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How to the Russian tourist to pass egipetsko - the Israeli border? Firmness of a body and spirit of

If you have a rest in Egypt, then will surely offer you a tour on the promised land. For example, to Jerusalem.

The one-day trip is too short as it seems to me, for acquaintance with the majestic city of Israel, and here two-day - just right. Anyway, the tourist should overcome hundreds of kilometers across the territory of Egypt and to step into the stony soil of absolutely other country.

The author will not tell about sights of Jerusalem here. Let`s concentrate at the intermediate stage. Namely, as to the ordinary Russian tourist to pass egipetsko - the Israeli border without unexpected problems.

You, perhaps, ask what problems at the movement of tourist`s streams can be, when both states - both Israel, and Egypt - are very interested in tourists.

On maps, on GPS - navigation everything looks simply. Reached with group of tourists to Taby - a border check-point of Egypt. Further on foot crossed the border through a post of frontier guards of Israel. And - all. Delov - that!

However I hurry to disappoint those who are going to undertake similar voyage for the first time: do not trust guides who say that to pass border between Egypt and Israel it is possible quickly and without difficulties. I will tell to what the tourist who will decide on similar voyage needs to be ready.

First of all, it is necessary to make small digression to history. What in general of the relation can be between citizens of two countries, still quite recently they were at war and killed each other? Without special love, it precisely.

In our case - in - the first , in 1967 took place victorious for Israel izrailsko - the Egyptian war. Egypt was as a result humiliated and crushed. Losses in manpower and equipment took place on both sides (at Egypt - catastrophic, at Israel - small). Mutual hatred of two people then read off scale.

In - the second , Israel - that country where threat of terrorism is almost continuous.

In - the third , Israel is surrounded with the states Muslim, and its existence in a ring of Islam is very surprising.

One writer, by the way, from among the immigrants who were earlier living in the USSR moved to Israel. She told somehow in interview that she knows, opening the newspaper, - if somewhere on the planet Earth “went off with a bang“, means either in Russia, or in Israel.

Of course, now “goes off with a bang“ in many places, but nevertheless, I will repeat, Israel is under a special constant press of terrorist threat. That is why it is so trembling - watchfully Israelis treat those who drive to the country. Especially from Muslim territories. The tourist leaving Egypt (not important what passport at it) is suspicious because he follows from the country with which Israel waged war quite recently.

What surprises when approaching from Egypt to the Israeli frontier post: there tiny little girls - frontier guards serve! If from the Egyptian side we see severe powerful men with automatic machines, then with Israeli - directly lovely girls work with the citizens crossing border (the truth, is farther on the Israeli side there are also soldiers with the weapon). Years on twenty, probably. It would seem, such pretty creations have to is affable and quickly pass persons interested (tourists at least) through border. But! Not simple those little girls. Oh, difficult! But about little girls - later.

What the tourist should know initially?

In - the first:

... that more than once it is necessary to pass through metaldetectors, and sometimes nearly becoming bare. And not before the pretty girl, and in front of heartless gate on iron search! At the same time further - personal inspection is very probable.

In - the second:

should be counted at once that quickly to cross the border between Egypt and Israel it will not turn out, let you also be pure before the Law, like the baby. Consider: for all the time of passing of border not less than 6 hours leave! Many stand also on 8. Our group passed border in total in 5 hours, and even representatives of a host in Israel with satisfaction noticed that it is very “cool“ result!

In - the third:

should know

that travel will demand physical and psychological firmness. All time stated above should be walked in long turns. A flow of tourists neskonchay so have patience. No drinks on border are sold, therefore in advance stock up with sandwiches and water in Egypt.

Now about technical aspect a question. The system of passing of border is made as a labyrinth. That is a metal handrail is up to standard of a stomach and forms repeatedly coiling path. Real labyrinth. Something similar is used in experiments on rats. In the beginning of a labyrinth start a hungry animal, and at the exit put a piece of fragrant cheese. The rodent has to run forward and look for the only way to an exit to make happy itself with a delicacy. There is no road back because as soon as the first flight of a labyrinth is overcome, behind a tail the small door slams. In total “bridges are destroyed back“.

And here, on egipetsko - the Israeli border. Having entered a twisting labyrinth from an iron handrail, to leave back it will not turn out any more. Behind the back the crowd of the tourists and other citizens wishing to drive to Israel props up. It is necessary only to wait and suffer. The turn moves microscopic short steps and why - I will tell a bit later. The room of a labyrinth closed, conditioners work, but all the same does not gasp. It is possible to sit down only on cross beams of a protection, having unnaturally curved a back. Beams bend and creak.

At me to not really young woman got badly from standing in lines within four hours. She was brought to breathe on the street and distances of drugs. And what to do if with you the child? Among us there were tourists who dared on this trip to Jerusalem from Egypt with tiny children. They regretted about it. Both parents, and children, and people around. It is absolutely exhausting voyage for children. We are adult men - and those were ready to fail for a floor for fatigue at the end of procedure of passing of border. What to tell about weak legs and mentality of small kids.

How specifically there is a procedure of passing of border between Egypt and Israel in Tab as it is better for ordinary Russian tourist to be prepared for it that should be done and what - is not necessary, I will tell in final part of article.