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Whether the lawyer is always necessary? Whether part 1

Was necessary to appeal sometime to you to court? Is not present? Too it was not necessary to me. I dare to believe that such people the majority. And the overwhelming part of this majority believes that the court is the certain panacea which is smoothly influencing violators of the law and the last very much are afraid of it.

Ya too so thought. From the acquaintances heard that it is impossible to trust in the lawyer about whom you know nothing. “Differently you can get to it …“ Heard, but not really trusted because did not represent how it is possible so “to get“ if you are confident in the correctness which is confirmed by the law.

Did not represent, did not learn about this history yet.

Warned - it is protected. Therefore I want to tell about it “a concrete example“ to readers. It is better to study on others experience.

The citizen Ickx decided to privatize the room in a communal flat and addressed in PIB. There it was waited by a surprise. It turned out that she lives not in that room where it is registered. The warrant at it - on the neighboring room, and neighbors are registered at it. Therefore …

Here first interesting moment: what therefore? Logically workers of PIBA would have to be alarmed, urgently understand with warrants, apologize and issue the reference on privatization of lawful housing.

But we understand that it is a utopia. Moreover: if to make to PIBU a complaint, it will in details prove that he here at anything also could make nothing.

Could not because, first of all, did not want. And how simple human participation? I managed to solve personally not one bureaucratic problem in the life because the destiny finally brought together me with people who showed elementary understanding. But the citizen Ickx was so not lucky.

Therefore on privatization refused to the citizen Ickx the reference.

The first that made Ickx, - it was told by news to the neigbour. That was not delighted as she was going to privatize the room too.

However the neigbour was much more active, than the citizen Ickx. Therefore in half an hour, having consulted to the son who studied in legal, proposed the solution: “Let`s change warrants“.

To the word we will notice that the room in which the neigbour lived, was more than the metric area, had two windows and it was located not at the most entrance door as the room of the citizen Ickx. If to consider that all these additional conditions also were paid not by the neigbour, but the owner of the warrant, then the offer very wise.

But we will lay aside morals. Let`s tell only that the citizen Ickx did not agree to it. But here what to do - did not know. It only also could what to complain to friends and acquaintances of the destiny.

Acquaintances reacted differently. One said that she has to submit the petition moreover and request compensation for moral damage as the victim. Others said that it did not contact court at all. But only did not advise what to do...

The situation was resolved by itself. The neigbour filed a lawsuit - differently not to privatize housing. And then to the citizen Ickx the familiar assistant to the deputy advised to submit a counter claim.

And here we have the main character of this history - the lawyer. The citizen Ickx addressed it through the official organization to make the petition.

By the way to make the petition not so difficult as legal consultants try to present to us. It is only necessary to recognize requisites of court by the place of a registration which to you will call in the same place and to state the problem in the application.

Having listened to the story of the citizen Ickx, the lawyer noted in the statement that the citizen Ickx was occupied to others room “fraudulently“.

It is time to report how it turned out that the citizen Ickx appeared not in the room. Everything is very simple. When it was handed viewing, she had to go to watch potential housing with the inspector, and that did not go - just called by it the address. When it came to the apartment, showed it the room which was free.

About deception the suspicion, of course, was. When the citizen Ickx moved into, the old woman - the mother-in-law of the present neigbour - told the citizen Ickx that that has to replace surely the counter because the previous resident made something there that kilowatts “were wound“ on the general counter, but not on its personal. From where she knew about it? However it were only unconfirmed suspicions.

Having finished the statement, the lawyer told the citizen Ickx:

- You surely need the lawyer. You already have a lawyer?

- No.

- So let me represent your interests, - and it showed a badge and the certificate “Honored lawyer“.

- And how many it will cost?

- Four hundred dollars.

- There is no N - I have no such money.

- Well then two hundred fifty …

- Two hundred fifty? About - about!. Well, then I agree.

- In other words, eight thousand rubles.

- Well …

- a Half - advance payment.

- All right.

- If at you are with themselves money - give everything now and we will issue that it was already possible to start.

Unfortunately, money at the citizen Ickx at themselves appeared. If she did not pay at once and, as usual, shared with somebody, perhaps, she would be dissuaded.

The lawyer, having taken money, said the following:

- You know, a lot of money is eaten by taxes. It is possible I officially I will issue only a half? I would not like to share with anybody.

The citizen Ickx was glad to render small service to future defender. When calculations were made and issued, she shy gave a hint:

- I would like to demand compensation for moral damage … the lawyer without shadow of doubts answered


- No. It is unreal.

“Then what it from you took money for? - the revolted advisers asked then. - Your situation already safe!“

But the citizen Ickx considered that to change something already late, and in vain...