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How to arrange a summer dinner in the Gipsy style?

“Gipsiness“ this year - an official fashionable trend, and on streets are more and more girls in long motley skirts and easy flying shawls, in colorful bracelets and fancy earrings. Collecting a family for dinner, at least, in its female part, begins to remind a thematic party. So why it not to make even more thematic and not to make a Saturday evening a dinner in the Gipsy spirit? It is simple and interesting.

It is traditionally accepted to have supper at Roma in the summer when the heat darkens and will fall down. It is especially good if you can eat in the fresh air - on a loggia in the apartment or on a giving terrace. But also it is possible to bring in usual kitchen or a drawing room a little summer evening, having put a branch of a lilac or a jasmine on a table. Soup


with it the Gipsy dinner. It is considered that soup helps “to warm up“ a stomach.

For summer perfectly suit chicken Russian cabbage soup with tomatoes . It is very simple to train them. Cook the low-fat, slightly added some salt chicken broth. When chicken meat is almost ready, a nakidayta in a pan fragmentary leaves of cabbage, moderately densely, is moderately empty. When the cabbage softens, add the cut tomatoes and segments of garlic, whole or cut lengthways. When also garlic softens, Russian cabbage soup is ready.

Eat them usually hot, having densely strewed with ground black pepper. But if you cooked soup even in the afternoon and are lazy to warm - it does not matter, give cold.

of Prikusk

Yes, is better to eat a few fresh vegetables after soup, but not to it. Sweet pepper, a juicy cucumber, ripe tomato help to refresh a mouth and to take rest between hot dishes, it is better to apprehend roast. Roast

the good Gipsy hostess less than two meat dishes on a table does not put

, but we will do without fanaticism and we will prepare one. In the summer bird`s meat goes on a stomach much easier, than red and therefore roast at us will be from chicken too.

For it we will take chicken legs, we will grate them with burning pepper and salt, and then we will beautifully lay out on a frying pan with a large number of the cut garlic and small - sunflower oil, and we will fry as would fry with onions. Just to zolotisto - a brown crust on both sides.

To roast it is accepted to give baked or stewed tomatoes . To prepare that and another easy as a pie.

If you want to bake tomatoes, accurately cut out at them “crowns“ and take out pulp. Mix it to taste with crude egg, cheese or sheep cheese, it is possible to add a burning pepper or to salt. Fill with this weight tomatoes. Further - you put in the oven heated to hundred degrees, and you observe. Very quickly tomatoes will take a specific “baked“ form, having become a little wrinkled and more dark.

Stewed tomatoes cut together with sweet pepper, in the ratio one tomato of the average sizes on one pepper, put on a frying pan, prisalivat and on average fire extinguish until pepper is softened. Usually water should not be added because vegetables give juice. Add small cut garlic, extinguish a minute more or two that also garlic became soft, and everything, a garnish is ready. Tea

Tea Roma very much respect

and know many different ways to make it. One of popular summer recipes - to put in a cup small pieces of apple and berry, for example, raspberry or blueberry, to fill in with tea leaves and boiled water. To drink without sugar, enjoying fruit smack.

To tea it is possible to give dried fruits, they same sweet as candies, but go much easier in the summer.

Try more safely and share impressions!