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VSS “Vintorez“. How the silent sniper rifle was born?

And excess noise during any special operations in general to anything.

Development of the “silent“ weapon (in quotes because cotton nevertheless is present at a shot) continues many decades, however earlier designers just tried to reduce noise of the conventional military weapon.

In the Soviet Union the prototype of really silent weapon for snipers was created at the beginning of 80 - x years of the last century.

Especially for the shooting Silence complex consisting of the AKMS submachine gun and the PSB1 muffler the automatic boss 7,62h39US with a subsonic speed of a departure of a bullet was created. Further under this cartridge the sniper rifle RG036 was developed for defeat of the opponent unprotected by the means of an individual armored protection (MIAP) at distance of 400 m. However the opponent protected by a helmet and a bullet-proof vest effectively was surprised only at distance to 100 m that it is obviously not enough in the conditions of modern war.

Further the group of designers of Klimovsk central research institute of exact mechanical engineering started development of essentially new weapon for snipers. The weapon complex had to turn on both the weapon, and the ammunition combining the high penetrative force, high precision of firing and small, subsonic speed of a bullet. Soon such ammunition was created. 9 - the boss of the joint venture - 5 provided to mm a grouping of 75 mm at a distance of 100 m with group of five shots. The boss of the raised probivayemost of the joint venture - 6 is capable to punch 8 - mm at distance of 100 m

the Weapon under this cartridge called a steel plate RSS (rifle sniper special), and informally developers called its “Vintorez“. This informal name became official soon.

So, VSS “Vintorez“

Main that is evident, unusual appearance, so unlike sniper rifle SVD. Thick “trunk“, is only the integrated muffler. “Noiselessness“ at the level of a shot from a small-bore rifle is reached by consecutive expansion of a stream of powder gases at first at an exit from a trunk (in a side numerous openings are drilled), and then at pass via the muffler with inclined partitions. In each sector of the muffler the stream of gases at the expense of an inclination of a wall creates an antistream, than the shot sound at the bullet exit from the muffler significantly decreases. Cracks through which the sound of the working mechanisms is heard are condensed with polyurethane rings.

In VSS “Vintorez“ the shock mechanism more lung, than in SVD, udarnikovy type is used. The easy drummer at a shot gives an insignificant impetus to a rifle that increases hit accuracy at high rate of firing.

The translator of a type of fire is located behind a trigger. At its deviation single fire is conducted to the right, and when moving to the left - automatic. The safety lock of an original design blocks the perezaryazhaniye handle.

The rifle is most facilitated, the butt is made “skeletal“, shops plastic.

The rifle is easily taken to four pieces: a butt, a trunk with a receiver, a riflescope and the muffler.

A riflescope same, as well as on army SVD. Day - 4X multiple PSO - 1, reconstructed under a cartridge of 9õ39 mm of the joint venture - 5, night - NSPU - 3.

The standard shop for a rifle contains 10 cartridges.

Taktiko - technical characteristics of VSS “Vintorez“.

Calibre: 9 mm

the Applied cartridge: 9õ39 mm of the joint venture - 5, the joint venture - 6

the Capacity of shop: 10 or 20 cartridges

Weight without cartridges and a riflescope: 2,6 kg

Weight with cartridges and a riflescope: 3,41 kg

Weight with cartridges and a night sight: 5,93 kg

Overall dimensions: 894 × 160 × 40 mm

trunk Length: 210 mm

Initial speed of a bullet: 290 m/s

Rate of fire: to 100 in / min.

Rate of firing: to 600 in / min.

Aim range of firing with a sight: PSO - 1 400 m

Aim range of firing with a sight: NSPU - 3 300 m

On arms of special divisions of KGB and prospecting groups of the VSS Soviet army arrived in 1987

the First large fighting test of a rifle there was the first Chechen war. Here one of responses of those who really used it, almost ideal weapon for special and prospecting operations.

“Strongly irritate Chechens silent sniper rifles of Russians. “We cannot mark in any way from where they beat“ - rebels spitted out in a fit of temper.“ E. Abdullaev. “Over the terrible city peals“. Soldier of fortune magazine, No. 4 1995.

Further development of a complex a silent rifle - the cartridge became the EXPERT “Shaft“ (the automatic machine special, different from “Vintorez“ only a folding metal butt and shop on 20 cartridges for increase in rate of fire) and the compact SR submachine gun - 3rd “Whirlwind“. The boss is used also in sniper rifle VSK - 94 and in the submachine gun 9A - 91. On the basis of the armor-piercing boss of the joint venture - 6 cheaper automatic boss the PUB - 9 is developed. The integrated muffler similar to “screw-cutting“ is used on large-caliber (12,7 mm) sniper rifle VSSK “Exhaust“.

Stirs widespread introduction in troops of the weapon of this class non-standard ammunition and very small resource, till 1500 (on other sources to 5000) shots that for the army field weapon it is obviously not enough.

The rifle regularly appears in movies about the Russian special troops and computer games.

For creation of this weapon design collective: A. Deryagin, P. Serdyukov, N. Zabelin and other experts are conferred State awards.

P. S. All materials for this article are taken from open sources.