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The cleverest night in a year. What is it?

of Gute nakht, good night, dear readers. No, it is not a mistake and not a typographical error - your non-staff correspondent in Berlin keeps the reporting “like the Tat in burdens“. Because some German nights are fraught bo - about - lshy surprises.

Imagine that night can be not only fine, lunar, warm, star and so on, but also... clever. And not just clever - and at the Cleverest Night in a Year.

Under this motto also passes across all Germany every year at the end of May - the beginning of June of “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften“ - long night of sciences. The idea is cast at Long night of the museums, but everything looks much more intriguingly. Night of sciences is with an ulterior motive dated for the end of academic year in gymnasiums. It is made to orient future entrants.

Berlin, Potsdam and Vildau - three platforms of Long night of sciences in lands Berlin and Brandenburg. Transport this night works smoothly, buses - shuttles ply between platforms with a small interval.

Experience of such nights is unique. It is much more interesting, than just the Open Day at universities and institutes. It is an opportunity for everyone to sit or stand a little “at forward edge“ the academic and applied science of Germany, smoothly moving from medicine and biology to astronomy, and from it - to geography and geology, and from there - to architecture and robotics. It is an opportunity to communicate, ask questions to the leading scientists of the country, to see specially prepared presentations, bench reports, to listen to reports usual.

Most to make experiment. To independently execute laboratory research. And all this at the high, very sound popular level. Because Germans are able to popularize the scientific work and results as nobody. And even to Americans in this plan to them it is far, in my opinion.

Democratism of this action is surprising. Any pathos, any solemnity, any arrogance. You want to look how the gene - please is arranged, here the DNA rubber model. Withdraw from it a fragment, replace with another - here to you genetic engineering in operation. You want to collect plastic model of an eye or what another? Clinic you “Rummage“ gives you such opportunity, and the leading clinical physicians also will show on your model what is short-sightedness and an astigmatism. Children squeal from delight, not to drag adults from “modeling“ for ears.

And here so carry out blood tests. Interestingly? Please, become the laboratory assistant. It is boring? Really, it is so fascinating. And here so observe stars. Glance in a raster electronic microscope - REM, and then at once - in the telescope. A microcosm - and all Universe, and it is possible to see all this for one surprising night.

Sixty eight institutes, the higher schools and three Berlin universities this night work for you.

Climate changes - the truth, concerns all? Quality of drinking water - it to you is not indifferent, so? You bring us water tests. Several minutes - and you will precisely know, that you drink and whether it is worth drinking it. And receive recommendations about improvement of quality of water right there.

Thawing of glaciers - the Center of sciences about Earth of Free University and Institute of geography Humboldt - University show three-dimensional expected model.

And here is how the climate can change, and here so forecast the weather (“about weather we with the bride conduct debates at night“) - no, any horror films, animated films on the basis of mathematical models.

And here demonstration of receiving alternative types of energy - model of the stations using energy of a surf, tidal geothermal pass - stations. Here is how focus wind turbines depending on a wind rose. You can twist - to pooriyentirovat. And here is how there is an analysis of ice Antarctic cores (a joyful cry of the teenager of years of twelve: “Mothers, I understood, I want to be a paleogeograf“. Mother somehow is not excited at all).

And here is how expeditions to China, Siberia and Mongolia will be organized. You want to visit the real Mongolian yurta - please. Be not frightened, inside there will be a field hydrochemical laboratory.

Of course, the experimental science this night celebrates the triumph. It popularizes all laboratory part of researches, and it is interesting to all and always because visually. Humanists - theorists lag behind in this plan a little - visualization of results is rather weak. But here the German Archaeological Institute represents results of excavation worldwide.

And here so raise crystals. And here geographic information systems so work. And here so do fashion - the Academy of fashion represents display of models. And here so protect the rights of scientists, so register patents, so define a scientific priority - legal issues in science play not the last role.

Molecular medicine and pharmacology, nonlinear optics, technologies of cultivation of crystals, astrophysics, applied mathematics and mechanics, tropical medicine - all sciences this strange Cleverest Night in a Year show you the results. And I consider this idea just brilliant.

Before the next Night of sciences the Berlin school students of elementary grades asked about 1500 questions on the website. The most different. For example: “The Internet is cleverer than us? How we distinguish colors? How the sewerage works? Why to the person it is so much fingers on hands?“ And on these questions absolutely seriously, well very interestingly doctors of science, professors, leading experts with world names will also answer.

So the Berlin night can be not only is gentle, but also is clever. Pretty cool, huh?