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Why French eat frogs?

In the Russian fairy tales are three, often meeting, female an image - the Baba-yaga, Tsarevn and Vasilis Premudraya`s Frog, as a rule, fine.

Let`s remember Vasilisa Premudroy`s image from old animated films.

Easy, air image of the magician. When it skinned lyagushechyyu (“leather clothes“), turned into Vasilisa Premudruyu - became a light source. Executing the tsar`s wishes, she baked magic bread and weaved a magic carpet. Plants, birds, animals with pleasure helped it and together with Water, were harmoniously interwoven by Wind and Earth into its magic.

And as she danced on a ball, visualized images and filled with Live Magic palace space!

At the end of Vasilis Premudraya`s fairy tale went on a dead kingdom of Koshchey and all she touched, came to life and blossomed, it was filled with Life and Lyubov. And the wave Sveta always was ahead of it. One presence it filled Space with Life!

And if we remember an image of the Baba-yaga ? Whether it radiates Light and Care? What filled it inside? How the space around it will be transformed?

When the woman stops being Zhizni`s source, Sveta and Love, space around it ceases to grow and turns at first into a bog, and then is turned. The woman becomes Devourer Zhizni. As you think how those who get to such space - relatives, business, colleagues feel? How those who are the closest - children, the husband feel? How their health in space where Zhizni is absent?

Distinctive signs of the Baba-yaga.

1. The woman the smoker - channels of thin vibrations are blocked, it is not necessary to dream of magic.

2. Dirty language - vibrations of heavy words attract inhabitants of the lower World.

3. Dirty thoughts - both we think, and we live.

4. Shouts, hysterics, the sharp movements - a rupture of space, integrity, harmony.

The woman attracts the man on a form - a slim figure, a magnificent breast, beautiful appearance. Having attracted on a form, he is ready to give to the woman all the creative potential to create Life. But he cannot Create without Love - this Universe is created on energy of Love and it is possible to Create in it only on the same energiya. To Create, it has to be filled with energy of Love, and be filled with it, it can only through the woman.

Men learn light sources and Love at once. But when they live in energiya of Pluto, it seems to them that they have enough sexual power sources for life. Unfortunately, Pluto - the owner of the world of the dead. In energiya of Pluto there is no life - it is Dead Water. It is not dependent on that, they realize it or not, but in this case, men are left Zhizni`s energiya without food and quickly leave this plan.

But we will return to the fairy tale.

To the tsarevna Lyagushka to be transformed to Vasilisa Premudruyu and forever Ivan Tsarevich helped to get rid of lyagushechy skin.

The man the support has to help the woman to revive Spirit and to come to spirituality, to be exempted from “leather clothes“, to be cleared.

Having become a pure Source again, the woman creates space for Zhizni and for Creativity of the man.

Desire of the man to win a certain woman - the hidden requirement to have additional space for creativity and activity. The man does not realize that, choosing the woman, he chooses to himself space for creativity. And depends only on the woman what will be this space as far as it there will be a lot of as far as it will be filled by Lyubov. Creativity of the man directly depends on amount of the received Love. At Creativity and Love one frequencies. When at the man the space for creativity - then successful business, realization of, a fine family is filled and opened. And when all on the contrary - begins to wither business, not implementation of projects, itself in the world - the space is closed. In both cases look for the woman as French speak.

French help the women to be transformed - they eat frogs. Slavs have opportunities - purity and Strength of mind.

“The fairy tale - lie and in it a hint, to kind good fellows - a lesson“.