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Help to return the beauty by winter!!!!

Dear friends, help me to deal with the problem - at winter left 68 kg, and came from 74 kg and to see these 4 kg held in my breast. Yo mine, I touch all summer options - nothing meets. I will deal with summer options, not such and a problem and what to do with winter - the fur coat mink does not meet on 5 cm. That the poor fellow you do not dotochat its, you will not remake!!

Well, more detailed married about forty years ago with growth of 168 cm weighing 54 kg. For family life gained two kg. - my pride - a breast of the fourth size was the only difference from a hudosochnost. Naturally at me the secret thought always kept - to gain weight to norm. That I did not do current and drank beer with sour cream, a yolk of egg and honey and strenuously ate somehow to have decent weight, well me took nothing - 56 kg and all here. By 55 years my dream came true I drew my favourite weight in 68 kg with the same fourth size. To see, dreams all - come true. I picked up to myself a gardiropchik, updated it and there were these three years with is proud of the raised head. In March I ran in the fur coat and obstacles on a fastener were not. And now a problem though that - to dress that. It in two months in me were cardinal changes. Well I in the mode and a diet changed nothing - I eat by the principle - have a snack, have a bite and ran. I sleep when I want. Hltya in the last appeared month series “Marusya“, disappear it. I under it fall asleep, and it in 20 - 30 h and I wake up not very early, and by o`clock nine morning. Also it turns out that I sleep these two months for 12 hours a day. They say that it is not harmful. And perhaps these hours gave me growth of my beauty. Well, the size at me the sixth, it frightens and disturbs. Frightens for the reason that the grandmother in the area of the father was square-cluster and God forbid to me in her. And disturbs for the reason that to run tyazhelovastenko, it is necessary to bring up them traces, not to see the earth under legs and to change not an unimportant gardiropchik. And perhaps I got sick, all sizes in former norm. And the footwear began to reap, with 38 passed on 39. My dear, prompt what to do, the truth I worry, superfluous it is not necessary to me!