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Nevrinoma of an acoustical nerve. How to live and fight against it? This part of article - how to fight - wanted to write

as it is possible for the land and is more strict, without details, only the facts, but it did not turn out.

To someone these details, maybe, are also uninteresting. Once again I will emphasize (on myself I know): search in information Network “firsthand“ from endured surgical removal of a nevrinoma is almost useless. That who had serious complications after operation talk to forums more often, - to read it before hospitalization awfully! There is a wish for positive information, and it is absent. For this reason I also write - that it was.

It is possible to understand my emotions with which I went to Moscow in Burdenko`s scientific research institute only having endured something similar. Ahead - full uncertainty when you do not know what will be your life - life of the young, interesting, making plans woman - in 2 days and whether there will be it in general (the neurosurgeon did not exclude also such outcome).

After long procedure of hospitalization I got in 5 - e office, to the chamber No. 6. The situation and the atmosphere in office seemed to me quiet: quietly, comfortably, purely, comfortably. Patients go along a corridor, drink tea, watch TV, communicate with the family. The heads are not redressed, just on area of operation a certain similarity of a plaster, and some at all without it is pasted. Bald is not present.

Next day - conversation with the attending physician. Operation tomorrow. I asked all prepared questions and learned: the facial nerve will be tried not to be touched whenever possible (a lot of things still depend on localization of a tumor), will shave only a site behind an ear, bones of a skull will put into place and will make an accurate seam as I am young and good myself.

Signed paper in the evening that it is warned about risk of surgical intervention up to the most extreme circumstances and measures. The last meal - a lunch in spite of the fact that operation is appointed at 5 in the evening the next day.

At 8 in the morning I learn that everything changed, and it is time for me. Urgent call to the husband. In total so quickly that there is even no time to be afraid. The nurse brings protivoembolichesky stockings, I lay down on a wheelchair and we go. On hours in a corridor 09:04, in the head - “My angel, go ahead with me, you, I for you“ and “Pater Noster“ … The operating room, the anesthesiologist, a dropper, “now you …“ - yes, I already feel that I fail …

I Regained consciousness in reanimation. After operation of the patient surely transfer to reanimation. And, as soon as there is a confidence that everything is good, - in chamber. I was from 14 o`clock in the afternoon of operation till 10 in the morning the next day there. The first that I made when I recovered - checked, whether all as it should be with the person. Opened eyes. Tried to smile. It`s a go! Hurrah! the Facial nerve is whole! At an exit from an anesthesia it was necessary hardly. But the first breakfast literally returned me to life (nearly two days did not eat!) .

I spent the first day after reanimation to beds, then the doctor allowed to sit down, then - to rise and go. Patients have an opportunity to use services of nurses (for a payment): they help absolutely with everything - meal, the toilet, hygiene, something to bring, to give, rise, resemble days of restoration and, fortunately, recovery So stretched with you along a corridor etc. of

. In the first days the head was still turned, from respiratory tubes the throat burned, snuffled a voice, there was a weakness of facial muscles, the head in the field of operation was grown dumb and felt nothing, I could sleep only on the left side, but every day I all the same felt better and better. The head, to my pleasure, was not shaven completely - only a site behind an ear so with a flowing hair of it it is not noticeable at all.

Wrote out me exactly in a week after operation. My neurosurgeon Vadim Nikolaevich Shimansky told that I need to live further as well as lived: there are no contraindications, the most important - nothing (neither a bath, nor suntan and nothing) to abuse at all. In total moderately. Actually, as well as for all healthy people. The tumor turned out difficult, for 100% it was not succeeded to remove it, it was already dangerous. Therefore in 3 months - a control picture, and in the absence of dynamics of growth the following picture - in a year. And with a growth - that scale - a knife.

From my return home passed slightly more than a month. On the sick-list, but I work for radio and could not keep to trying to air. Who could think that I will be able to make it in 2 weeks after cranial trepanation!!

Now I feel much better, than before operation, - there passed awful dizzinesses, sensitivity of the person was restored, gradually there passes the head sleep. Only the hearing on the right side will not manage to be returned, most likely, - too strongly acoustical nerve was injured by a tumor. But with it it is possible to live, already got used.

But now I understand - the fact that it seems to us our weakness, the vulnerable party, easily can become our advantage, quite so happened to me. The tumor size which local surgeons did not undertake to operate allowed me to fall into hands of great experts with clever fingers - the manager 5 - m office of scientific research institute of neurosurgery of N. I. Burdenko, MD Vadim Nikolaevich Shimansky and the attending physician, the neurosurgeon Vladimir Kirillovich Poshatayev. Thank you, expensive!

Such here I passed school of life. History of my illness is not finished yet, but the most terrible behind. I was lucky, I got off light in comparison with what could be. Unfortunately, not all operations lead to the same result, I know also other stories. But, despite everything, I wish all who faced a similar problem, optimism, hope and belief in the best. Even if it is very terrible, it is necessary to go forward and not to doubt in what hands your health and life. Good luck!

P. S. Upon return home on many websites left comments about scientific research institute of Burdenko with the coordinates. In a month managed to support and inform on operation about 10 people. With pleasure I will answer also your questions if those arise.