to think, count, to consult - for it it already difficultly. Disaccustomed him. To it it is not important that the bank is a shop selling money that it, first of all, the salary goes from profit of bank. Give it full vent, it in working hours of bank will hang up the plate “Is closed. Rest room (d)“. Also more safely!

4. Agencies on collecting debts and collection agencies. On the Internet already a heap of an infa on them. Councils are different. Works! One more council not to torment you with the epistolary genre here. Called you or to you the letter from them came? Demand in writing - from them to send you their organizations certified by the press and the signature of the representative the power of attorney on such actions of the person of the copy of all constituent documents (all pages), licenses etc. I doubt that in day the office will print, will stamp and will sign such number of copies and also will dispatch in the necessary direction. Actually, when you come to bank, demand all documents necessary to them from you? And you demand. And let still in writing will also prove their claim to you as if they signed the contract for payment with you with it. And, though in the credit agreement there is also a mention that bank in the right to sell your debt to the third parties, but you did not sign the contract with this or that collector or agency. And, then, Indian national log hut to them!!! And in the dwelling do not let them! Let only with police officers and in the presence of witnesses. Who knows them, maybe, bandits they? Form that Yudashkin at them no, so I have no right to enter.

Behind this I take the leave to you. Thanks for your patience if already you read these lines. It is a lot of still that interesting is. But already tired you. If you want, I can next time still which - that interesting to add.

Yes, and still. Nearly forgot. This text is not an insult, not charge and any requirement and does not rakryvat a trade secret. All this is reflection and the narration. There are no names and names here. For certain many heroes described (taken by the text) here, are familiar to you.

Here and left if forgot. This text is not advertizing and I do not demand the rights for it. If you want, then use from this text in works. I will not take offense and I will not demand 1 percent for each letter used here.