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On what to sleep to live long and happily?

What part of the life of people carries out in a dream? It knows, perhaps, everyone. In a dream of people has a rest, struggles with diseases, restores physical forces and composure. Healthy, strong and balanced people live longer. Too it is worth agreeing with it.

And here how many as well as on what to sleep...

If you want to live longer and better, it is necessary to sleep no more (or less) - it is necessary to sleep, first of all, on the correct bed.

The paradox - but personally for itself buys the correct mattresses and pillows very few people. Most often they are given and received as a gift. Well, so we are arranged - for themselves darlings even important things are got in the last turn. There is a wish to believe that such situation will change soon.

For now let`s look who and why should give pillows and mattresses from natural latex.

To children of any age (the, children of friends, godsons) they are necessary for the correct development and prevention of diseases of a backbone. We want that they were healthy! Any age - from kids of the first days of life to students.

Colleagues who had a newborn need especially it. Believe, they will buy the rest, and will surely estimate such gift. For absolutely small children there are special sets. Especially as collectively to make it especially easily.

Pregnant - without doubts. (It is possible to run in shop right after words: “We will have darling, a child“.) This category, perhaps, the most grateful. By the way, except mattresses and pillows, do of latex also rollers which can be enclosed under a tummy that in recent months pregnancy could sleep not only on a back. And it is simpler to baby to develop when mother is healthy also in good mood.

To friends and girlfriends, who at last decided to watch the weight or were going to dump “couple“ of kilograms, the full-fledged healthy sleep is necessary for the correct metabolism too. If their birthday not soon, an occasion it is possible to think up and beat.

By the way, scientists claim that for achievement of this purpose the most optimum duration of a dream - seven hours.

Big and small excellent pillows and mattresses are necessary to businessmen that better slept more earned. It is pledge of “steel“ nerves, powerful heart and “accurately debugged“ brain blood supply.

To managers of all types and ranks the correct mode of work, rest and dream will help to avoid “the manager`s syndrome“ and not to “burn down“ at work.

the comfortable dream is necessary for “sedentary“ workers and programmers that their eternal problems with a backbone and vessels fell into oblivion.

special small pillows will be useful to drivers, travelers and regularly sent for a neck, a back below - that... Generally, they will be happy.

To allergic persons, asthmatics and often ill it will become that was easier and was less ill. Latex practically does not accumulate dust, and it is very much not loved by domestic dust ticks and microbes.

Well, and of course, loved can give itself a useful gift.

According to some celebrated personalities (and I completely agree with them), nobody in the world receives bigger pleasure from donation process, than Russians.

So derive pleasure and be happy!