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Whether happiness in reply will smile?

will Surely smile. When smile to you in reply, it - already happiness. Let not full, even sometimes fleeting, all piece, but happiness.

And it is the best of all children do. More sincerely, than at them, it will hardly turn out, with age we lose ability to rejoice to everything that surrounds us. And first of all, to people in whom often it is necessary to be disappointed.

You tried to smile absolutely to the stranger only because you have a good mood and he seemed to you nice or just friendly? You hesitate? Inconveniently somehow?

Yes throw, forget about it, dump from yourself all complexes, try, at you it will turn out. You cannot even imagine as far as it is pleasant, you just give to the passer a piece of happiness which overflows you. Share it - and your pleasure will become even more significant, demanded. You demand nothing in exchange, and it is so pleasant when nothing not obliged person suddenly reciprocates to you.

We forgot to love the neighbor. It was accepted to raise a hat, a kettle or other headdress in a greeting earlier, at the same time smiling. It is still accepted to greet the stranger unless in the remote villages and villages. It is a tribute, so why at least not to try simply to smile?

And here abroad it is in the order of things, you do not trust? Yes I would not write about it if I was not influenced repeatedly. Quite so. Why we such embittered, dissatisfied, stooped and sad?

All have problems, but it is not necessary to speak, tell and show constantly about it very clearly. It is worth learning to hide unseemly experiences then you will not notice how they will thaw when in reply lovely smile to you.

If are glad to you, then will surely smile.

You want to gain someone - smile to it.

You want to disarm the debater or the opponent - smile to it.

That you were not abandoned by good mood - smile as often as possible, you find for this purpose an occasion. Good, kind, pleasant or cheerful always near you to open eyes rather more widely, to look extensively - and you will see it, learn to see it.

That you were remembered from the best party - smile.

That only the mention of you adjusted on good mood - smile.

That smiled to you in reply - smile.

Greet and smile even to those who do not do it in reply. They can not love, not respect or just envy you. But there will come the moment when they too to smile to you as will already be able just to make it. The positive which you radiate, will be transferred to them, will collect and will not be able to restrain more.

You will find at the same time proper words - they will add effectiveness of a smile.

Learn gestures and a mimicry which even in the absence of a smile on your face will tell that you smile, it is possible too. When the humorist tells something ridiculous, remaining at the same time externally absolutely serious, on your face lips stretch in a smile. When your acquaintance goes to you with the open hands directed forward, remaining serious, you will surely smile.

Smile beautifully, with all the heart, frankly, eyes, eyebrows, lips and even a nose, having wrinkled it a little as it is done by Jews and Caucasians.

Smile even then, when there is no mood, - it will appear because with a smile you will be adjusted on good memories and impressions.

As soon as you begin to smile, everything smiles to you in reply around. Trees, flowers, wall-paper, buildings, cars, people, birds... literally all. Remember it it what you see, smiling. When it becomes sad, all this will remind of itself in that quality in which you treated it the day before.

You are on friendly terms with those who love and are able to smile who is able to tell warm, kind words who to you is located, friendly, sincere. More often with such communicate.

Able to smile and liking to do it never will become the bore, the miser, envious, gloomy.

The sincere and benevolent smile looks attractive and causes desire to smile in reply, unlike ironical, mischievous, malicious and derisive.

The baby begins to smile much earlier, than pronounces the first word, do the same - and will fall in love with you not less.

The smile disposes to acquaintance more, than the most flatter compliments and the “necessary“ words. But the smile should be alternated to gravity not to seem feeble-minded.

Even cats, dogs and other animals smile, it is visible on their eyes, on wagging of a tail... It is possible to learn to notice and understand it during game or treating with favourite dishes.

Smile, remembering the relatives, friends, acquaintances. They will smile at this moment too, even being is far from you. Smiling, you create a certain image which remains in space, in space, in the Universe. The one who is capable to read out such order information even at the subconscious level, will thank you for the provided gift in the form of the smile sent it.

A smile - live, it is capable to be stamped on the memory of the one who will see it, for a long time or even forever. Gagarin`s smile is familiar almost to all and leaves nobody indifferent, even many years later. It is capable to cause response, remaining only in the photo, a picture, in the movie or in the literary work as the message from the author.

When the person is healthy, happy, cheerful, kind and sympathetic, the smile on his face appears by itself. However, having even lost something if to smile, it is possible to return itself all this repeatedly.

Jokes, cheerful stories, games with children, supervision over them, their statements, gestures, a mimicry, games, songs and dances - all this will raise at you a smile and to create good mood. As often as possible you spend time with children, you give them pleasure - and they will present you the lacking or dissipated positive energy.

If all people of the world smiled at the same time, at least for several seconds, then the planet could sigh with relief. Means, there is a hope that the person is necessary to it, it will help it to escape. It is an unusual miracle, the Universe message that there is a corner where we, perhaps only of living beings, are capable to rejoice the given opportunity to live on Earth, to rejoice and to please others.

From a smile will become brighten!!

in the sky a rainbow will wake up From a smile!

Share the smile,

I it still will return more than once to you …
These words from a children`s song known for all are important

also for any adult.

Having learned to smile in the childhood, you will never leave a smile, it will become your best habit, more significant, than to clean teeth or to wish kind morning and bon appetit.