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How to fight against laziness of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


p Laziness slows down development of the person.

pv Laziness brings the person to the dishonest road.

and the Illness - is not laziness.

and At laziness all affairs are insufferably difficult.

and Lazy not only that tries to seem hardworking, so also adjusts others.

and Laziness of a yazykat.

and Laziness is inventive.

and Laziness - mother of progress.

and not to work - the person constructs machines.

p Laziness is on friendly terms with poverty.

z Laziness is generated by absence of desires.

and Behind laziness hide talents.

and Lazy endowments tries to obtain smaller - than hardworking lack of talent.

p Laziness sister of loneliness.

p Laziness mother, hard work father of diseases.

and Laziness comes to they are whom left interests.

and Tired and to the patient adds laziness of force, - takes away from the idler.

and Laziness and talent are not compatible. there is no

p to use from urging on lazy.

p Lazy should be not urged on, and to carry away.

and Laziness - a grave of desires.

p Laziness - the soil for defects.

and Among idlers of smokers is more.

and the Idler considers working as upstarts.

and At lazy dreams unrealizable.

and to the Idler is difficult to find a congenial employment.

z Laziness - the child of unloved work.

p Any idler, having got the favourite business - turns into the workaholic.

and the Idler hides behind speeches.

yu Idlers of a wolf are afraid less than work.

yu Laziness - an economical expenditure of energy.

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p the Habit to work will not admit laziness to the person.

p laziness banishes Desire.

and Laziness - the girlfriend of carelessness.

and Interest - the enemy of laziness.

and Council for laziness - an empty phrase.

and Leni not to subdue big height.


p God gives to the person food that he could create - it is let in inaction.

of l of Bezdelyyu rejoice fools.

p the Idler cannot become the personality.

and That did not get to the core of the idler, he begins to think out to himself mysterious occupation. p Throw

to the idler hardly raising a hand good idea - it will turn mountains.

p Bezdelye - is not rest.

and Bezdelye - exhausts forces.

z Bezdelye exhausts forces not less, than big loadings.

z Excessive loadings do not destroy so an organism as inaction.

and to the Workaholic inaction is more terrible, than hell torments.

z relaxes Bezdelke - work invigorates.

and Insignificant talks - is inaction.

p does to Bezdelye expectation by more painful.

p the Idler is not capable to bear good.

and the idler has a bad dream.

z the Idler cannot live honestly.

and Bezdelye is similar to squandering.

and the idler has time to find defects of life.

p If you notice shortcomings of others - means, you the idler.

and the Idler - the first critic working.

and is difficult to become the Orphan the idler.

yu Creating visibility of work of people gets tired stronger - than carrying out it.

yu Idlers are unfortunate more often - they have time it to understand.

yu Bezdelye not such evil - as activity of fools.

yu Activity of the idler increases in a lunch break.

yu Bezdelye is awful lack of respites.

yu Idlers sweat only in a bath.

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