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How to overcome shyness?

If you feel big discomfort from shyness among people, then you, probably, always look for the answer to a question: “How to me to get rid of it?“ But when you too go in cycles in it, aggravate everything even more. our brain is arranged to

so that at once you will not concentrate on two things. And when you begin to think or speak constantly about something, especially with emotional experience, the problem is even more inflated. I mean when we think of the shyness. And here therefore you at first need to change the image of a problem.

At first try to set to yourself the purpose not to think of the shyness under no circumstances . One your image of a problem of shyness does not give you anything good, and on the contrary, tightens you in a bog of a bigger inconvenience. And other image of a problem gradually brings closer you to positive results.

Therefore begin to think that you can successfully solve the problem of shyness. Just talk about those people who are self-assured and do not pay attention to the shyness because they just do not have it. Admire these people. And let you are not similar to them yet, but already at present you directed the image, in particular a brain and emotions, in the right direction.

Here to you task. It is very simple. On a usual sheet of paper write a thick marker the purpose with the correct image of a problem. Hang up this leaf at home on a foreground so that it was always in a zone of your attention. And when it it will be constant before eyes, you will not notice how your correct purpose will be postponed at you in subconsciousness. And you gradually will begin to move ahead, but not back. Because your thoughts will go towards the aim in one direction with subconsciousness.

Think properly what reason of your shyness and in what cases you receive discomfort and you feel awkwardly. Here if you make it, then consider that your way to the solution of this problem was reduced percent on 70.

The reasons of strong shyness can be much. Someone is afraid of the voice, someone - the appearance or behavior, someone is afraid to express the opinion etc. But one main reason, from - behind which, in principle, and all discomfort is a fear. Fear which will paralyze. Fear which forces to hesitate.

Analyse about yourself and check:

When at me there comes that moment of truth at which I begin to feel, hesitate uncertainly?

From - for what I cannot make - or-?

What reason of my fear?

needs to catch itself on that thought when shyness begins.

For example, I go down the street and me extremely, by all means, it is necessary to learn what time is it now. Because I forgot hours, and I have an urgent meeting. There is only one: to approach somebody and to ask time. I will not begin to look for on all city hours on buildings! So, we collect will in a fist and we act!

And after you made it, wonder at once: why to me it was inconvenient and I felt shy? Perhaps from - for appearance, maybe, from - for fear to pronounce words or still something?

To any person, before solving some problem, it is necessary to define the reason of this problem, isn`t it? And then to start action. In our case it is necessary to do the same. It, in - the first, will relieve you of a mental jam and unnecessary throwings. And in - the second as I already spoke, the problem will be removed for more than 50 percent.

I still noticed that when you read the book or you watch the movie with some cool character, you want to resemble this person. And you simply begin to repeat its actions, and even you want to pronounce words the same. That is you get used in some way to him and repeat its gestures and all the rest. For example, there is a wish to insert its phrases or gestures at conversation with someone.

All the matter is that if to try to be closer to those people who are much surer, than the others and almost do not hesitate, then near them there is a huge desire to become the same person, free from discomfort. You literally become impregnated with their drive and receive such charge of positive energy that it cannot but affect solving a shyness problem without special effort.

You will tell, it is paradox? No, it is the fact. Look for some movies, for example, on a subject how the person becomes the strong personality in the life as he tried to obtain it. Also you can look for audiobooks about confidence and shyness.

If you have familiar people or friends who have no such problem as strong shyness, I advise you to keep near them. And the more you will be near such people, the less you will hesitate. Only these people have to be not arrogant and kind to you. And differently it can aggravate your problem of shyness only. Admire them and watch how they behave in different situations.

You have to acquire to yourself one: if you decided to become sure and free from shyness if you wish to achieve the objectives in life, to have a family, to freely communicate, strike up acquaintances, i.e. to lead full-fledged life, you are simply obliged to aim to say goodbye to excessive shyness and to derive pleasure from life!