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Nevrinoma of an acoustical nerve. How to choose a way of treatment? Slightly more than a year ago I began to notice

that I hear worse what occurs to the right of me, than what occurs at the left. Began to put a tube of phone to the left ear, to the interlocutor it tried to be developed by the left side … for herself explained to

it a sulfuric stopper, some unclear slow inflammation which as I waited, at the first opportunity itself will pass. Nonsenses, of course … Well, though cut me … I do not like to go on policlinics.

So there passed nearly half a year. Last summer small dizziness at turn of the head was added to it from right to left, feeling of a sleep on the right side of the person: as if yet not the end there took place anesthesia after visit of the stomatologist. Then I began to lose stability: suddenly could “lead“ me in some party, at the same time return to a starting position it became quite problematic.

And once I woke up in the morning from wild “helicopter“ (I think, it is not necessary to explain that I it), but as I was absolutely sober, wrote off this state for a heat, a smog and overfatigue. You accuse me of the irresponsible attitude towards the health, but unless I could assume that all this links of one chain? And when symptoms are added one by one, gradually get used to them and learn to live with it … Generally, to the ENT specialist - the doctor I reached only at the end of fall.

Further quickly enough the chain the ENT specialist - an audiogramma - the audiologist - MRT by results of which it became clear was built that I have a nevrinoma of an acoustical nerve (a vestibular shvannoma, a nevrinoma of the VIII cranial nerve, an acoustic nevrinoma) - the benign slowly growing tumor which is formed of the cages which are a part of a cover of VIII - go a cranial nerve (it - preddverno - ulitkovy or acoustical, consists of two portions which are responsible for hearing and a vestibular mechanism).

The reasons of emergence of similar tumors for science are unknown. There are only some hypotheses, but they are confirmed with nothing. In my case it was already quite big size a new growth: nearly 3,5 cm in the diameter. Growing in limited space of a skull, the tumor begins to squeeze an acoustical, facial and trigeminal nerve, and in especially started cases even a cerebellum and a trunk of a brain. From here - dizzinesses and a sleep of a half of the face. Well, and about hearing and so everything is clear - first of all, he also suffers. Emergence frequency nevriny an acoustical nerve makes about 1 on 100 000 people a year.

Surprisingly, but neither panic, nor fear which usually in such cases overcome people at me was in general. I saw this spot near a brain in a picture, read the diagnosis, and the first thought which flew, was: “How to get rid of it?“ The all-knowing Internet offered two options: surgical intervention or radio surgery. The first option - cranial trepanation - was swept aside by me at once. At these words terrible pictures like drilling or sawing of bones were submitted to me, the bald heads, holes in a skull and helpless patients who from - for inevitable complications spend 2-3 months in hospital and about half a year more cannot recover then after so terrible operation.

The radio surgery, or scale - a knife, gained much more. On the device similar to MRT, a tumor is exposed to the dosed radio radiation after which the nevrinoma has to cease to grow or maybe over time and to decrease. Cost - about 250 thousand rubles - first slightly confused, but then I decided that nobody cancelled the credits, and I am ready for financial feats and knocking-out of financial support from the employer if only only to avoid awful trepanation and shaving of the head! In indications to radio surgery there was a reservation - the new growth has to be no more than 3 cm. “Almost I approach“, - I solved and with this thought went to the neurosurgeon.

On reception it became clear that doctors have about me other plans. “And what in it bad?“ - I heard in response to a question of trepanation. “Receive a quota. Where you will go to be operated - to Moscow or St. Petersburg?“ I, staying in a state of shock from the fact that my hopes for a bloodless solution were not equaled, chose scientific research institute of neurosurgery of N. Burdenko. Generally, with wonderful prospect of cranial trepanation on the eve of the birthday and mother`s anniversary I met New year.

Receiving a quota took month. Hospitalization was appointed to April 20. During the time which passed from the date of statement of the diagnosis I became worse to feel. Probably, did not do without psikhisomatika: the head at its turn began to be turned so strongly to the left that I could even fall. In the mornings, before rising, I “focused the image“, then got up and went, reeling as though all night long tasted champagne. Attacks with “helicopter“ brought already to emetic desires. Sensitivity of the right half of the face decreased even more, and the eyelid began a thicket “to twitch“. I do not know whether noticed people around my uncertainty and unsteadiness when walking, but me all this very much strained …

I, of course, for these 2 months which I still should spend waiting for operation, I looked for in the Network information on how there takes place trepanation what is a head after it (a fontanel? titanic plates?) what rehabilitation period and what complications threaten. As you understand, for myself I found nothing joyful there.

Read that bones of a skull are removed absolutely, the wound just drags on muscles and skin, there is “fontanel“ similar to that at babies. And (and more than 2 cm - it already big) for me possible paresis, and even paralysis of a facial nerve was the most terrible of possible complications after removal of a big nevrinoma. It meant that the person will become asymmetric and, depending on extent of damage of a nerve, will lag behind when blinking or not to be closed an eye at all, not to move or move with lag a mouth corner …

can make Then plasticity and to replace a hypoglossal nerve, but it then, month through 3, and still it is unknown, he will get accustomed or not. In comparison with it the thought that it is necessary to shave nalyso already did not frighten me at all, and I connected an openwork beret for the summer. On the sick-list was going to spend 2-3 months.

Long ago thought that I want to be christened, and after words of the surgeon “you have such tumor, you also can die after operation“, took roots in this thought finally. It was christened a day before departure.

Be continued.