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Personal efficiency when blogging

It seems nothing unusual does not occur. The person just has the blog. To share the thoughts, ideas, impressions. But I noticed one feature when blogging. Effective improvement. It concerns not only creativity, but also change of personal qualities: commitment, operating mode, responsibility.

In process of development of the blog the blogger without suspecting that as the baby passes from one step of sovershenstvovaniye to another.

It should shovel for preparation of material and to put new ideas into practice, and then also to write the next masterpiece on this subject.

From where it scoops new materials:

Personal experience, own ideas and thoughts

Probably, everyone felt on himself a problem of shortage of information for the articles and posts. But if, attentively to listen to itself, then you can though every day to share new materials with visitors of the blog.

From where they will undertake. From your experience. Perhaps, you have an idea which demands discussion with the readers. Surely describe it, ask opinions the friends, readers. Perhaps, you will improve it.

Look for the answer to your questions in search engines, perhaps, someone already published material on this subject and your opinion opposite on this subject, you can describe all this on the blog.

Materials of blogs to subject of SEO

Ya began to watch all news from the world of SEO by RSS subscription not so long ago. Sometimes materials which can be checked really in practice come across, and then to tell readers of the blog what from this turned out. In general the SEO technology does not stand still and very quickly develops. Besides old methods of advance of the website constantly there are some hybrid ways which begin to be improved and try to be fixed in this niche.

Interesting articles

the Huge amount of material can be gathered, having addressed catalogs of articles. The main thing at such way not to copy completely article, and to describe it by the own words. At least, you can not agree with the author on any question. Try to describe this disagreement.

Well and of course when writing new articles (posts) there is a question of a regularity of filling of the website.

Here council only one, you have to create for yourself to which plan you will stick during the whole time of existence of the website. But the plan, of course, can be always corrected depending on your employment and the various distracting factors. That is, there is no such need to do it rigid.

If material about which it is worth sharing with the readers incidentally got to you, you sit down and write it. If there is no time for writing of posts, for any reason, can postpone this work. You have to be keen on writing articles, but not to be her slave to this work.

All this, anyway, will lead to what you will accurately carry out conceived, and it leads to discipline in everything including personal qualities.

And in the conclusion of this article I want to remind that well imposed blog (website) is it is very attractive to visitors. Therefore each blogger has to know the basic rules of imposition. I at least know 12 rules which will help you to make your blog attractive and qualitative:

1. Your blog (website) has to look equally in all modern browsers. If you do not need viewing in any browser, then you have to stipulate it separately that the user saw it.

2. Your model has to pass 100% of html - validation. If all - you did not manage it, try to minimize quantity of mistakes.

3. Surely pass CSS validation. Mistakes at the same time has to be at least.

4. The imposed page has to correspond to the conceived design.

5. Surely use in your DOCTYPE model, thereby having specified with what type of the document you work.

6. You can use comments in the model - it will allow to look for quickly the necessary structure in all document.

7. Place css files in the separate subfolder, also too to take out all scripts and pictures in the separate folder.

8. Always describe the body tag for a background even if it white both the size and color for the text even if it is default.

9. For rubber models the minimum and maximum width has to be surely set.

10. The page heading in the field of content has to be issued by means of the h1

11 tag. All menus and lists should be done by means of the ul and li tags. Inside li is inadmissible use of classes and id.

12. At an insert of images to use relative ways, to specify own sizes.