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Who has to be responsible for suicides of mothers?

Every time when one more woman jumps with the child from a window or kill the child from - for intolerable living conditions, the person who actually is a murderer, tells something it seems “the wife was mentally unbalanced and regularly threatened to take the own life“.

The society created by men and for men demands from women only humility and anything else. Complete with pregnancy the woman receives lawlessness and the termless decision.

The man at any time can weigh anchor, go to new swimmings and forget about the child. The woman who made the same will be subjected to a public censure.

The woman who decided on abortion and avoided vain tortures, the birth of the child not necessary to neither a family, nor society, did not wish to endow the health and beauty for the sake of public stereotypes will be also subjected to censure.

Mass media usually present news about murder of children or suicides of young mothers as unique and rare events, as crimes of blood-thirsty immoral monsters.

But it is not unique and rare events, this everyday occurrence in society where women are driven into an economic or psychological trap. In a trap from which actually there is sometimes no exit, except suicide. And murder of the child - is even more than suicide.

It is possible to tell as much as necessary about behavior options in crisis situations, but women of society with the broken-up family relations, societies where experience of education of children ceased to be inherited, feel also the children unnecessary not only to “spouse“, they see that the world is absolutely indifferent to their problems and do not want for children of the life filled with humiliation.

It is possible to give also rare examples of happy families - but the speech not about happiness - misfortune, and about the idle article 125:

“Notorious leaving without the face which is in life-threatening or health a state and deprived of an opportunity to take measures to self-preservation for the early childhood, an old age, an illness or owing to the helplessness, in cases if the guilty person had an opportunity to give help to this person and it was obliged to have about it care or itself put it in life-threatening or health a state, - it is punished by a penalty at the rate to eighty thousand rubles or at a rate of a salary or other income of the convict for the period about six months, or obligatory works for a period of hundred twenty till hundred eighty o`clock, or corrective works for a period of up to one year, or arrest for a period of up to three months, or imprisonment for a period of up to one year“ .

The system of prosecution does not seem to me adequate. There is also more effective mechanism. Public opinion. And the public opinion is created, in particular, by journalists. And so far journalists will write about the monsters killing the children, but not about monsters which lead up the wives of mothers of the children, to a hopelessness and despair - women will jump from windows.

And we will read such news in the mornings:

“In Moscow 35 - the summer woman committed suicide, having jumped out of a window together with the six-year-old child...“

“At the end of April of this year on Stepan Razin Avenue jumped out of a window of the fifth floor of the house 63 the woman with the one-year-old child...“

“On Tuesday the city of Rubtsovsk in Altai Krai the woman with the girl jumped out of an apartment window on the fifth floor...“

“Mother of two children - 6 - summer Pasha and 4 - summer Maria - Lyubov Kuzmina was thrown out together with them from a balcony 8 - go the floor of a communal flat...“

“In the city of Krasnozavodsk of the Moscow region 22 - summer mother with the two-month child on hands jumped out of a window of the fifth floor... “

“Why the pregnant woman and her five-year-old son jumped out of a window of the fourth floor - the Kaliningrad investigators find out...“

“25 - summer Olga, shortly before it for the first time become mother, unexpectedly for all jumped out of a window of the chamber on the third floor...“

“The woman with the baby died, having dropped out of a house window. The dead - the woman with the baby. They were found in the south of the capital, on Brateevskaya Street (house 35, the case 3)...“

“In Ulyanovsk young mother with the baby wanted to jump out of a window... leaving for work, her husband closed the apartment on the key...“

“The woman in Tyumen tried to jump out of a window with the 6th summer child...“ to Continue