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Plastic or tree? We Will begin

perhaps with plastic windows as they for quite some time now

steel quite popular also gained extensive distribution. First of all it should be noted that quality of these windows

depends on the producer, quality of a profile, and accessories, also correctness of the made installation is important

. Use gidro-and heat-insulating tapes is especially important.

Indisputable advantage of plastic windows is a possibility of creation of their various forms and shades. At

it they do not need coloring throughout all service life. And it averages 40 - 50 years.

of the Frame from plastic are esthetic, hygienic and do not need sticking up for the winter. Provide good thermal insulation

and noise reduction thanks to tight double-glazed windows. A possibility of fixation of shutters in various

positions too important plus.

However plastic windows have shortcomings. First of all full tightness in the closed state therefore

airing needs to be made by means of microairing or special stitched mechanisms. In an opposite

case air indoors will stand or there can be greenhouse effect in hot weather that cannot but affect

in public, the animals and plants which are in the room.

And still, it is worth to remember about an artificial origin of materials of windows. What is it dangerous by? And when heating by beams of plastic

proikhodit evaporation of a certain amount of the chemicals which are its part. As they influence live

of a being it is necessary only to guess, but is hardly positive.

Also it should be noted impossibility of elimination of damage of plastic windows. The frame can turn yellow, can extend

and be narrowed under the influence of temperature, the window profile can be curved by an arch under the influence of walls etc.

Especially they are noticeable damages on monophonic light surfaces. It is worth reconciling to it. we will pass

to wooden windows Now.

First of all it is necessary to tell that they harmoniously look with any materials, be - that artificial or

of a natural proiskhozhleniye, they are more esthetically attractive in comparison with “isbity“ plastic.

Besides, the tree breathes naturally, passing air particles even at the closed shutters. But

should note that in case of eurowindows at which wood is impregnated with various means from bugs, a mold etc. -

natural breath strongly decreases and makes about 5 l/hour of oxygen from necessary norm to the person of 85 l/h

Positive also the fact that in case of mechanical damages it is possible to repair wooden windows quite easily

unlike plastic is.

But cannot do without shortcomings, as well as everywhere they are and here.

The impossibility to record a shutter in the necessary situation can cause considerable inconveniences, especially during

heavy rain, wind, a thunder-storm.

Possibility of cracks and violation of geometry in a product, owing to use of plokhovysushenny

wood, will also not be a good surprise. Here it is possible to refer long washing and need of periodicheky

updating of a covering of wooden windows.

Summing up the result it is possible to tell that in the world there is nothing perfect: both plastic, and wooden windows have the shortcomings.

First of all it is necessary to rely on what for you is a priority: whether teploizolyaution, easy leaving or

esthetics. Everything depends on a concrete case!